Garden Tutorial: Storing Begonias In A Cardboard Box Through The Winter

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Begonias are beautiful flowers, but they’re also an example of “tender bulbs,” meaning they need to be stored during the winter. Marianne Binetti shows you how to properly store tender bulb plants until they are ready to blossom again in the spring. All you need is a cardboard box.

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11 thoughts on “Garden Tutorial: Storing Begonias In A Cardboard Box Through The Winter”

  1. Hi can you cut large begonia bulbs into smaller bulbs. I have some from last year and they are 6inches across. Wondered if I could quarter them ? Your advice would be appreciated. Many thanks Jenny King U.K.

  2. Terrific. Fast and straight to the point. Was in a hurry to get this done. Wasn't sure if I need fridge or just basement. Thank you thank you. Good video.

  3. Thanks for the simple informative demo, not everyone understands all about tubers, bulbs etc, so a video is much easier. Thanks.

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