Sapper Gardener’s Channel Terminated Soon After Helping Others!

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First of all, I don’t know what rules were involved and whether any were broken. All I know is it was unmerciful and cruel to (as it appears to me) terminate Sapper Gardener’s channel right after he announced a giveaway to help others because he hit 1,000 subscribers. I’m not gonna sit up and try to benefit from his giveaway then get quiet when his channel is terminated…for whatever reason. (I’m sure some folks will get real quiet right about now. You can take it or leave it!) If he deleted his channel (I doubt it) I’ll remove my rant. If he asks me to, I’ll remove my rant. I honestly hope I’m wrong (it happens) and just jumping the gun. I haven’t talked to him about this, so I’m going by my gut instincts about why this happened… and it really doesn’t matter “why.” What matters is that it “did” happen. In any case, I know Rob will pull himself up by his bootstraps and keep it moving, but he shouldn’t have been disrespected in the first place. There should not be a rule where you get punished for making mistakes while helping people. (This might be too spiritual for some people to comprehend.) 🕊️

25 thoughts on “Sapper Gardener’s Channel Terminated Soon After Helping Others!”

  1. I agree, youtube lets girls get on here with every crack showing in those tight yoga pants and that's fine but someone trying to do good is canceled, very crappy.

  2. I looked at my sub count today and noticed that we lost one. It was Rob's channel. He was kind enough to sub back to our little channel. He's a gentleman with a sweet family and I hope that YouTube reverses their decision.

  3. Robs been with me from the beginning and seemingly a great spirited guy. There's a lot of speculation right now with such little information available to us. It HAS GOT TO be something more than just trying to help others out. Just got to be. He's too quiet, laid back, and mellow to be targeted. I can see something like this taking place with a guy like myself in the future but my curiosity is getting the best of me not knowing WHAT little technical infractions he committed or was committing that he obviously wasn't aware of. If anyone gets any details then It's my hope that you share and pas it along. If he decides to continue and come back (if allowed) then he'll get more of the same support that he has shown towards everyone else. I'm confident of that. 😉

  4. Rob and myself had many a conversation via YouTube. US Army to UK Navy!!
    Hope he comes out of this okay – ESSAYONS!

  5. Thanks for speaking up about this travesty. I am at a loss for words. this is incomprehensible, but I know Rob and his family will tough this out and come out the other end shining.

  6. This man gave his time for this country and for you…YOUTUBE!! GET HIS CHANNEL BACK SO WE THE PEOPLE CAN ENJOY HIS CONTENT ONCE AGAIN!!

  7. Yes YT is 1000% WRONG!!! I Think we are all POed right now with YT. But when I got the email from Rob he was just thinking about all the people that he got to be friends with on his channel. A good man and a great family was done wrong by YT. God bless and hope to see Rob's channel back up.

  8. It's a disgrace what they have done to Rob but he will be bouncing back… His appeal is in and he has everything backed up love… Lets all as a growing community get right behind him on this… #freesapper
    ATB Guru M

  9. Thank you for making this video, it is sad to hear that Rob's channel was taken off by YouTube. He is a great Gardener, friend, and I fully supported his military career as I am a fellow veteran as well! Any friend of Rob's is a friend of mine, you just got a new sub.

  10. That is so sad , He 's such a great guy with really good content
    always trying to help other small channels .. Very disappointed with YOUTUBE

  11. WOW Garden City . Sad about Sapper Gardener . A Fine Man Rob . Sure don t make sense to do that to Sapper Gardener . Well time to fight Back . Food Forest Permaculture . Ps Love the wheat grass .

  12. this is disgusting what has happened to him, i'm in the UK and there a couple of people i know has had the same treatment !! shame on you youtube

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