430. Methi/fenugreek/vendhayam seedling in compost by gardening my charm (Hindi)

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Fenugreek has shallow roots so it won’t mind the low depth. Fill the pot with rich potting mix. You can mix a 1/3 part compost or well-rotted cow or horse manureto it. Sprinkle seeds all over the pot and dust a thin quarter inch layer of soil briskly to cover them.

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Amrud/guava/koyya seedling and growing in compost by gardening my charm (Hindi)

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Plant them 2 to 3 metres from other trees and 5 metres from other guava trees. Dig a hole about twice the size of the bag in which the young tree is growing. Remove the soil from the hole and add some compostand manure. … Raise the soil around
the tree to dam the water (rain or irrigation).

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415. How to growing and seedling Til/yel/sesame seeds by gardening my charm

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Sesame is a flowering plant in the genus Sesamum, also called benne. Numerous wild relatives occur in Africa and a smaller number in India. It is widely naturalized in tropical regions around the world and is cultivated for its edible seeds, which grow in pods or “buns”.
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411. Best hand pressure water Sprayer review by gardening my charm

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Air Pressure garden sprayer. capacity -1.2 ltr This is a perfect sprayer in very superior quality for kitchen garden plants,indoor or outdoor …

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Gorgeous Beautiful Gardener’s Cottage To Reach its Full Charm Potential

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Tiny House Living is a Channel sharing Houses under 1000 Sq. Ft.
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Gorgeous Beautiful Gardener’s Cottage To Reach its Full Charm Potential
Who could be lucky enough to live there That was Janet Korff’s thought 25 years ago when a wrong turn led her down the wooded driveway of the cottage she now calls home. At the time, I would have never guessed that one day I woul
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How to grow Ber/jujube by gardening my charm

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Ziziphus jujuba commonly called jujube red date, Chinese date, Korean date, or Indian date Ziziphus mauritiana, also known as Chinese date, ber, Chinee apple, jujube, Indian plum, Regi pandu, Indian jujube, dunks and masau, is a tropical fruit tree species belonging to the family Rhamnaceae.is a species of …. In China, a wine made from jujube fruit is called hong zao jiu (红枣酒 …
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This Will Water Your Plants While on Vacation Works Like A Charm

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Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. Pets often get put under the care of a friend, neighbour or pet boarding house, but what about plants? Some plants can last a long time without water, but other plants need weekly or even daily care. If you are going away for a trip, you need to ensure that your plants will receive enough water to survive your absence. Here are Some DIY ways worth Giving a Try.

1.Make Bottle Drip System
Make sure that the soil is completely damp. If the soil is too-dry, it will soak-up all the water from your bottle before you even leave for your trip. Having the soil already damp before you begin will ensure that the plant doesn’t soak-up the water too fast.

Pierce several holes at the bottom and on the sides of a plastic bottle and bury it in the soil next to the plant, leaving the mouth of the bottle exposed.
Just before you Leave for the trip, fill the bottle with water to the top. The water will gradually drip into the soil keeping your plants happy.

2.Water plants with a wine bottle
Carefully pierce a few holes in a screw-top lid of an empty wine-bottle using a screwdriver or nail. Fill the bottle with water and then screw the lid back-on. Now bury it top side down in the soil – the water will drip through the holes slowly watering your plants.

3.Place saucers under pots.
Keep indoor and outdoor potted plants on a saucer so excess water is collected and reabsorbed.

4.Self-watering pot using string
Take a length of cotton string or cloth and push one end into the soil of your pot plant and the other end into a Gallon-size jar of water.
When the soil becomes dry water will be drawn through the string by the genius of capillary action, rehydrating the plant.

Position the jug so that it is out of direct sunlight; this will reduce the amount of evaporation, consider putting a piece of duct-tape over the mouth of the jug; be careful not to cover the string, this will help slow down the rate of evaporation.

Make sure that the mouth of the jug is above the base of the plant. If the jug is too low, put it on top of a book, a block, or an upturned pot to raise it up a little. This way, the water will be able to drip down the string.

The string must be able to hold-water. If it can’t hold-water, this method won’t work.

And 5. Time Share with Friends
Form a vacation watering co-op with one or more friends. Make arrangements to take-care of each other’s garden while away on vacation. You’ll care for their plants while they’re away and they’ll care for yours, while you take off. Try and make it easier on them by keeping the hose-handy and ready to go and grouping as many plants together as you can.

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