Prickly Pear/ How to grow, harvest, transplant, compost, and remove

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I share everything I have learned about getting rid of prickly pear transplanting prickly pear, growing it, and composting it. I hope this information is helpful.

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4 thoughts on “Prickly Pear/ How to grow, harvest, transplant, compost, and remove”

  1. My mom brought me some prickly pear from my grandmothers farm in Oklahoma many years ago. It goes slow here in Oregon but it does well.

  2. I heard you say that you wanted to start a food forest ,,, CORRECT ? Well ,,, can you get a hold of cardboard ? My husband and I go dumpster diving !!! Not so much any more because we found a mattress place that will save the HUGE boxes for us, once a week…. Also the local Kracker Barrel has one bin for cardboard only, so it doesn't get full of food, and they know that we come by once a week and get the cardboard !!! These places have larger pieces … If you can get some, starts killing all that grass and maybe prickly pear by putting cardboard on top… ( don't cut the grass) just lay the cardboard on it and then some of that rock on top !!! I don't know, maybe it will help !

  3. most cacti will grow pretty much anywhere the roots don't freeze. i've had store bought cacti live yrs planted in the yard. pickled prickly pear is good. kinda like spicy green beans. great on tacos. just cut a part and lay on the ground. grows no mater what. had one in the back of a truck all summer and it still rooted. to kill spray with bleach.

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