Grow Bean Sprouts in Lego Planters – Easy DIY Fun Planting Project Kids Toys

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Watching bean sprouts shoot is really fun and such an easy project, and building your own Lego planter to grow them in is so simple. In this DIY craft tutorial I’ll show you how to build a cute tree planter to grow the bean plants in, with transparent walls so you can see them sprout! If you have Duplo Lego blocks you can build nice big planters too, give it a try! And don’t forget to show me pictures of what you build and grow on my facebook page!

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Understanding Nuclear Power Plants: Total Station Blackout

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This CNSC video shows the progression of an accident scenario involving a total station blackout at a Canadian nuclear power plant. It describes multiple safety system layers and highlights that even during an extremely severe accident, nuclear reactors in Canada will safely shut down and contain radioactivity.

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how my planted aquarium works!

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GGTV Stockholm Guerilla Gardening Golden Triangle Event

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Richard Reynolds visits the Kulturhuset in Stockholm to open the urban gardening exhibition and to get people planting their cities by creating a temporary golden triangle of sunflowers on the Plattan. For more info visit

Splendora Gardens

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From 1979 to 1997, there was a legendary studio compound in Splendora, TX, owned by artists James Surls and Charmaine Locke.

Their daughter Ruby Surls, with the help of artist Jeffrey Wheeler, is now reviving the studio as an art and music destination, with plans for workshops, lectures, and eventually, artist residencies and a collecting museum.

Pretty Woman

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Academy Award(R) winner Julia Roberts and Golden Globe winner Richard Gere will leave you breathless in PRETTY WOMAN. Vivian (Roberts) is a spirited, streetwise diamond in the rough when she meets shrewd, no-nonsense billionaire Edward Lewis (Gere). It’s a chance encounter that turns a weeklong “business arrangement” into a timeless rags-to-riches romance. Fall in love all over again as this contemporary Cinderella story unfolds before your eyes. Savor every word, every laugh, and every unforgettable song. Experience all the comedy, charm and passion of this beloved classic.

Three Minute Garden Tips: What is Seedling ‘Legginess’ and How to Prevent It: The Rusted Garden 2013

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When garden vegetable seedlings get ‘leggy’. That ‘legginess’ is due to only one thing and that is lack of light intensity. Seedlings will grow extra long stems to reach the right light intensity before stopping to form main leaves. That stretching creates plant ‘legginess’ This video will show you what plant ‘legginess’ looks like and describe the right indoor lighting methods to prevent it.

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How to Make Draped Hypertufa Planters – Part 1

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Have you seen the draped hypertufa or cement pots all over the internet?
#TheHypertufaGardener #drapedhypertufa #hypertufa

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How to Press a Plant

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Claire walks you through the basics of pressing a plant, plus some awesome plant physiology. Look out for the next installment, how to mount a plant specimen, in the next few weeks!

An important note: when collecting, be mindful of local laws. Some plants are protected, and many areas don’t allow collecting without permits.

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No-Transplant Winter Sowing – New Twist on Winter Sowing Mini Greenhouse Method

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No more indoor grow lights! Grow seedlings in snow or cold weather in free buckets with No-Transplant Direct Winter Sowing (Mini-Greenhouse) Method formerly named Direct Winter Sowing. Watch as I show you how to sow your vegetable seeds in containers while it’s still cold out and see how you can get almost free seedlings in spring. In this video I discuss sowing celery, basil, dill, parsley, upland cress, basil lime, Italian giant spinach, Danvers 1/2 long carrots, Evergreen Bunching onions and 3 lettuces, romaine lettuce, red flame lettuce, bibb lettuce.


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Container Garden Ideas – How To Find FREE Containers For Your Vegetable Garden

Harvesting Carrots Grown In Containers – Grow Organic Carrots in 5 Gallon Buckets

(FUN VIDEO) You Won’t BELIEVE The Gardening Gift Package I Got in the Mail! Winter Sowing Present

DOMES FOUND HERE. Important to get DEEP ones, at least 4-6 inches deep so the plant has headroom to grow:

The big dome in the video has been discontinued. Here are some other great plastic domes:
Milliard Plant Cloche 12x13in.
Bosmere Protective Plant Bell
Greenhouse Buckets
Gardener’s Blue Ribbon Bulk Deep Liners


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No-Transplant Direct Winter Sowing – New Twist on Winter Sowing Mini Greenhouse Method


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No-Transplant Direct Winter Sowing – New Twist on Winter Sowing Mini Greenhouse Method


Watch the JuicingGardener channel hosted by Gardening Coach Sheryl Mann and experience her roller-coaster organic heirloom gardening adventures! She shows you how to grow your own organic food with the lowest cost by showing you her authentic, real-world, up-close, how-to gardening videos. Learn how you CAN become a confident backyard food grower!

Sheryl discusses many vegetable, herb and fruit gardening topics in-depth such as how to grow low to no-cost seedlings using Winter Sowing method, Milk Jug Sowing, vegetable container gardening, organic gardening, vertical gardening, raised bed growing, growing vegetables in 5 gallon buckets, seed saving methods, vegetable growing for beginners fresh juicing and smoothie making, veggie food prep, food preservation, recipes and much more!


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The Best Gardening Books — “EPIC TOMATOES”

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“EPIC TOMATOES” be Craig LeHoullier is one of the best gardening books and deserves a spot in every gardener’s library. Subtitled “How to Select & Grow the Best Varieties of All Time” it provides amazing background on everything tomato. Packed with information, the book thoroughly explains the origins of the tomato, the anatomy of tomatoes, and everything a gardener needs to know about care and maintenance of tomatoes. Classic heirloom varieties are highlighted with background history, growing habits, and grades for taste. The photos of beautiful tomatoes are reason enough to own this book; they are works of art.

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Summer Family Adventure at Callaway Resort & Gardens

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The greatest vacation on Earth, Summer Family Adventure is summer vacation like no other — it’s camp for the entire family!

Connect with your loved ones and find countless options for fun in a beautiful natural environment at Callaway Resort & Gardens in beautiful Pine Mountain, GA.

Callaway partners with the Florida State University Flying High Circus, whose members lead guests ages 3-17 in a variety of exciting day camp activities. Adults have their own unique lineup of offerings, and late afternoons and evenings reunite families to enjoy beach parties and competitions, bingo and trivia games, educational shows and outings, and much more.

Packages available for families to stay 4 to 7 days in Villas and Cottages for a home-away-from-home experience. SFA runs Seven weeks starting June 2 through July 21, 2108.

Call (855) 238-5388 today or email [email protected] so your family can run away with the Circus this year!

Hints, Tips And Tricks To Make Faster Leaf Mould

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In this episode of UK Here We Grow, we show you how to turn one of the last harvests of the year into something very special. Leaf mould is one of the best soil conditioners that you can’t buy. You have to make it yourself and it could not be simpler. So join Tony O’Neill while he takes you through how to make leafmould in 6 months

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John from shares with you how he separates his cucumber seedlings to save money and grow his own food. In this epsiode John shares his technique to separate almost overgrown cucumber plants from 4″ containers that he purchased. After watching this episode you will learn some do’s and don’ts of separating your plants if you choose to perform this technique at YOUR OWN RISK! Remember plants are living things too and to treat them with respect and dignity!

How To Make Planters Punch – Cocktail Recipe

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Can you guess the main ingredient in a Planters Punch Rum Cocktail?

Damian from Liquid Kitty explains

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