POWER Ep 2: Next Door to a Nuclear Plant

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In this 360/VR video, Motherboard takes you inside the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station, just outside Toronto, which provides 20 percent of Ontario’s electricity. Stand next to the giant turbines. Hover on the edge of the glowing waste pool, where used-up nuclear fuel is kept. And go inside the control room that oversees everything around the clock, 24/7.

Called “the Big Kahuna” of nuclear plants, Darlington is undergoing a $12 billion refurbishment so it can keep supplying nuclear energy to the grid for another 40 years. Public tours ended after 9/11 due to security concerns, but we are taking you inside.

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26 thoughts on “POWER Ep 2: Next Door to a Nuclear Plant”

  1. I lOVED the documentary, BUT HATED THE 360. Can't believe such a great subject and screenplay was spoiled by using 360.

  2. But it creates huge amounts of dangerous radioactive waste that takes over 10,000 years to decay to safe levels. The waste causes genetic mutations resulting in birth defects and cancers. France literally pumps theirs into the ocean, we burie ours. We should move to Thorium energy, do a video on how amazing thorium is please!

  3. 4320 8K? Who even has that technology? Do you guys even have that? Can motherboard even watch in 4320 8K? fuck dude on a 187 second video shit boii all out I guess.

  4. Please stop with the damn 8 freaking k video! Nothing can support that kind of quality yet and who the heck would give enough of a damn to watch a youtube series on nuclear power in 8k!? Nobody! and please for the love of god stop with the 3D, it is as ugly as 240p even at your bloody 8k mother Mary save us all!

  5. Damn it, I can't watch this! Show me what you intend for me to see, you lazy asses! Camera operators do that so that I don't have to search in order to get the information that's presented to me. What a stupid idea.

  6. All seem to be going well, I might put a nuclear reactor in my thyroid gland actually, watching this makes me feel good

  7. In one scene where the screen was black, I completely lost the content (three photos) and had to rewind because I had no perspective of where I was looking. I am very interested in the content of this video series but I simply will not watch the rest of the videos

  8. who's brainiac idea was it to shoot with a 200 dollar 360 cam ? FIRE that moron . WOW is all I have to say for this . 360 SUCKS and you actually use it as a tool ? You tools . . . . . VICE has really gone downhill . The 15 year old directors with this kind of moronic idea is the reason why .

  9. Waste pools do not glow. Most waste pools are the water from the laundry facility on site where workers from controlled areas that have the chance of contamination get their laundry done.

    We need more education on how safe nuclear power is if we want lower energy costs and to lower the impact of global warming.

  10. So nuclear power is safe and clean enough to live next to, but it's controversial because of…? Do you have any idea what it's like to live next to a coal plant? It's a dystopian version of Beijing China. Imagine your whole family getting cancer and emphysema at the same time. But a single nuclear power plant blows up about once a decade if it was designed by an idiot. Like with the Fukashima plant, the backup generators were kept in the basement in a country with a history of tsunamis. So coal is definitely better than nuclear.

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