32 thoughts on “Growing Potatoes In Buckets, HD Spring 2016”

  1. Great video I have been running an experiment over the last 2 years whether growing in containers or ground, which is better. Last year the container gave double the yield and this year we are yet to pull the potatoes but I am hoping for good things again. great episode. Tony

  2. Not sure what i did wronge. I ordered seed certiffied potatoes. I put a few holes in the bottom of a cut down 55 gal food grade drum and painted the out side white.  I mixed  an organic starter soil from the garder center with a  lot of vermiculite and pearlite kept them watered but not saturated and fertilised about 3-4 time during the growing cycle. went to harvest today and literally got 4 small potatoes thats it. any suggestions. I did notice that the soil was rather solid despite the addition of hte pearlite and vermiculite.

  3. There is something Ive been wondering forever with the bucket/box/bag method. Will it work for say garlic, onions, tubers and bulbs etc? Its something worth finding out I think but Im just beginning and dint have as much patience for experimenting quite yet. However Im surprised its not a topic I can find anywhere and you would think someone would have tried by now. lol at least with garlic. I cant even find a dont do it I tried and failed on google its really weird its just always potatoes.

    Anyway if it could work on other crops like that it would be pretty awesome.

  4. Great video! I'm a new subscriber and have enjoyed your videos. Love your garden set up! This is something I want to eventually have, just kinda struggling to get there. lol

  5. Yeah, Dan is the man. I've been trying to grow the Kelsae onions and now I'm ordering the sweet candle stump carrots! Already subbed your channel, looking forward to this year's season!

  6. This is the way Dan from the alllotment diary does his spuds also. I have seen great success from growing potatoes in buckets, thanks for sharing, great video.

  7. The year I grew potatoes in the ground their skins were all marred with cracks and bad spots, I think I'll try buckets one of these years.

  8. I'll be filling up the greenhouse with potatoes as soon as I harvest what's in the bed. Doing some of the same as you- reds and gold.

  9. I'm probably going to out some raised beds in my garden or maybe try pots like your doing, just got my garden put in last year so this year should be better. Looks like a good set up to grow them!

  10. Yum. Homegrown taters and onions can't be beat! Slice 'em up, fry 'em up, serve 'em up then eat 'em up!!!! Thumbs up!

  11. Apal planted some sweet tater slips because the vines were so beautiful and as a hanging basket. They were planted in peanut hulls. Just ornamental. The end of the season yielded a big surprise. Beautiful sweet potatoes. You never know. Have at it !

  12. Using fabric pots you can fold down the sides at the start for sun until you raise the soil level then unfold the sides up.

  13. I tried potatoes once before, and it didn't go too well. Trying again this year. Really like your bucket method. Happy growing! 🙂

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