ASPIRIN HACKS ON PLANTS and GARDENING: Top 6 Benefits of Aspirin as Rooting Hormone + Others

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The Benefits of ASpirin in Garden and Top 6 proven uses of aspirin in gardening for plants. The Medicine Aspirin, once used to be the most commonly used Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic – now surprisingly has found to benefit your garden. The Top 5 useful effects of Aspirin in gardening.
Aspirin is chemically Acetyl Salicylic Acids and salicylic acid is naturally found in willow bark and many other trees.
So, what is the actual concept behind using Aspirin in gardening or farming. Studies have found that the plant hormone salicylic acid is released in tiny amounts when plants are in stress. So this concept has been utilized and many benefits of Aspirin have been proven, which am gonna listout one by one.
1. Aspirin as a Rooting Chemical: Rooting hormones like indole acetic and butyric acid are already discussed in my video on What are rooting hormones – you can checkout that video.
Well to improve the success rate of rooting while propagating from cuttings, Simply take a teaspoon of cinnamon powder from your kitchen and add it to 1 litre of lukewarm water and then drop in half a 350mg dispersible aspirin tablet and stir it well. Then dip the cuttings into this solutions for about 30 to 60 minutes and then plant those cuttings.
2. Aspiring Improves Seed Germination: A low dose of aspirin water significantly improves seed germination and in one study the plants treated with the aspirin water had a 100 percent germination rate, while the plants that weren’t treated had more inconsistent results. For this drop half a tablet of a 350 mg Aspirin into 1 liter of water and stir well and spray on the sown seeds or soak the seeds in it for few hours before planting them.
3. Aspirin for Plant growth: The University of Rhode Island sprayed plants with an aspirin water solution once every three weeks for the course of an entire growing season. At the end, the plants sprayed with the aspirin solution were found much bigger and had more fruit or flowers than their counterparts.
4. To keep Cut flowers stay fresh: Put a half a tablet of aspirin in a vase with fresh cut flowers from your garden to help them stay fresh longer.
5. Aspiring for Healthy Tomatoes: Spray your tomato saplings or even soak the tomato seeds with the same mixture of water and aspirin, before planting them in the ground for healthier, more disease resistant plants.
6. Aspirin spray also an anti fungal and treats Blight in plants: Blight refers to a specific symptom affecting some plants like tomatoes due to infections by pathogenic microrganisms, leading to rapid and complete chlorosis, browning, then death of plant tissues such as leaves, branches, flowers and fruits.

Now Possible Side Effects of Using Aspiring in Garden:


Technically, Using aspirin is not an organic solution, however, it is a safe and very inexpensive option that contains far fewer chemicals than the store-bought chemical products. Please try this and provide your feedback below.
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(I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening)


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35 thoughts on “ASPIRIN HACKS ON PLANTS and GARDENING: Top 6 Benefits of Aspirin as Rooting Hormone + Others”

  1. Very informative video, thank you. If a topical aspirin spray can possibly help control blight and fungus can a mild strap also be placed on the soil to prevent the overwintering of these diseases?

  2. I need some Disprin/soluble Aspirin tablets. Not available in my location. Please help me get some. If any of you are kind enough to send me some of them (around 100 Nos.) I am willing to send you the cost and postal charges etc in advance. I will be very thankful to you.

  3. Your points are very informative… I will be trying these out and reporting back. TY and God Bless the continued works of your hands x

  4. Very good help ideas. I am going to try and spray my nectarine trees with Iodine to see if i can prevent curly leaf. Any thoughts…?

  5. Hello wonderful, I like this, am now biggining to do some planting or better doing a kitchen garden in my yard, especially tomatoes, ladyfingers, peppers, cucumbers, packchoi, is your method suitable for me? Thank you so much, I want to have healthy growth in my kitchen garden. God bless you. Take care.

  6. I saw this video and I decided to try an aspirin solution on my hibiscus plant. It's a beautiful peach hibiscus and I didn't want it to die. The plant had a white powdery substance on some of the branches and leaves weren't growing on the lower stems. I eventually decided to trim off the diseased branches on the upper half of the plant and add this aspirin solution. I have been monitoring the plant for the past month and I'm so happy to see that new, healthy leaves started appearing on the hibiscus. I don't often see a peach hibiscus and I desperately wanted to save it. Thank you so much for this video.

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