how to grow coconut tree at home !! Gardening Sekho in Hindi/Urdu, planning a garden

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Gardening Sekho hindi mean
plants ke dekh bal or sampurn jankari
dekhte rahiye or seekhte rahiye

Dekhte Rahiye or Seakhte Rahiya
Tips On Hibiscus Houseplant Plant Care,
Placing, Watering, Pests, Fertizing, Pruning, Soil, and Re-potting

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Grey Gardens Before And After And After

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FOR YOU CRITICS, PLEASE FORGIVE THE TYPOS IN SOME OF THE SUBTITLES! I neglected to spell-check before completing this video to upload. Once posted, these spelling errors were corrected by adding annotations with YouTube’s video manager but they have since discontinued this tool as of March 2017. That said, please try to overlook the typographical errors and do enjoy the presentation. ~Thank you

UPDATE ON GREY GARDENS: New owners are renovating March 2018!

Seventy-nine-year-old Edith Bouvier Beale and her fifty-six-year-old daughter, Edith ‘Little Edie’ Bouvier Beale, are Jacqueline Kennedy’s aunt and cousin. Living alone with several cats, fleas and raccoons (the latter, wild, which live in the attic but who Edie feeds), in the early 1970s, the Beale’s are discovered living in filth and squalor in Grey Gardens, their 28-room family estate located in East Hampton, Long Island. The home doesn’t even have running water. Edie moved home twenty-four years earlier to care for her ailing mother. In what Edie considers a “raid” on their privacy, the Suffolk County Board of Health orders the Beale’s to clean up the house or be evicted. With few exceptions, the Beale’s are suspicious of the outside world. The Beale’s comply with the order and renovate the house with financial help from their more famous relative. Mother and daughter are outwardly combative with each other, but their constant bickering masks a protective attitude each has for the other. Both cling to their past lives, with each still believing that that life can exist, Edith as a singer, and Edie as a social débutante (Edie is always sporting a fashionable scarf around her head). Old habits die hard as even two years after renovations on the home have begun, Edith lives primarily in her bedroom in her twin bed which is covered with garbage and cats, who use the corner of the room as a bathroom. And Edie constantly dreams of a time when she can return to living in New York City as a débutante and dancer, although one realizes that she is only using her mother as an excuse for what she really considers her comfortable current living situation.

Monty Don visits Babylonstoren | Full

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Britains favourite gardener, Monty Don, came to visit our gardenBritains favourite garden. Here are his impressions. Watch this 15-minute short film of what we have to offer.

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show | Highlights 2018

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Watch the highlights from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 as it came to life with gardens, plants, people, celebs and more. Tickets for 2019 are on sale to RHS Members from 3 September 2018 and to the general public from 7 September 2018.

The 2019 show runs from 21-25 May. Find out more and buy tickets:

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The RHS was founded in 1804, and our core objective is to be the world’s leading gardening charity by inspiring passion and excellence in the science, art and practice of horticulture. In everything we do, we will aim to use our guiding principles, which are to: Inspire, Involve, Inform and Improve.

Building COMPOST, Picking STRAWBERRIES | Germany Part 5

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Kaye shares building COMPOST, and picking STRAWBERRIES in Germany Part 5. Download a FREE ebook at


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Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound. Sound editor, Christina Horgan.

“Late Bloomer” follows Kaye’s journey to grow food in her Los Angeles front yard and exists to inspire anyone to grow their own food.

Kaye’s vlog covers gardens, travel, adventure, and interesting people. Please share!

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Chomper vs Zombies vs Dr.Zomboss Time Hack Plants vs Zombies

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The Market Gardener with Jean-Martin Fortier Part 9 Weed Prevention

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Jean-Martin Fortier, author of “The Market Gardener” shares his profitable methods for achieving success growing vegetables on a small plot of land. Learn from the years of experience Jean-Martin and his wife have gone through from the basic beginnings to the advances made over a decade farming their land. Gain the benefits of highly efficient techniques that will jumpstart your small farm/garden operation. The book, “The Market Gardener” elucidates all the important details; startup costs, crop rotations and other vital data needed to emulate Jean-Martin Fortier’s cutting edge business model. He brings a level of professionalism, discipline and hope to aspiring farmers and seasoned growers alike.

BBC Italian Gardens Rome Part 1of 4

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Monty Don’s Italian Gardens is a four-part BBC documentary presented by Monty Don, following Monty Don’s grand garden tour around Italy, from the retreats of the affluent north to the horticultural gems of the south. Monty Don begins his journey in Rome, power base of emperors and popes, to explore some of the most extravagant gardens ever created. In Florence Monty Don discovers how renaissance gardens were created as works of art, and how a group of Edwardian expats mistakenly reinforced the idea that formal Italian gardens were flowerless. In Naples Monty Don visits some of the most sublime, romantic retreats in southern Italy. He attempts to discover why, in the south, gardens are informal and filled with flowers. Finally, Monty Don concludes his garden tour of Italy in the wealthy north where, in the Veneto and Lucca, extravagant pleasure gardens were created for flirtation and fun.

Wonderful Chelsea Flower Show 2018 – Highlights

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All the highlights plus other pretty things that caught my eye at the Chelsea Flower Show 2018.

Another year, another wonderful floral immersion.
This year I just couldn’t squeeze it into a 5min video. So much beauty deserves to be shown properly.

You can also watch my video from the last year’s show and judge which one was more beautiful…for me it’s so hard to say as each was just amazing.




DIY | 5 Minute Macrame Planters

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I cannot believe how easy these gorgeous planters were to make…thank you Cinda for being my new crafting buddy and sharing this fun project with us! Don’t forget to subscribe for new vids every M-W-F

• macramé cord

• favorite potted plant
• scissors

1. Cut four equal pieces of cord. You can adjust for any length you want. Take a piece of cord that’s the length of your planter and multiply that by two. Add the width of your planter and an additional 24 inches.
2. Repeat 3 more times.
3. Fold cords in half, and tie a knot at the top of the fold.
4. Hang on a doorknob or a hook then take any two cords and tie a knot so you’ll have four separate knots. Make sure they’re all the same distance from the top.
5. Take two adjacent knots, and one cord from each of those knots and tie them together. Go around and make four knots making sure they’re all at the same level.
6. Make sure your pot fits. If it doesn’t adjust that second row.
7. Make final knot below the pot.

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How To Compost In A Small Space

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Reserve the One Top:

Here is what you’ll need!

What Can I Compost?
Greens vs browns (nitrogen-rich and carbon-rich)

Want 4xs more of browns as you have greens (especially if you want your compost to be quick proportions are extremely important)
A list of 100 things you can compost broken down by room
DIY indoor bin

Scraps can be stored in the fridge/freezer in a plastic bag or a food scrap pail
Can use an old coffee container or 4-5 gallon bucket from your local hardware store
To keep flies/gnats out line with newspaper
Composting in small areas
Can take anywhere from 20 days to 3 months if done correctly

When we throw away organic matter like food waste it decomposes anaerobically (w/o oxygen) → creates methane, a greenhouse gas that is 20-35 times more potent than carbon dioxide at warming our planet! (I can picture a cute but sad earth heating up animation here)

According to the EPA landfills are the United States; third largest source of methane emissions.
Finished compost is great for the soil and increases its fertility adding macronutrients and micronutrients.

Anything that was once live or made from a living thing can be composted as long as all items are natural components.

The smaller you chop/shred items for your compost pile the the faster and more evenly they will decompose.
mix/aerate weekly

Don’t compost

Meat or meat waste like bones, fat, gristle, skin
Fish or fish waste
Dairy products like cheese, butter, cottage cheese, yogurt, cream cheese, sour cream
Grease, oils, fats
^^create an imbalance of the nutrient rich foods and vegetation waste and breakdown slowly. They also attract rodents and other scavenging animals
Meat attracts maggots
And your bin will smell like shit.

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flipping a lot of ground plant. mixing a bunch of plants
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cheese dinner
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raccoon with young ones running on grass
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How to Grow Money Plant in FISH BOWL | Money Plants Growing Ideas | Pothos Decoration //GREEN PLANTS

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How to Grow Money Plant in FISH BOWL | Money Plants Growing Ideas | Pothos Decoration //GREEN PLANTS.

in this video:
tips to growing money plant in aquarium or fish tank.
cheap and easy aquarium NITRATE removal by growing money plant(pothos).
nitrate absorbing plant for your fish tank or aquarium.
powerful air purifying plant that will clean the air in your house.