DIY Planters in 5 Gallon Buckets: The Next Evolution!

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Our sub-irrigated planter (SIP) bucket video has become our most popular video, so I thought I would show you all how we are improving on things for this year. Enjoy!

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Harsh Climate Gardening Off the Grid Guerila Buckets

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An addition to our Harsh Climate gardening post …
. Off the Grid Harsh climate gardening comes in many forms as we have talked about … and so you have no power for Hydroponics ?

Well !! thought a few might like a few details and a quick look at ours :- ) as to how we do our Guerilla Style hydro buckets with no power at all !! … just a quick look at our latest little crop , only 5-6 weeks old and ready to eat :- )

Quick turn around , no digging , no effort to speak of after setup … not expensive considering these buckets and pipes are recycled endlessly …

So if you want a moveable food source that you can put where is best for you where you are ? and I mean even if you are still in the burbs and wanting to go off grid , you can grow with no effort on your deck , on your veranda or on your balcony ? where ever !! and then take your garden with you .. :- )

We tried a few different plants in our system. Some work better than others. We will keep experimenting to see what different plants do and decide if we want to try them again..

We seem to have had a lot of success with the following: tomatoes, celery, lettuce, bok choy, pak choy, silverbeet, chives, basil and some flowers ie nasturtiums and petunias., all put in for our Bees and they look sweet :- )

… We even tried peas, but they never seem to go well but haven’t quite given up this idea.

Last year we even grew some cucamelons from seeds given to us from Tim. They worked and were really interesting, and tasted great too. Thanks Tim. 🙂

The types of plants that wouldn’t work in this system are root vegetables, for obvious reasons, lol.

These alternative styles of gardening are a case of try it to see how you go in your area , in all sorts of places around your home , caravan , shed or urban flat ect ect ?
Harsh Climate or not …

If you want to see more of vids from ourselves on how we grow , … our channel has quite a few vids , from different stages of how we came to do this with more details

cheers Steve and Kerri

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Large Planter Made With 2 Buckets – DIY Concrete

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In this Video i make a big planter for a raspberry plant.
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– two different sized buckets
– Piece of a plastic pipe
– concrete mix
– water
– Container and tool to mix the concrete
– wd-40 or household oil
– some heavy Stones or sand etc.
– grinder (optional)
– hot glue gun
– gloves / dust mask
– tape

Music credits:
“sunday plans” by “silent Partner” from Youtube Audio library

DIY Planter in 5 Gallon Buckets

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DIY Subirrigated Resevoir Buckets. This double bucket system uses the process of capillary action to draw moisture up a soil wick. This allows you to water your plants less frequently, and keep them at an optimal hydration level. It is a low cost,, low maintenance way to grow some food in a small scale.

Music is courtesy of my good friend Ian Lawson. Check him out on Instagram @coast_ers and Facebook at lawsomemusic.
(Thanks Ian!!!!)

Planting Potatoes in Buckets

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Planting potatoes in a 5 gallon bucket is ultra easy. Believe me, if I can do it, it’s easy. For me, this is the best way I’ve found to grow them. It doesn’t require a lot of space, and they can be moved if needed. Also, when it’s time to harvest, I won’t have to dig anything up; harvesting will be as simple as dumping the bucket in my wheelbarrow and picking out the potatoes.

If you’re thinking about growing potatoes this year, give it a try. What do you have to lose?

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