8 TERRRIFYING Things Seen in Gardens | Darkness Prevails

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Gardens give you a green thumb, but these gardens might just leave you without a thumb at all…

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TRUE Horror Stories Timestamps!

1. I Was Playing Hide and Seek by Hunter 1:00
2. The White Lady in Tierra Verde 5:28
3. The Boy in my Garden by E-Wiz 8:55
4. Jar of Coffee by Javierh458 11:12
5. Can’t Be Unseen from Anonymous 16:31
6. Sweden’s Most Haunted House by Marcus S. 21:37
7. Creature in my Garden by Peter K. 28:06
8. Garden Gargoyle by YourTypicalFifthGrader 30:54

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35 thoughts on “8 TERRRIFYING Things Seen in Gardens | Darkness Prevails”

  1. Hello Darkness my old friend, I've come to talk to you again,
    How I wish you could do another multi hour long episode again

  2. Great Show; but like any of these, “Submitted,” Stories, I know when the Bull Shhh is about to begin, when almost every, “Story,” States the following… “Now this is where things start to get Weird,”
    as if they’re Compelled to divulge the Truth, w/out blatantly doing so.
    I’m not saying that all of these stories are B.S., it’s just that I don’t Trust Humans, & Lies are more Popular than the Truth, according to This Fv<KiN’ Ridiculous World Of Deceitful Beings That Comprise the Competition, aka Human “Race.”
    Peace by Pieces

  3. Ive been to the Philippines three times, the first trip I had my fiancée’s family drive me down ballete drive, I wanted to get out and walk it a bit but they wouldn’t let me.I took some pictures but unfortunately nothing turned up in them.

  4. The girl's on Halloween, the veil thins and it's easier to cross the dimentions, the wee beastie had crossed. That's when they sometimes take advantage of it

  5. Absolutely loved this video Darkness!!! Never heard any of these stories before!!! Exellent job on the video!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  6. Omg story 5!!!! Those poor people!!! The people that bomb like that are the true evil I'd stand off against any hell spawn before a mad man with a bomb!! Crazy fuckers!!!! Last but one story sounds like a shuck (hell hound)

  7. scary indeed but seeing people planting in their gardening and their pants exposing a little bit of the moon scary ? why I'm saying this trying to ease the mood a little here some comic relief  never hurt no one or has it?

  8. Hello Darkness I would just like to thank you for the amazing videos since you are very accurate on the videos that you show I would soon be able to become a patreon member to support you also I like to know why u don't have black eyes children stories . Please keep up the good work

  9. Darkness I don’t mean to be an asshole but I am considering unsububing cause the intensity of the scares in the stories has kind of been a let down. Pretty much all of them are not even scary or are ghost stories which I find to be the most boring ones. I’d appreciate more real-life horror, unexplained events etc. for example I think the 4chan vid you made is the strongest on the channel in terms of being scary. Please don’t attack me in the comments I’m just trying to give some constructive criticism.

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