Allotment Garden Tour November 2018. Gardening Allotment walk through

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Join me for allotment garden tour for November 2018. There’s still so much gardening to be done but why not join me today for the first tour in November of the allotment garden walk through.

All things are going on still in the garden allotment. Summer veg still growing. Winter veg coming through nicely in the garden. The allotment is looking lovely on this fine November day. Join me as I take you on a tour of our vegetable plot down on the allotment. If you like gardening – join me and don’t forget to ask your gardening and allotment questions if you have any.

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23 thoughts on “Allotment Garden Tour November 2018. Gardening Allotment walk through”

  1. Love your plot – and it looks so neat and tidy. My place looks sad and scruffy right now. I have brassica envy, ours are massacred by cabbage white if we don't keep them under netting for the year and even then they get nibbled by slugs!

  2. I tell ya what Tony, that's a lovely plot! I end up with gorgeous radishes coming out my ears (hence my profile pic) but cannot, for the life of me, grow spring onions!! We love eating them and I use so many, but they just won't grow for me! I'm definitely going to try again, but don't hold out much hope. Another great video 🙂

  3. Hi we have the same problem with radish they look good but in fact rubbish. Your Savoy cabbage is stunning . and turnips been good this season . All the best Bill and Val

  4. Believe your lovely yellow flower is a coreopsis…your garden is so lush and productive…here in Pennsylvania all gardening has come to a halt…our season was wet and a lot of veg went bad…a friend said it only rained twice this summer…once for 30 days and once for 20 days…so good to see a good harvest!

  5. So there young Tony – where are the whitefly??? My poor old cavalo nero are covered in the blighters! Like you say considering it's November it's amazing what's still growing – well done – it's looking great (and incredibly tidy!)

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