LiM: Short Trek: The Escape Artist Review

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What’s up Lore Masters, Today we’ll be talking about the Short Trek Episode ‘The Escape Artist’ – I don’t hate it as a story, it’s not really all that trek.

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18 thoughts on “LiM: Short Trek: The Escape Artist Review”

  1. Someone else may have pointed it out, but "penetrating a space whale" is referencing what he did to the Gormagander in Episode 7 of Discovery. Remember how he put a ship inside of the space whale to get on board Discovery? It is played as a joke because of entendre, but Mudd didn't 'force himself' on an animal

  2. OMG, its OWL!

    Obviously this means STD takes place in the FutureMan Universe, not the Star Trek canon universe.

  3. I quite enjoyed this short. Amusing, well acted and frivolous. Ultimately a filler which I prob won't watch again but can show what fan films can do within the legal constraints

  4. The first 2/3 of this Short Trek were enjoyable. Mudd kind of reminded me of Garak.
    The last 5 minutes? A great example of why nobody likes this bullshit show.

  5. Of all the Short Treks, to me this actually felt the most classic, old school Trek thusfar. It had the Tellerites; it had the Orions; it had that gritty space western kind of feel that was particularly applicable to TOS’s first season. Harry Mudd doesn’t feel very Harry Mudd-ish, unless we simply didn’t know that Harry was a notorious serial killer. Nonetheless this actually did feel very old school Trek to me.

    On the Data/android continuity question, it was actually TNG that arguably got the continuity wrong. I remember very distinctly being pissed off back in 1987 when Data was presented as though he was the first android ever invented. We saw far more human-like androids no less than three times in the Original Series. The first were the androids Kirk and Chapel encountered along with an android Dr. Roger Corby. They’re emotions and human appearance were so lifelike, they didn’t realize Corby was one of them. (It’s actually these androids that are the most reminiscent in functionality to the Mud replicants seen in this Short Trek). The second time we saw androids in TOS was of course “I, Mudd.” (Those androids were actually less advanced and human-like than Corby’s). The third time was Reyna, created by Flint in “Requiem for Methuselah.” She was extremely advanced with human emotion.

    The only way to get away with saying that Data was this 24th century breakthrough would be because he was created by a human, whereas Corby’s and Mudd’s androids (in TOS) were both created by ancient alien civilizations and Rayna was created by an immortal hermit that noone but Kirk, Spock, and McCoy ever knew about (they did promise to keep his secret).

  6. It’s the best one, but you can tell it’s written by a rick and morty writer. It’s not Star Trek though. This character is supposed do be younger, and way way more likeable.

  7. This was the only Short Trek that actually liked all the way through. Dismissing the twist ending causing more continuity problems, this one was entertaining.

  8. On the issue of TOS having an economy, I mentioned "Errand of Mercy" and how Kirk and Spock talked about how much their training cost. I double-checked, and I was wrong that Spock actually mentioned an amount. However, this is what Kirk said:"The Federation has invested a great deal of money in our training. They're about due for a small return. We have two hours with which to do it in."

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