How Do Worms Turn Garbage into Compost?

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This week Reactions dug our hands into some earthworm science. Some pretty useful chemistry comes out of these little critters in the form of compost. If you’re enjoying some tasty food today that has at least one ingredient that was farmed somewhere, you probably owe a little thanks to earthworms. How is it that these detritivores – literally dirt eaters – turn what humans find inedible into beloved compost? After the biology and physics of swallowing and “chewing”, like us it’s all chemistry for digestion. But earthworms have an extra enzyme that allows them to munch through cellulose, the ultimate fiber of that makes tree bark a non-starter in human diets. Yet all this powerful chemistry means not everyone sees earthworms as the greatest creature to crawl – find out all the dirt in this video.

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Calcium secretion

this last reference, published in 2011, contains the line “ The function 16 that these granules serve for the earthworm is unknown (Darwin, 1881; Robertson, 1936; 17 Piearce, 1972; Briones et al., 2008) but previous studies have shown that earthworm granules 18 are commonplace in soils (Ponomareva, 1948; Wiecek and Messenger, 1972; Bal, 1977; 19 Canti, 1998)”
(preprint pdf [?] here

Megadrile biological classification

Nitrogen cycle to understand bacteria role

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How to Compost in an Apartment

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We humans have actively discouraged nature’s way of recycling. How? By turning to large-scale garbage dumps. The solution? Composting. So here’s how you can recycle right where you are.

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Compost Tea WITHOUT Compost! | YEAR-ROUND Nutritional Foliar Spray | SCALE Pest Control

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Charles Malki, Biologist & Plant Expert from explains how to make compost tea WITHOUT compost! Also, learn why compost tea is superior to commercial nutritional sprays for your plants. Lastly, a discussion of scale & mealy bugs on plumeria & citrus; and how and when to apply organic pest control products.

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Mounted compost turner

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Special compost turners designed for small and middle size composting areas, for park dumps of grass and leafs, fitted to the three- point suspension on tractor or on special suspension on wheel loader, rotor diameter 60 cm, needful power in tab is only for orientation, depend on composted material.

How to Get Totally Free 100% Organic Compost

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With a little bit of observation and some know how, you too can have 100% free organic compost. I also teach how to retrieve humus and the benefits of it. Humus contains humic acid which is VERY beneficial for plants. Humus also retains water better than any other substance and it also provides excelent nutrients!
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Never Compost Waste! A minute with the Compost Curmudgeon.

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When people say they compost waste, recycle waste, collect waste for composting, compost human waste, etc., etc., it’s like dragging finger nails over a chalkboard for the Compost Curmudgeon, Joe Jenkins, author of the Humanure Handbook.

Compost Tea Made Easy

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I get a lot of questions about my use of compost tea to fertilize and provide critical nutrients to my garden. Compost tea is one of the best ways to continually build your soil organically. In this episode I show you how easy, and fast, it is to make your own compost tea, the easy way (steeped tea). It has worked wonders for my garden and takes up so little time. Happy Gardening!

Billions of Cockroaches Used to Compost Food in China

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We usually think of them as unwanted household pests, but one billion cockroaches are crawling all over a Chinese composting facility on purpose. The critters are fed thousands of pounds of kitchen waste every day, the same weight as seven adult elephants. Company owners say cockroaches are a good source of protein for livestock, including pigs, and for humans who can stomach them.

Adding Compost to Plants: Dos and Don’ts

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Do you put compost on top or underneath mulch? The answer is very important to keeping your soil healthy and fertile!
I talk about adding compost to plants, how to spread and water it in, and what to do about mulch. Also, I will talk about my journey to make my own compost and soil mix.

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Kitchen Waste Management Malayalam | Easy Waste Management | kitchen Waste Compost | My Life Tube

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#Waste #Management #Malayalam
Hey guys,
In this video I am showing you an easy waste management program that can be implemented in any house. By using this method we can make compost that can be used for plants in our garden. This is very easy and simple.

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Redworm castings / compost table sifter

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Now that you have composted your material here is a simple way to extract you worm castings (vermicompost) from the rest of your redworms and unfinished compost. If you would like to separate your redworms from your compost for resale this can save hours of harvest time. The slow rotation speed is easy on the redworms. Can be done with one person, but as you can see with two people it is much quicker and smoother with two or you can always modify this and mount a drill to do the turning for you. This item can be found at

Quick tour, swales, integrating compost for automatic natural fertilization

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Winter 2018. A brief video tour of the property. Swale systems, permaculture guilds, and integrating a composting system for automatic fertigation.

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Mostly Compost – Heroes of Harinburg Ep 2 – Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

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The “heroes” deal with more compost, eat some dirt, and then head over to the Sunken Hope to make some new friends.

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GARDEN UPDATE: no dig border & using last years leaves as compost

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Sorry we haven’t posted in a while, but we will be back making regular videos in the new year. If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know. In this video I show my no dig border and how we are using last years leaves to cover it for winter. Hope you enjoy, thanks for watching.

Lazy Way To Compost

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Hi guys! I want to show you how composting just does wonders to a garden. It’s the quickest, cheapest way to get your garden growing fast. Hope you’ll enjoy seeing the things growing in my garden.

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