Project – Planter Box made from Cedar Fence Pickets

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How to make a DIY planter box from cedar fence pickets.

Plans available on my website.

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34 thoughts on “Project – Planter Box made from Cedar Fence Pickets”

  1. This is man shit right here. I don't know what it is but building shit excites the hell out of me. So much respect for folks who build beauty out of wood (not talking about baby making). LOL

  2. Wait … wait … wait…. I am a non carpenter who has a bunch of fencing that I thought making some flower boxes would be a fun project for me…in all honestly it might take me a month to figure it out but I am completely ignorant to technical terms. I am not sure what you are saying… clamper or chamber?? And what is that machine that is doing it.. is that a router?? And please dont laugh but can you use a plunge router for any of that beveled edge stuff?? Hey I was told in grade school..” there is no such thing as a dumb question!” Haha… but I must admit… I’m feeling kinda stupid.Awesome video.. live the flower box… this is the one I want to make but I have a feeling .. mine will not look this good! Lol

  3. really nice video and project, well presented. Just one coment. without sounding like safety Natzi. For your personal safety, In the first 3 minutes of the video I saw you several times completely let go of the board you werer cutting mid way through your cut. this is a habit that will cause a major kick back. Nuf said. nice project, something I have wanted to build for some time.

  4. This is a pretty cool project….especially for a beginner. Had some trouble with the angles of the legs…seeing I couldn't find any cedar pickets….just pine….but it came out great for a first attempt and the wife is happy!

  5. Looks great! I plan to build a few of these after watching 🙂 I might add I built the loft bed you built and love it as well..excellent work!

  6. hola me podrias dar en pulgadas o centimetros el largo de las patas mas menos y a cuanto les corataste el sacado en las patas gracias carlos

  7. Thank you for the fun video. I am looking for ideas for a pineapple plant. I think I can adapt your design for that.

  8. Wow.. you made that much more complicated than you needed to, it's just a planter box mate, also stain the wood first is best.

  9. i fear for your dace and arms. suggest u get another type pushstick.

    watching u let go of that wood and it raising each time while cutting on the tablesaw freaked me out.

  10. Nice and i am glad you did it with a cheap saw… I am more confident in the saw i have which is the same one.. I guess its less about the tool and more about the man behind it.. Nice Table

  11. beautiful planter im curious if it ever grew anything cause u put so much chemical on it i would think it would be a bit to toxic for any plant either way good video

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