Protect a Planter Box from Hungry Birds

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There’s always a lot of hungry seagulls around the city that love to tear apart and eat my herbs. In this video I make a protection for my planter box reusing some wire mesh and wood.

Always be careful when working with power tools and sharpen tools. Use your safety gear and your brain.

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How to Build a Planter Box (to hang from a deck rail)

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In this tutorial I show you how to build a planter box, to hang off of a deck railing, made out of Cedar and steel. I needed a place close to the kitchen to keep all of my Basil that I grew from last year’s seeds.

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Pallet Planter Box DIY

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This is a simple step-by-step instructional video for building a pallet planter box. Very easy to follow.

To find free pallets, head to your local website here:

Look in the free category or Building Supplies category.

Remember when upcycling pallets to use only the pallets with the HB: Heat Treated or DB: Debarked logos. Do not use pallets with the MB: Methyl Bromide logo.

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Custom LOL Surprise DIY Box with Tiny Babies | Toys and Dolls Pretend Play Fun for Kids | SWTAD

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SWTAD Kids video. Custom LOL Surprise box with Distroller babies and super tiny nerlies. Family fun playtime ❤️❤️ TO SEE ALL MY TOYS & DOLLS VIDEOS click on or use #swtad ❤️❤️ Thanks for watching #swtadkids

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In my videos I unbox, review and play with kids toys and dolls. My short stories try to convey positive messages for children. Here you will find stories with dolls and toys as well as coloring books, toy reviews, some crafts and dress up doll games.

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DIY Vertical Herb Garden Planter Box

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This is the first in a series of outdoor projects I’ll be doing in the coming weeks. I’ll post running updates on simply easy to let you know how this is holding up.

Going vertical is the natural progression for most people that start a garden and find they never have enough space for all their gardening needs. I started out with one 4×8 raised garden bed and before long built a second one. Raised garden beds number 3, 4 and 5 came not long after the first two. Then I realized that if I wanted to add any more I was going to have to start putting them out into the open yard space that I wanted to keep reserved for the kids to play in. I think its important for children to have a large open area to play, skip and run. Maybe toss a ball around with dad or play a game of pickle. So I did not want to add any more garden beds. This left me trying to find new ways to get more production out the space we already had. Their is one bed that we kept a lot of our herbs in and I had the thought that if I could free up that space by putting the herbs in containers and placing them on the back patio just outside the back door. We could free up some space for more food production. However, I did not like the look of a lot of containers just sitting around the back patio. I thought about building a shelving unit so we could put all the containers in one spot. I finally decided on a hybrid style shelf slash planter box.

I also wanted to be able to move it around the back patio with ease. So I decided to place the whole unit on a frame with 3″ locking casters. That worked out better than I had hoped. I can position the vertical herb garden planter box facing north and south. One side can be for sun loving herbs and the other can be for shade loving herbs. I can also place all sun loving plants on both sides and face the unit east and west. We can roll the unit closer to the door at meal time so that we can harvest what we need for a recipe without having to walk all the way out to the garden. Conversely we can roll the vertical herb garden planter box further away from the house during a rain storm so that it can get more rain than it would closer to the house.

I made my vertical herb garden planter box out of scrap pine that I had sitting in the garage left over from previous projects. You could very easily purchase cedar, cypress or some other weather resistant species of wood to make this vertical herb garden planter box and it would last for decades to come with little worry.

I also made it so that if any part of the vertical herb garden planter box needs replacing I can just remove the screws and replace with another piece of scrap that I have laying around at the time. As a woodworker I’ll probably be tripping over potential spare parts for it.

I would also like to announce the launch of my second YouTube Channel called Simply Easy Homesteading:

If you enjoy the video format I feature here on my main channel along with my sometimes quirky sense of humor and you like all things DIY. Then you will enjoy Simply Easy Homesteading. Granted the channel page is still under construction.

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Build an easy, inexpensive wood planter box

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Here’s a planter box you can make for around $20. I used 2x4s and garden edging (bender board). This will rot away sooner than other types of wood, but for 20 bucks, I’ll just build another one when this finally rots! Or course, you can use these same techniques on teak or cedar if you wanted something more permanent.

More on this project:


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Garden Tutorial: Storing Begonias In A Cardboard Box Through The Winter

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Begonias are beautiful flowers, but they’re also an example of “tender bulbs,” meaning they need to be stored during the winter. Marianne Binetti shows you how to properly store tender bulb plants until they are ready to blossom again in the spring. All you need is a cardboard box.

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Project – Planter Box made from Cedar Fence Pickets

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How to make a DIY planter box from cedar fence pickets.

Plans available on my website.

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DIY Planter Box Bench

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A DIY planter box bench that is simple and easy. The bench can be made to fit just about any size outdoor cushions you happen to have or can find. The height can be made to better suit taller or shorter people. A thick cushion or no cushion is no problem either. Plastic planters of all different sizes can be placed inside the boxes to make the project last longer and maintenance free.

This project can be placed on a deck or patio and can be made out of cedar, pine or any other species of wood you may have on hand.

I’ll show you how I built mine in a simple and hassle free way.

All the measurements along with a materials and cut list can be found on my website at:

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HI!! Back at ya with a DIY on the vlog channel. Today we’re making an over the railing/ balcony planter box. We are a little plant crazy at the moment but PLANTS JUST MAKE A SPACE SO BEAUTIFUL.

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Please note that we are not professionals and that all projects seen on our channel must be completed at your own risk. We do not take responsibility for any harm or injury that may occur. Be safe!

How To Plant A Window Box

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How To Plant A Window Box. Steve Redman from Holland Park in London takes you through the technique of planting a window box. For more basic information watch 'An introduction to planting in containers'.

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Plant Up A Window Box for Summer

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Colorful plants, good soil and a little plant food is all you need to bring beauty to the window boxes in the front of your home. And keep in mind window boxes don’t have to be on the wall! Any long and narrow container can define your outside area by edging a deck, along a deck rail, the possibilities are endless.

How To Build a Planter Box

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Just like belairdirect simplifies your insurance, we simplify life at the cottage by building planter boxes out of fence boards.

Turning your cottage into the ultimate weekend getaway has never been more simple thanks to Adam Holman, as he drums up some easy, quirky and fun DIY projects that you can do next time you’re at the cottage.

Step-by-step instructions & list of materials:

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