Life of Brian

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Notorious religious satire, the film tells the story of Brian (Graham Chapman), a reluctant would-be messiah who rises to prominence as a result of a series of absurd and truly hilarious circumstances providing ample opportunity for the entire ensemble to shine in multiple roles as they mock everyone and everything from ex lepers, Pontius Pilate and the art of haggling to crazy prophets, Roman centurions and crucifixion. In what was the troupe’s third, and highly controversial, film, Monty Python delivers a scathing, anarchic satire of both religion and Hollywood’s depiction of all things biblical.

Mounted compost turner

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Special compost turners designed for small and middle size composting areas, for park dumps of grass and leafs, fitted to the three- point suspension on tractor or on special suspension on wheel loader, rotor diameter 60 cm, needful power in tab is only for orientation, depend on composted material.

Visit to Galiff Street Plants Market, Shyambazar , Kolkata , Part – 1

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Every kind of Flowering plants , foliage plants , fruiting plants , Cacti and Succulents are available here in a very reasonable price. You can also get all kinds of gardening materials like tools , utensils , Pots , planters , fertilizers , pesticides , fungicide
There are hundreds of sellers but only a few I am giving here the contacts that too randomly selected so that you can contact them easily. However , I am not a part of any dealing.
For every kind of Season Flower Plants :
Prabhash Sardar
Joy Makali Nursery
Mob. 9593437567

For Exotic plants and tissue culture plants :
Himangshu Bhattacharya
UMP Nursery

For all kinds of Bulbs and tubers :
Prabir Mondal

For Every kind of Cactus , Succulents and Orchid :
Badal Nursery
Roy Charan Ghosh lane
Kolkata – 39
Mob. 9903574962 , 8981857437

For Lucky Bamboo plants :
Sunil lucky Bamboo
Dover Terrace
Kolkata – 19
Mob. 9836535598

For Roses , Adeniums and Orchid :
Sanjib Mondal
Ria Nursery
Mob. 7605815369

For Roses , Gerbera and lots of varieties of Season Flower :
Swapan Mondal
Mob. 9564724445
Please deal with them at your own Risk.

Planting Tips to Increase Corn Yields and ROI. Part 2: Planting Depth and Singulation

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In Part 2 of a three-part series on best management practices for planting corn, the emphasis is on planting at the right depth for your field and achieving near-perfect singulation for top yields. Reporting from the 2017 AGCO Crop Tour are AGCO marketing manager Joe Whorton, AGCO field product specialist Justin Remus, and Bryce Baker, integrated marketing manager for Precision Planting. See more at

Part 1: Introduction and Down-Force Control

Tiny House for Gardeners

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If you want an off grid tiny house then growing your own food is probably very important to you. With an earthship you can have your tiny space and eat it too! Earthship in Taos New Mexico is a great place to learn how to build your own!

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Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Gardens

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The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens (or The Huntington) is a collections-based educational and research institution established by Henry E. Huntington (1850–1927) and located in Los Angeles County at San Marino, California, on the western coast of the United States, and about 35 miles northeast of the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the library, the institution houses an extensive art collection with a focus in 18th and 19th-century European art and 17th to mid-20th-century American art. The property also includes approximately 120 acres of specialized botanical landscaped gardens, most notably the “Japanese Garden”, the “Desert Garden”, and the “Chinese Garden” (Liu Fang Yuan).

How to Prune Your Cucumbers to Grow them Vertically up a Trellis

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John from will show you how he prunes his cucumber plants to grow them vertically up a trellis. In this video John will explain why he is pruning or single stemming his cucumbers so that he can better manage them when growing them up a vertical trellis. After watching this video you will learn how to properly train your cucumbers (as well as tomatoes) to get them to grow vertically and produce more fruit.

The One Way This Singapore Gardener Knows to Help

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Mr Ng Kim Chuan is a self-taught Chinese herbalist who grows and gives away medicinal herbs at no charge.

In his yellow rubber boots and a wide-brimmed hat, Mr Ng works on the NTU Community Herb Garden.

Mr Ng always held an interest in traditional Chinese herbs, but only had the conviction to pursue this interest when his brother was diagnosed with lymphoma and faced expensive medical costs.

He wanted to help others facing the same circumstance, and saw a way through medicinal herbs.

Mr Ng began investing his money in a garden, despite objections from his family who were concerned about his health and financial well-being.

He estimates that he has shared herbs with over 4,000 visitors from around the region.

In his work, he acknowledges that there are those who question his motives and the medicinal value of herbs, and some who take advantage that these herbs are given for free.

In facing these challenges, Mr Ng turns to his mother’s advice to be patient, have perseverance, and live with integrity.
Find out more:
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Producer & Director: Francis Lau
Cinematographer: Timothy Chen
Writer & Photographer: Joy Wong
Production Assistant: Krystal Foo

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Khalsa Sugarcane Planter

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Khalsa whole stick Sugarcane Automatic Cutter Planters on tyres allows one to mechanize all operation involved in sugar cane planting from opening of the furrows, fertilizer placement in rows, cutting of sets automatically, seed treatment at cutting point, dropping of sets into the furrows with desired overlap, pressurized pesticide spray on the sets in the furrow (soil treatment) to
covering of planted sets automatically in a single pass.

How to Get Totally Free 100% Organic Compost

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With a little bit of observation and some know how, you too can have 100% free organic compost. I also teach how to retrieve humus and the benefits of it. Humus contains humic acid which is VERY beneficial for plants. Humus also retains water better than any other substance and it also provides excelent nutrients!
Send mail to:
PO box 131
Marysville, MI 48040

450+ varieties of Heirloom & Non-GMO Vegetable seeds .99/pack, fertilizer, garden tools, blog & More:
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Plants vs Zombies 2 Gameplay One Plant Power Up vs Zombies Part 131 Plantas contra Zombies 2

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More info about the game:
Plants vs Zombies 2
Platforms: IOS, Android
Publisher: EA – Electronic Arts
Developer: PopCap Games

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Planting with the Finnish team | Valtra T202 & Miedema CP 42P | Potato planting 2015

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ENG: Another potato team. This time a Valtra T202 and Miedema CP 42P all in one combination. Cultivating, planting and ridging on heavy land. You can see the combination from start to finish. Filling up the front tanks with liquid fertiliser, seed potatoes (Ramos) and planting. On the front of the tractor is a VSS Agro seedbed combination.

NL: Nog een pootteam in actie. Deze keer bestaande uit een Valtra T202 en Miedema CP 42P pootcombinatie, die in één werkgang freest, poot en aanaard op de zware grond. Je ziet het werk van begin tot eind. Het vullen van de tanks met vloeibare kunstmest, vullen van pootgoed en poten. In de fronthef hangt een VSS Agro Frontbedbereider.

GER: Eine andere Kartoffelteam in Aktion. Dieses Mal, bestehend aus einem Valtra T202 und Miedema CP 42P Kombination, die in einem Durchgang, fräst, die Kartoffeln pflanzt und das dämm formt. Sie sehen die Arbeit von Anfang bis Ende. Füllen der Tanks mit flüssigen Dünger, Saatgut Füllung und Pflanzen. In die Frontkrachtheber hängt ein VSS Agro Frontbedbereider.

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Remain found in Miami Gardens may be woman missing since 2010

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Police said they have not yet determined whether human remains found in a Miami Gardens, FL, field, are those of Lynda Meier, a Hallandale Beach woman who went missing in June 2010.

Video by Pedro Portal

Read more about the investigation here:

More from the Miami Herald:

Barbie Doll Feed and Cuddle Tawny Horse Toy Set Barbie Dolls Friend Toy Video

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Please watch: “Twin Baby Doll Stroller American Girl Bitty Baby Playing at the Playground and Splash Park”
Barbie is learning to ride her new horse Tawny is this video and also teaching her friend to ride. We love Barbie dolls and this set is so cute. Tawny the horse moves just like a real horse. Please LIKE-COMMENT-SUBSCRIBE and make sure to watch our other videos.


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NEW! Tarter’s Raised Bed Planters

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Plant a garden just about anywhere with our Raised Bed Planters. No tools, no assembly required – just plant, sit back and watch your garden grow! Tarter Farm & Ranch Equipment: Improving life on your land since 1945. Find your closest Tarter dealer at