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Compost Cookies from Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar (Momofuku) is the ultimate treat! Comprised of pretty much everything in the kitchen but vegetables, it makes for a deliciously sweet treat. Lotsa Sugar, butter, oats, graham crackers (specaloos), butterscotch (:(), chocolate chips, vanilla, mini pretzels, potato chips, coffee, flour… Should I keep going? You won’t find a more one-of-a-kind cookie around.

I’ve tackled the Crack Pie, the Milk Bar Birthday Cake. Now I’m able to cross another recipe of my Milk Bar list: Compost Cookies!

Once you have mixed everything together, make sure to chill your dough in its cookie shape for at least an hour!

Here’s the full recipe:

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Anti-Chef Season 2 Episode 5 – Milk Bar Compost Cookies
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Anti-Chef is a new type of cooking show. Clueless in the kitchen. Minimal interest in cooking. I’m forcing myself to learn gourmet recipes.


5 Easy House Plants That Aren’t Succulents

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Planting Hybrid Willow Cuttings

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Hello everyone,and welcome back to another video today,I will be planting hybrid willow tree cuttings.

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Climbing Flower For Fences | Beautiful House | Beautiful Garden

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Climbing Flower For Fences – Beautiful House – Beautiful Garden

Green Leaves by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
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The Monty Hall Problem – Explained

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You’ve made it to the final round of a game show, and get to pick between 3 doors, one of which has a car behind it! You make your choice, and then the host decides to show you one of the wrong answers. He then offers you the chance to switch doors. Should you do it? Find out just how wrong human intuition can be in this classic Monty Hall Problem.

Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz).


Music by Mitchell Moffit

Art by Gregory and Mitchell

Further Reading—-


Wikipedia also has quite a few more explanations:


TILL VS NO TILL: Soil Biology and BEST Broadfork Techniques

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Today we are diving DEEP into soil biology and why growing no/low till is the best for the health of soil, plants, and humans. I’ll also be giving you TONS of tips for the best broadforking techniques. Ones that lower your output of work and provide maximum benefit to the soil and minimizing disturbance and damage to soil.

My Favorite Soil Science Educators
Elaine Ingham: (Building Soil Health)
Gabe Brown: (Treating the Farm as an Ecosystem)
Jeff Lownfels: (The Soil Food Web)

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Mel Bartholomew’s “Square Foot Gardening” – Great for beginner growers –
Toby Hemenway’s “Gaia’s Garden” – For everyone, learn ecology, soil building, permaculture, holistic garden design-
Masanobu Fukuoka’s “The One Straw Revolution” – Inspirational book, Introduction to natural farming/philosophy –

-These are for farming/growing techniques and business/sales/marketing/operations strategies:
JM Fortier’s “The Market Gardener” –
Curtis Stone’s “The Urban Farmer” –
Ben Hartman’s “The Lean Farm” –

Lost in Your Eyes (feat. Anja) by TFLM
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Compost Sifter

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This is a small compost sifter built out of a cement mixer. This is my first attempt, but overall it works quite well and my wife placed across her raised beds and sifted compost directly into the beds. I have an idea for a stand that will work better than the wooden one I made from a few boards and allow me to place a wheel barrow directly under the unit.

Why Are Some Plants Considered Weeds and Others Aren’t?

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A Murder of Crows and the Exploding Toad Epidemic

In this video:

Weeds can be defined in a variety of ways: a plant growing where it isn’t wanted, a plant that interferes with farming or grazing, a plant that was not intentionally sown, a plant that is persistent and detrimental to the plants around it, among others. Basically, what it comes down to is that weeds are plants that humans don’t want to have around for one reason or another.

Want the text version?:


2018 Cotton Planting- Dixon Farms in Salem, AL

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This is a video of us planting cotton from May 3rd, 2018. We’re running a John Deere 7420 tractor with a set of John Deere 1700 planters. To be as precise and efficient as possible we run an Ag Leader InCommand 1200 guidance system that we purchased from Informed Ag in Auburn, AL. The guidance system utilizes RTK guidance signal which insures we are within one inch of where we’re supposed to be at all times. The display shows us the performance of each individual row in real time so that we can make sure our cotton is evenly spaced throughout the field. The cotton variety we’re planting is Deltapine 1646.

Our friend, Tristan Cairns of Tristan Cairns Photography, filmed the footage with his drone.

The song we chose is “Jesus is our Savior (Cotton was our King)” by Johnny Cash.

From Veg to Hedge – A Supplement to Vegetable Gardening

Views:5031|Rating:4.96|View Time:6:36Minutes|Likes:352|Dislikes:3
Growing your own food is an awesome thing to do. But hedgerows are often a site of food abundance for many months of the year. This video features a salad I made with 9 different ingredients with almost a 50/50 split of vegetables from the garden and wild food. If this is of interest I will make a couple more videos on this subject in the near future.
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I’m The Best Rapper Alive – J. Monty @jmontystudios (lyrics in the About section)

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I’m The Best Rapper Alive – J. Monty @jmontystudios
Free Mixtape Download:

Wow, J. Monty
I’m the best rapper alive
I’m the best rapper alive, best rapper alive
I’m the best rapper alive

You prolly clicked on this song to hear me rap about me
But see, if I had a big enough head to do a track about me
My hats backwards, with a backpack
And some other facts about me
Worst part is it woulda been your favorite track of the week
You wanna be the best Christian rapper?
What a fascinatin’ feelin’
I bet you wanna stack and make them millions
Concerned about that title
And overseas they can’t escape the villains
Who grab and rape civilians and decapitate they children
(Aye J, you gotta calm down)
I’m relaxin’ man, I’m chillin’
But you can’t put a cap on what I’m feelin’
I’m just sayin’ bro, what if that was your daughter or your nephew or niece?
And ISIS left ’em deceased, now they restin’ in peace
So don’t hand me a Grammy award, hand me a sword
So I can do damage to four demons while I stand with the Lord
I’m slicin’ Satan while he’s bleedin’ on my laminate floor
I manage to roar and start randomly slammin’ my door
It’s not a single rapper I’m dissin’
Let me make it more clear for those who lackin’ the vision
If your heart is turned to black when you listen
And then your backin’ some tension
You prolly wanna get back to the mission
And if you gonna take shots, just know your pow-pow’s painless
Wow, how dangerous
I ain’t scared of you SoundCloud gangstas
Cause it would suck to spend your whole life to sound pound famous
And get to the judgment of Christ and have to bow down nameless
If your dream is to get people to crowd ’round stages
Sound’s loud, bass hits, and your loud mouth brainless
Fans start to lift up they hands and shout out names
That fill you up, believe them leakin’ like a cloud while rainin’
(Just know this)
Satan was a prideful angelic musician
So don’t let your pride high, but I’m tellin’ you listen
He fell from heaven cause of pride and rebellious intentions
And angels followed him through the sky when he fell through dimensions
See how that goes?
One day your rappin’ to exert what’s holy
Then next it’s like your textin’ God, because your words are phony
If you’re searchin’ for me, I don’t serve bologna
All my verses bony, I don’t work to rap
This music workin’ for me
People dyin’ and we rollin’ the dice
Tryin’ to hold onto fame is like holdin’ some ice
I don’t even wanna rap
Only reason why I’m holdin’ this mic is to expose you to light
And bring every broken soul to the Christ
If it ain’t about Jesus it’s a borin’ occasion
If you’re havin’ trouble hearin’ what the Lord here is sayin’
He’s sayin’ grace is what’s keepin’ this rap from absorbin’ this nation
And the best rapper alive is the one that’s dead to his own glorification

1. Level 54
2. My Nephew
3. I remember
4. 100 Bars pt. 1
5. Letter to My Girl
6. Can’t You Feel Me
7. City On Fire
8. Become
9. He Lives in You ft. Ryan Taylor
10. 100 Bars pt. 2
11. Can’t Deny
12. I’m the Best Rapper Alive
13. Mr. Reverend
14. Dreams
15. Philip A. Mitchell

Can A GOAT Replace Your LAWNMOWER?

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Will a goat mow your lawn. Today we are going to answer this question as we show you two day experiment we did in our yard.
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London’s Chelsea In Bloom + Smythson + Workshop Coffee Vlog

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London’s Chelsea In Bloom + Smythson + Workshop Coffee Vlog. Today I visit London’s Chelsea to pick up a new leather card holder from Smythson of Bond Street, but their store located on Sloane Street and discover an event in Sloane Square called Chelsea in Bloom. But before I go anywhere or do anything I get a coffee to go from Workshop Coffee.
I have card holder, it was a Christmas gift from my girlfriend. We tried to figure out when & we think 2012, it’s from Smythson’s and this week the stitching came undone & it started to fall apart. Its lasted almost 2.5 years, 2.5 years of daily use which is amazing & probably the longest a card holder has ever lasted me so I’m going to buy another one to replace it. And Smythson have a store on Sloane Street just off Sloane square.

This week is the Chelsea flower show & it’s just down the road. The RHS Chelsea flower show is probably the most famous flower show in the world & it attracts 1000s of visitors so most of Chelsea’s pretty busy. I’ve only been to it once as a guest and with the hospitality of a large department store here in London & it was amazing. Its actually really good fun but somehow the TV coverage make it look entirely serious, very stuffy & pretty boring, but there is a real buzz in there, it’s basically the most luxurious pop up garden centre you could imagine right in the middle of London with bars & hospitality suites and all sorts going on – but I guess the BBC are not there to have a good time or party in one of the champagne lounges. But if you get the opportunity to go I would, it’s much more fun than it looks.

I’m not going to the flower show this year, and I couldn’t if I wanted to, it’s a sell-out & unfortunately no one has invited me. But it turns out the Cadogan estates and the RHS who organise the flower show are having a floral art show and competition on the streets of Chelsea. So they have turned part of Sloane square into a fairy tale forest which is the information centre for the event complete with a pop up bar.

This is the 10th year this competition has run. Basically a number of retailers in the area adorn their stores with floral displays they have given me a map of the participants. The theme is fairytales and the expert judges pick a winner & the public can choose a winner on line. There is also a pop up in Sloane square and a mad hatters tea party over in duke of York square and its market day today also so I go and take a look at all that. The judges have made their awards and the results of the public vote have been announced so we can take a look at them all.

The Chelsea in bloom 2015 participants included – Agent Provocateur, Basia Zarzycka, Bonpoint, Brora, Brilliant Inc. Browns, Brunello Cucinelli, Cassandra Goad, Club Monaco, Cos, Dubarry of Ireland, Elliot Rhodes, Emma Hope, Escada, Fendi, Hamptons International, Jigsaw, Jo Malone, Jumeirah Carlton Tower, Kate Spade New York, Links of London, Liz Earle, L K Bennett, Lulu Guinness, Mark Quant, Monica Vinader, Montblanc, Moyses Stevens, N.Peal, No.11 Cadogan Gardens, Pandora, Peter Jones, Pickett, Rag & Bone, Sarah Chapman, Smythson, T.BA, Tom Davies, The White Company, Yves Delorme.

The winners of Chelsea in Bloom 2015 are:
Sarah Chapman – Best Floral Display
Smythson – Highly Commended
Kate Spade New York – Innovation Award
Kate Spade New York – People’s Champion

Equipment Used to produce this film:
– Canon PowerShot G7X
– Apple iPhone 5s
– Manfrotto Befree Travel Camera Tripod
– Manfrotto PIXI Mini Travel Camera Tripod
– Blue yeti USB microphone

Edited Using:
– Apple MacBook Pro
– Apple Final Cut Pro X

London vlog vlogger + blogger

How to Kill Weeds NOT the Lawn – Like a Pro – DIY Crabgrass Nutsedge Dandelion – Syngenta Tenacity

Views:890|Rating:4.94|View Time:8:5Minutes|Likes:80|Dislikes:1
Step by step guide for killing weeds in your lawn, even your existing grass without killing your grass. One product and process explained for a homeowner to finally eliminate their weed problems.

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