Planting Hyacinth bulbs for Christmas – Holiday Gift Ideas

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Today we are planting Hyacinth bulbs for Christmas. Nothing beats Hyacinth at Christmas for that sweet aroma when you walk into a decorated room. These spring bulbs fill the room not only with a fantastic smell but with bright colours at typically is a dull time within the gardening year.

In this episode, I show you multiple ways in which I am planting Hyacinth bulbs for Christmas. We take a look at all the ways to plant and what you can plant them in, I also share all my tips for planting hyacinths and getting them to flower in time for Christmas.

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19 thoughts on “Planting Hyacinth bulbs for Christmas – Holiday Gift Ideas”

  1. i aquired 24 clear hyacynth glass es all boxed for a british (£) pound each , which i started in mid september, about half the BULBS were not PREPARED , because i wanted red colour ones as well as blue and white .
    they are under my bed in the dark , just checked them nov first 18 and MOST have poked their little heads out , lets hope the last few follow suit !!
    paul from merthyr/aberdare.

  2. … As kids no doubt forgot all about them until the miraculous day when Mrs Evans took us all to the cupboard to marvel at our own little bulb and what was growing there. Thank You Tony.
    Sally France

  3. Lovely Tony you have taken me right back to Mrs Evans primary glass where she showed us how to put hyacinth bulbs on top of jam jars filled with water. We placed them in the huge corner cupboard behind the blackboard and

  4. Have never grown them myself, going to have a go though. Have been and bought a load of prepared hyacinths, carnegie white, pink pearl, delft blue, cit of haarlem yellow. Have sent away for some sphagnem moss to finish them off. Thank you for all your time and help full advice. Christine

  5. Hi there. I've always been given these at Christmas, I fancy trying to grow them myself now. A question though… there no feed at all in the water only bulb holder? Marty.

  6. Hi Tony, I subscribed to your channel a few months ago, and just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your videos very much. Good camerawork, a pleasant voice and interesting topics. And nice to see what gardening looks like in a place with topsoil. Kudos.
    Today I am having a litte UKHWG maraton, as we had a storm here in western Norway yesterday and I am procrastinating the best I can before starting up the chainsaw. Trees and branches everywhere. To the point: in the two hours I've been watching, 25-30 new subscribers have joined your channel, so it seems that things have started to kick off for you now. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

  7. I don't have a cold room and it's so hot here in September I put my bulbs in the frigerator I cover him with The Brown Sack and when it gets nice and cold here I've been plant them I've had good success doing this

  8. The pollen indoors can be quite intense if you have an allergy problem. You will soon know, it starts with much sneezing. I make a note in my diary to check on things that are out of sight as they become out of mind with me.

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