Flooding to Organic Food | Ally & Richard Stresing | Central Texas Gardener

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Ally & Richard Stresing |Flooding to Flood of Ideas for Food

Ally and Richard Stresing started with a flood of ideas to control flooding. Now, they head to the garden for dinner. On their menu: organic fruits, vegetables and fresh eggs from happy hens in a raccoon-proof coop they built themselves. In between projects, they take a break to enjoy the wildlife getting a drink at their ponds and nabbing their own dinner on native plants.

Cheeky Cane Toads Hitch lift On Python To Escape Storm Flooding

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Cheeky Cane Toads Hitch lift On Python To Escape Storm Flooding. A bunch of toads hitched a ride on the back of a python after floods breached a dam in western Australia.
Paul Mock was stunned when he came across at least 10 cane toads sitting on the back of a 3.5m-long olive snake in his back garden in Kununurra.
As three inches of rain fell in just one hour in the early hours of New Year’s Eve, a breach out the back of his house flooded.
Walking into his back yard, 45-year-old Paul filmed the snake – known locally as Monty – slithering across his lawn.
Paul, who grows Indian sandalwood, said: “I was a bit shocked to see the snake at all.
“Because the weather was so bad, I almost stepped on him.
“I’ve no idea why the toads were on his back as they can obviously swim.
“They must just have been attracted to the snake’s scent.”
Paul says he has come across Monty before, and has even removed him from his house.
He said: “He is pretty well known locally.
“I don’t know where he went after this.
“I assume he has a little home in the grass near the house.”