Amazing Winter Vegetable Garden Tour Grown without Buying Fertilizer

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John from takes you on a tour of a viva las veggies, a backyard vegetable garden in las vegas that was planted September 2018 from seed and has been growing with no store-bought fertilizer.

In this episode, you will learn how one family is growing their own food in their backyard using no store-bought fertilizer. You will learn how they add free fertilizer to their garden by using coffee grounds and creating their own IMO’s (Indigenous Microorganisms) + using the best free nitrogen fertilizer – diluted human urine.

You will get a full tour of this backyard vegetable garden and how it looks in January 2019. You will learn about all the vegetables that you can grow in the winter time, and the specific soil and no-cost fertilizer that is being used to grow this garden.

You will discover some of the amazing health benefits of some of the leafy green vegetables growing in the garden and how to eat them to get the most nutrition into you.

You will learn some of the best crops you can grow in Las Vegas that will grow year-round and provide you with food for a long period of time.

You will also discover the difference between growing inside a greenhouse and not and the difference it can make when growing shell peas and spinach.

Finally, you will learn more about Viva La Compost, a food scrap pickup service, that will ensure your food scraps will be turned into compost instead of ending up at the landfill.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
00:15 Episode Starts
02:38 Entering Backyard
03:05 Edible Desert Crops – Cactus and Agave
04:22 Overview Shot of Backyard Raised Bed Garden
05:30 Organic Soil in Vegas
05:55 How Plants Were started from Seed
06:50 How Often to water in Vegas in Winter
07:42 Swiss Chard – Grows More than a Season in Vegas
08:20 An additional reason to grow in the winter: No/Less Bugs
10:12 Main Families of Crops she is growing
11:19 Large Radish Growing
11:35 Making your own Microorganisms with IMO’s with Rice
12:20 Coffee Ground fertilizer
13:14 Eat Your Radish Greens
13:38 Cilantro Growing – Best to grow in the cold
14:35 Cilantro-Like vegetables to Grow in the Summer
15:05 Parsley Grows Thru the Summer
16:45 My favorite parsley recipe
17:20 Lettuce – Pros and Cons of Growing
18:54 Peeling Plastic(?) off lettuce
19:25 Most Valuable Plants to grow in the Winter
19:35 Mamouth Lacinato Kale
20:45 Why Grow your own greens
21:25 Benefits of Brassica Family of Plants
22:22 Why Brassica Plants don’t freeze
23:28 Cabbage – A Good Storage Crop
24:17 Eat your cabbage leaves
25:37 Why I don’t like to grow curly kale
26:00 What I would do with Curly Kale
27:13 Kohlrabi – Eat the Leaves and Stems
28:34 Why Stems are even more nutritious than leaves
29:45 How I would eat Kohlrabi
30:00 Nasturtium edible Flowers and Leaves
31:20 How many greens I strive to eat every day
32:00 Shell Peas
33:15 My favorite Peas to Grow
33:55 Eat More Beans and Peas for Protein
35:02 Beets for Greens and Roots
36:45 Why Beets are healthy to eat: Betalains
38:00 One of My Favorite Juice Recipes with Beets
39:00 Number One Flower You Should Grow
41:20 Growing Arugula
42:43 My one favorite Plant should Grow: Perennial Tree Collards
44:55 How to Get a Tree Collard Plant: Seeds vs Cuttings
46:04 Do you need a greenhouse to grow food in the winter
47:00 Greenhouse made from Parts at home depot
47:32 Shell Peas Growing in Greenhouse
49:25 Kids are the future
49:40 Longevity Spinach
51:20 Amazing Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach
53:14 Easy to Grow Food in Las Vegas in Pots: Nopales Cactus
55:09 Have a Compost Bin at Your House
56:55 Viva La Compost – Food Scrap Composting Pickup Service in Las Vegas

After watching this episode, you will learn more about what you can grow in las vegas in the winter time, and how to create fertility in your garden without having to buy fertilizer.

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Container Gardening | Hugas-Bigas (Rice Water) as Organic Fertilizer

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Since time immemorial, Hugas-Bigas(Rice Water) has been used as Organic Fertilizer by many gardeners whether in container gardening or planting directly in the ground. This video aims to share some information about Hugas-Bigas and it’s effectiveness as Organic Fertilizer. Happy Container Gardening! #continergardening

How to make compost at home | making your own organic fertilizer | composting in bengali

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How to make compost at home | making your own organic fertilizer | composting in bengali
আরও সহজে ও তাড়াতাড়ি সার তৈরি করুন

In this video I have shown how you can make organic compost from your house waste .
All you need is a clay pot and some house waste . And you are ready to go . It will take around 2 months to complete the composting process .
You can use this compost in all your plants . You dont have top buy compost again and again .
Please only use things like bone or meat in the compost
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44: How to Make Fertilizer (Plant Species X Ammo) with Compost Bins – The Ark Switch Survival Guide

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On this Switch Survival Guide for Ark: Survival Evolved, we will teach you how to make Fertilizer and how to use Compost Bins to get all the Fertilizer you will need. Now that we have Plant Species X Turrets protecting our battleship, we need a good supply of Fertilizer for PlantX Ammo. Making some Compost Bins will let us make Fertilizer over time as we play Ark on Switch.

For more advanced Ark guides and awesome tricks for newer players that you can use on Ark Switch, check out the Ark Ragnarok Survival Guide series:

How To Make Organic Compost Fertilizer At Home Very Easily For Better Planting

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How To Make Organic Compost Fertilizer At Home Very Easily For Better Planting

Wasted Vegetables Like:

Cabbage Leaves, Potato Peels,
Onion Peels, Green Peas Peels,
Egg Shell, Orange Peels,
Used Tea Leaves & Garlic Peels Etc.


Please Avoid :

Raw Meats,Vegetables Which Are Cooked, Sugar & Salt

You Can Put A Plant Into This Fertilizer Mixed Soil.

#CompostFertilizer #Organic #BetterPlanting
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– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

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What Happens If You Use Your Feces as Fertilizer?

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Being able to use human feces as fertilizer could be really helpful for human colonies on other planets. It could also be useful for human colonies on THIS planet! And who doesn’t love recycling!?

Hosted by: Hank Green

Head to for hand selected artifacts of the universe!
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Composting Methods Video | How to Make Compost Fertilizer Tips | Jordan Winery

Views:10171|Rating:4.21|View Time:3:43Minutes|Likes:16|Dislikes:3
Jordan Vineyard Manager Dana Grande discusses how to make compost fertilizer. These composting methods from Jordan’s sustainably farmed vineyards can be applied at home with Dana’s tips. Made from grape and olive pomace, our compost is applied to the vineyards in the spring to promote grapevine health. These tips can also be used for your compost pile at home.

View our complete blog post at

DIY Organic Fertilizer

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You can make your own fertilizer for free. just use organic trash from your kitchen and add it with bacteria starter from yeast and sugar. then store it for one or two month until ready to use.

this is same way how to make compost but using yeast and sugar to help the fermentation.

This fertilizer can help make your garden soil to be rich.

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FREE ORGANIC FERTILIZER | GOAT DUNG / SHEEP DUNG | Flowering & Vegetable Gardening

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Most of us are familiar with Cow dung and horse dung in gardening and farming. But How about using Goat Dung or the Sheep Dung. Yes, in this episode we will look into the 10 benefits of using goat droppings for enriching your soil, and whether we can use fresh goat pellets directly on your plants without decomposing.

Many studies and research articles on goat dung as a fertilizer have been published on international journals. All of them say, Goat manure is one of the best animal manures for healthy soil and plants, specially for backyard organic vegetable gardening. And if you have couple of goats with you for their milk or whatever purpose, you should never throw away their droppings. You will learn a lot of important stuff about goat dung by the end of this video. Please watch it till the end and learn how to use it and how much to use in your home gardening or container gardening.

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Universal Potting Soil:

Increase Flowering:











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Most Effective Best Organic Liquid Fertilizer as Regular Compost Tea || Use this on Plants

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Most Effective Best Organic Liquid Fertilizer as Regular Compost Tea || Use this on Plants


Cow Dung:-

Cow dung, also known as cow pats, cow piesor cow manure, is the waste product of bovineanimal species. These species include domestic cattle (“cows”), bison (“buffalo”), yak, and water buffalo. Cow dung is the undigested residue of plant matter which has passed through the animal’s gut. The resultant faecal matter is rich in minerals. Color ranges from greenish to blackish, often darkening soon after exposure to air.


Cow dung, which is usually a dark brown color is often used as manure (agricultural fertilizer). If not recycled into the soil by species such as earthworms and dung beetles, cow dung can dry out and remain on the pasture, creating an area of grazing land which is unpalatable to livestock.

In many parts of the developing world, and in the past in mountain regions of Europe, caked and dried cow dung is used as fuel.

Dung may also be collected and used to produce biogas to generate electricity and heat. The gas is rich in methane and is used in rural areas of India and Pakistan and elsewhere to provide a renewable and stable source of electricity.

In central Africa, Maasai villages have burned cow dung inside to repel mosquitos. In cold places, cow dung is used to line the walls of rustic houses as a cheap thermal insulator. Most of villagers in India spray fresh cow dung mixed with water in front of the houses to repel insects. It is also dried into cake like shapes and used as replacement for firewood.

Fertilizer :-

A fertilizer (American English) or fertiliser(British English; see spelling differences) is any material of natural or synthetic origin (other than liming materials) that is applied to soils or to plant tissues to supply one or more plant nutrients essential to the growth of plants. Many sources of fertilizer exist, both natural and industrially produced.

Liquid Fertilizer :-

Liquid manure is manure in a liquid form. Manure is changed into a liquid form by mixing the manure with water. Generally, liquid manure is used as a convenient alternative to manure, which cannot be spread as evenly as its liquid form. Manure in both states is used as a nutrient-enriched fertilizerfor plants.

Liquid Fertilizer :-

Many organic gardeners keep a bottle of liquid fish fertilizer on hand to feed young seedlings, plants growing in containers and any garden crop that needs a nutrient boost. But liquid, fish-based fertilizers are often pricey, plus we’re supporting an unsustainable fishing industry by buying them. So, what’s a good alternative?

to develop some water-based, homemade fertilizer recipes using free, natural ingredients, such as grass clippings, seaweed, chicken manure and human urine. His results are summarized on our chart of Homemade Fertilizer Tea Recipes.

Why and When to Use Liquids

Liquid fertilizers are faster-acting than seed meals and other solid organic products, so liquids are your best choice for several purposes. As soon as seedlings have used up the nutrients provided by the sprouted seeds, they benefit from small amounts of fertilizer. This is especially true if you’re using a soil-less seed starting mix (such as a peat-based mix), which helps prevent damping-off but provides a scant supply of nutrients. Seedlings don’t need much in the way of nutrients, but if they noticeably darken in color after you feed them with a liquid fertilizer, that’s evidence they had a need that has been satisfied. Liquid fertilizers are also essential to success with container-grown plants, which depend entirely on their growers for moisture and nutrients. Container-grown plants do best with frequent light feedings of liquid fertilizers, which are immediately distributed throughout the constricted growing area of the containers.

Out in the garden, liquid fertilizers can be invaluable if you’re growing cold-tolerant crops that start growing when soil temperatures are low for example, overwintered spinach or strawberries coaxed into early growth beneath row covers. Nitrogen held in the soil is difficult for plants to take up until soil temperatures rise above 50 degrees Fahrenheit or so, meaning plants can experience a slow start because of a temporary nutrient deficit in late winter and early spring. The more you push the spring season by using cloches and row covers to grow early crops of lettuce, broccoli or cabbage in cold soil, the more it will be worth your time to use liquid.


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Outdoor Compost Pile ~More free fertilizer for garden!

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This video is about our outdoor compost pile. THIS is black gold in the making. Composting is a great way to get free “fertilizer” for your soil. It also helps keep less full landfills. It also helps your trash can smell a lot less!
Here is the video about what my compost looks like finished!
Here are some links about compost if you have questions about exactly what can go in your compost:

compost tumbler for outdoors. This is great if you don’t have a lot of space outside. They are faster to break down compost because you can give them lots of turning easily!
Here is a kitchen counter compost holder. I am asking for this on my Christmas wish list. it is so cute!
If you decide to purchase something through my Amazon link, they will give me a few bucks! Please comment if you do, so I can say thank you!
Happy composting!

$12m worth of fertilizer for Planting for Food and Jobs missing

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#UTVNews #UTVGhana #DespiteGroup

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Agric ministry responds to missing $12 million worth of planting for food & jobs fertilizer

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#megaghnews #GhanaEntertainment #GhanaCelebs #GhanaMusic #GhanaNews #GhanaPolitics