Crowder – Story Behind the Song “Back To The Garden”

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The story behind the song “Back To The Garden” off Crowder’s new record American Prodigal, is here! Watch the official video for “Back To The Garden” here:

American Prodigal is out now!

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9 thoughts on “Crowder – Story Behind the Song “Back To The Garden””

  1. BTW, does your face hair grow quicker and thicker on the right side like mine?? I almost have to trim the right to match the left. If you ever need a bassist, let me know.

  2. Deeply touched.!! I was born in Puerto mother born in the town of Aibonito–Puerto Rico Garden….love your music..

  3. This song is just sooooo beautiful, I've only listened to it with my eyes closed! Guess I'll have to watch the video now.

  4. I miss spending my time with Jesus. Very heartbroken about the way life has turned out. thank you for living a life of obedience.

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