Pruning a Japanese Maple Tree with OSU Master Gardeners

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Learn some quick tips on pruning a Japanese maple from an OSU Master Gardener.

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12 thoughts on “Pruning a Japanese Maple Tree with OSU Master Gardeners”

  1. Thank you for the video. My question is if I cut back a major branch (leaving the collar, as you demonstrate), with a Japanese coral bark vine maple, will a bunch of small branches sprout around the recent cut next year. Thank you for your guidance… David Langsather, Salem, Oregon

  2. I have a japanese maple with four branches coming off the main trunk four to five inches from the ground. The branches make up the bulk of the tree and have grown up to 12 feet. Is it possible to cut all but one of the branches. The branches are about 3 inches in diameter. The trunk is about 6 or 7 inches in diameter. Will I kill the tree? The tree is 14 years old in the ground. It was in a 10 gallon pot to start and about 3 to 4 feet tall. It looks like a hand with four fingers.

  3. Is it okay to prune in spring when the leaves are coming through anew? I forgot to prune in the winter. Thanks so much!

  4. Great video. I heavily pruned a (<10 years old) Japanese maple in late fall (Vancouver, BC area, mild winter) and now it's late March and I see NO buds. Have I killed it? I cut off all the small branches. The tree doesn't appear to be dead but I am concerned it might not come back. Is there anything I can do to help it revive? Thanks.

  5. I found this video very informative and helpful. It gives very specific information that is left out of many posts on this subject.

  6. I found the video helpful, but have a serious question. When you say "branch is growing the wrong way" are you not liking the proportion of the tree or it is simply growing into a part of the garden you prefer to not have branches?

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