The Planters Nutmobile visits Chicago

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It’s nuts! A tricked-out Planters Nutmobile.

The nutty company kicked off its yearlong coast-to-coast tour with a stop in Chicago. They cracked open the door to the Nutmobile and gave RedEye a tour of one of its three pimped out rides.
The new peanut-on-wheels is 27-feet long, 11-feet tall and 8-feet wide equipped with a peanut-shaped gear shifter, removable peanut dashboard with a built-in reverse camera and navigation system, iPads and two big screen TVs. Seatback covers have peanut designs, the speakers are monocle-shaped, and the ceiling highlights a historical Mr. Peanut timeline.

The original Nutmobile has been around since 1935. Much like the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, the Nutmobile makes appearances all over the country.

For one year, three Nutmobiles will travel the U.S. visiting cities, offering samples, photo opportunities with the iconic Mr. Peanut.

Corpse Flower Timelapse Video: Chicago Botanic Garden

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Watch Alice the Amorphophallus titanum or corpse flower bloom in this captivating and astonishing time-lapse video. The Chicago Botanic Garden’s rare titan arum bloomed and opened over an exciting 24 hour period after growing for more than 11 years. Alice the Amorphophallus bloomed in September 2015.

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James Moore and Dan Pearson – Esmerelda | Sofar Chicago

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James Moore and Dan Pearson performing “Esmerelda” at Sofar Chicago on March 31st, 2018
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Artist: James Moore and Dan Pearson

Filmed by: Max Williams, Alex Kapp

Edited by: Max Williams

Audio by: Mystery Street Recording Company

Recording Engineer: Taylor Wyles
Assistant Recording Engineer: Alex Moran
Mix/Mastering Engineer: Dan Norman