Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Gardens

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The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens (or The Huntington) is a collections-based educational and research institution established by Henry E. Huntington (1850–1927) and located in Los Angeles County at San Marino, California, on the western coast of the United States, and about 35 miles northeast of the Pacific Ocean. In addition to the library, the institution houses an extensive art collection with a focus in 18th and 19th-century European art and 17th to mid-20th-century American art. The property also includes approximately 120 acres of specialized botanical landscaped gardens, most notably the “Japanese Garden”, the “Desert Garden”, and the “Chinese Garden” (Liu Fang Yuan).

Remain found in Miami Gardens may be woman missing since 2010

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Police said they have not yet determined whether human remains found in a Miami Gardens, FL, field, are those of Lynda Meier, a Hallandale Beach woman who went missing in June 2010.

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RMC Gwazi Mini Aerial Construction Update Busch Gardens Tampa (SITE WORK BEGINS!!!)

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For your viewing pleasure today…we have a look at the site work that has begun for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay 2020 project RMC GWAZI!!! Marking are all over the area and crews have taken down old perimeter fences to allow heavy equipment to move in. We expect to see large portions of Gwazi to come down soon and will continue to keep you updated with the entire process.

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Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria in Melbourne Australia

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A travel guide for visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria in Melbourne Australia. The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne has free admission and is located near the city center. The gardens are internationally renowned with over 10,000 individual species. If you like nature and gardens, the Royal Botanic Gardens is worth a couple hour stroll on your visit to Melbourne.


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IELTS Speaking part 3, topic “Gardens”, sample answer band 8.0+

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Discussion topic “Gardens”
1) What is the benefits of gardens in cities?
In massive urban areas, air pollution is a major problem and having gardens on rooftops or on the balconies of apartments or houses can be of tremendous help. Plants and herbs absorb harmful Carbon dioxide during the daytime and gives Oxygen to aid human respiration; also, it detoxifies the air by assimilating industrial chemicals such as most aldehydes and ketones. Besides, having the green in front of town folks teaches them how to appreciate nature and respect other beings. However, as I can see, nowadays less and less young people are in touch with nature and also the industrialisation forces the green out of most areas, which contributes to the ever-increasing air toxicity. Luckily, we do have programs to educate people about the undeniable importance of having gardens in cities.

2) Do any of your friends visit gardens?
Unfortunately, my generation seems to be quite illiterate when it comes to the topic of gardens, however me and my friends occasionally visit the city parks and gardens for studying. We appreciate the shades that those oak and birch trees provided, especially in hot summer days. From time to time, one can get free apples from the nearby garden thanks to the fact that we have a very kind neighbor who would let us study there, provided that we help her daughter with studying too. She did not approve having naughty ungrateful kids running around the place and stealing her fruits though.

3) Who mostly visits gardens, younger or older people?
Well it depends. One might say that older people have much more free time to tend for gardens or to visit those lusty greens, but I have seen many old folks who enjoys drinking and playing chess instead of spending time to smell the roses. For younger people, many might argue that the majority of them do not even know how to water a plant properly; but then, I have seen many passionate youngsters caring for rosemary or thyme herbs on the nearby balconies or visiting rose gardens with their loved ones. So generally speaking, I don’t think there could be any solid assumption to this.

4) Is it acceptable to plant vegetables in the private garden around your house?
Around my house ? Surely I would accept it if anybody planted vegetables in that tiny private plot of land around my house, considering the fact that I could be the one consuming those greens as well. Having organically grown carrots, lectuces and tomatoes, as well as potatoes could be a great idea. My parents might not agree as they have already had a plan to put an apple tree and several rose buds on that garden. My mother would like to have a wooden bench next to the bushes so she could enjoy reading a book while smelling the roses. My father could also have the same idea. So I don’t really think it would be acceptable to plant vegetables there.

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Urban Gardening Tips for Renters: Self-Watering Containers / Rooftop Terraces / Community Gardens

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Every year, a larger portion of our population is taking up residence in cities and suburban areas. Many urban dwellers would love to have a small garden and to grow their own food. But unfortunately, they may not own their own land. Want can a renter or tenant do to be able to garden in urban areas, even if they have no land to grow on?

There are three strategies that can enable you to experience the joy of outdoor gardening: Community Gardens, Container Gardening & Self-watering Containers or Planter.

Gardening is a growing trend in urban and suburban areas. And community gardens are often a crucial tool for enabling people to have access to a small plot of their own. You may have one in your area. Each community garden will have it’s own set of rules. You may be able to secure your own raised bed that will only cost a nominal fee each year.

If you live in an apartment, you may have literally NO outdoor spaces at you disposal. In such a case, a community garden would be a perfect fit for you! You may have shared access to tools or materials like mulch an compost. Many such gardens also have very perennials like berry bushes and fruit trees.

If you have a small outdoor living space, you might enjoy growing on-site. Container gardening is the perfect way to do so. You don’t have to worry about disturbing the soil on your rental property. In fact, you might not even have any soil. But large containers will allow you to grow full sized vegetable plants. And smaller containers, like window boxes and great for things like lettuce or herbs.

As renters, we might find that we move from time to time. A container garden will allow you to pack up you garden and move it along with you. Some people have even grown fruiting perennials like dwarf fruit trees in this way.

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These are really just an extension of the container gardening. But sub-irrigated containers are worthy of having their own separate category. You might see these referred to as SIPs (sub-irrigated planters). But basically, they simply containers that contain a water reservoir.

This extra pocket of water is slowly wicked upward as the moisture in the soil get used by your plants. This gives you an extra cache of water. Your plants enough a nice buffer against droughts and hot Summer days. They grow larger and healthier, experiencing reduced water stress. Watering is less of a chore for you, and you may even be able to skip a few days between watering.

There are many retail kits, such as the EarthBox. In this video we look at a City Pickers SIP kit. Buy these are easy to make yourself, using DIY instructions. Window boxes, 5 gallon buckets and 18 or 30 gallon totes are all possible candidates for an SIP conversion.

See my site for lots of self-watering container ideas:

There is a nearly endless list of possible locations for growing some fruits or veggies in containers. Think of hardscapes, spot that are paved with concrete, asphalt, stones or brick. Options include: Along a sidewalk or walkway, on a deck or patio, along a driveway, on a balcony or even… a rooftop!

In many urban areas buildings are designed with flat roofs. Sometimes such spaces are efficiently used as an outdoor living area. Similar to a deck or a patio, such rooftops allow residents to sit an relax. If you have access to a rooftop terrace, why not take full advantage of this valuable resource? Install a small container garden!

Only grow on roofs that you are authorized to access. There are factors like insurance and liability that must be taken into consideration. A rooftop terrace would be mostly flat. It would also have a railing or parapet along the edge. If you have a situation like this, then do waste this great opportunity!

Different rooftops are designed to bear different amounts of load. Using containers, rather than massive planters can reduce the volume of soil required and the total load placed on that roof. Keep your containers relatively light, using a light-weight potting mix to fill them. Some SIP tutorials will showcase designs that use gravel in the reservoir. This is unnecessary and it makes the containers excessively heavy. Avoid such designs.

Winds on a roof can get strong. For free-standing, unsupported planters, select a container that is not top heavy. Look for a wider base that is not quite as tall. Grow plants that have a lower center of gravity. For taller plants, be sure to properly secure and fasten down their supports.

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Antrim Castle Gardens Christmas – Enchanted Winter Garden

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Antrim Castle Gardens Christmas display is a great day/night out in November & December each year. The Antrim & Newtownabbey Council event has built up a great buzz in recent years and is very popular – so do get down early!

The official information includes the following: Bigger and better than ever before, come and see the Gardens transformed into an enchanted world.

Christmas is the favorite part of the year for almost all the people out there and this goes back for all the lights, the decorations, and the special treats which are only related to it – we should say that we are the same; its our favorite month of the year too!

One of the different places which we wanted to go visit and check was the Enchanted Winter Garden in County Antrim and which has been there for a couple of years, so we also wanted to see the kind of change that might be taking place this time.

This place is created for all the members of the family out there – kids and adults – and it is related to Antrim Castle Gardens ( This year’s magical Christmas highlight and experience is different with the 40m Ferris Wheel that will give all the visitors the chance to star gaze all over Antrim Town and beyond.

From the other different attractions for this place this year, there is the Christmas train which is for all those younger members of the family, the old fashioned carousel which the kids will fall in love with its colors and lights, the sparkling swings that twinkle and glitter in the gardens and give the little ones the happiness they came for while swinging through the lights, and there is also the Christmas boat that swings its passengers high and low among the trees and gives them all a thrilling whoosh through the winter garden.

In addition to those rides which the kids could enjoy, there are still other beautiful things that one could enjoy about the Enchanted Winter Garden in County Antrim, such as the lighting installation of this year which is even more dazzling and different than the last ones since there are thousands of sparkling bulbs and twinkling fairy lights that awash the trees and turrets in color, wonderland wood where visitors should stroll to the sugar drop stop and wander through the lollipop lane, the festive fayre which serves different yummy treats and which we got the chance to try the marshmallows on fire (S’mores), and the old Christmas Inn which will be serving different drinks in the heart of Clotworthy Courtyard and which might include hot chocolate, mulled wine and hot fruit punch in order to bring cheer to the young as well as the old.

In addition to all previous things mentioned about the things to be found inside the Enchanted Winter Garden in Antrim Castle and in order to keep the experience complete, there is live music that will be surrounding all those people strolling around the place, for local musicians who will be playing brass, silver, strings, and different other instruments. There is a schedule for this musical part, with a different act for every evening; so if you are planning to visit more than once then don’t worry because if you changed the day, you will not be walking the place listening to the same music.

Like any other Christmas place, the Antrim Castle Gardens for Christmas offer a place where people could have some offers for Christmas shopping and where they could buy some gifts. The Baubles & Bows is the gift shop in the Enchanted Christmas Garden that offers some beautiful things you should check if you are there.

Every country will have its special lights, gardens, and markets to celebrate Christmas and here in Northern Ireland, we did not only enjoy those beautiful decorations and lights in the Antrim Castle Gardens where the Enchanted Winter Garden is located, but we have also been to Belfast Christmas Market where we enjoyed the new 20 stalls which are added this year and also loved walking through the lights, seeing what the people have to offer there, and at the same time enjoying the hot drinks along with some treats and goodies which are offered in those markets as well. Since we were in Belfast, it was also good to go to Victoria Square in the centre of Belfast where we believe that it is considered the best place for Christmas shopping for all the shops it has and at the same time for being the place where one could find all the things that he/she is searching for ( you could also check our visit to Belfast Christmas Market last year and enjoy our experience there as well (

If you are near then you should go have some fun walking around the place and give your kids the cheer they want with riding all those things found out there – Merry Christmas 🎉

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Finale of the Halloween illuminations show set within Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens 2018

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Finale of the sound and light show set with Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens during Halloween 2018. This fantasy show called ‘GlasGLOW’ was brought to Glasgow by itison Glasgow and the lighting team behind The Enchanted Forest, Simon Hayes & Kate Bonney.

Deadly Palm Beach Gardens wreck closes section of eastbound Northlake Boulevard

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A fatal crash Monday morning has temporarily closed both directions of Northlake Boulevard between Ryder Cup Boulevard and Beeline Highway.

Isha Ambani Reception : Politician arrives at Jio Gardens, Star Performance Begins | Boldsky

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Isha Ambani Reception, Senior Politicians arrives at Jio Gardens and Bollywood Stars Begins the show. Watch the video and know the list of Stars performing.

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Brown Harris Stevens presents 4 3rd Place – Carroll Gardens, New York

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4 3rd Place – Carroll Gardens, New York – ID: 19258437

Sal Cappi Capozucca, NYRS, CNE, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
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Victoria Capozucca, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

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On a perfect sunny day in Paris we decided to visit the Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg) to enjoy one of the city’s best public spaces. We weren’t sure what to expect but had simply heard it was amazing. It turned out to be one of our new favourite parks. It’s just absolutely charming and is an especially wondrous place for children. If we had kids this would be the number one place I’d want to take them. There’s a playground, ponies to ride around, lots of space to run around and play, and a pond where you can rent a little sailboat. They have got to be the world’s cutest sailboats and you can push them around the circular pond right in front of Luxembourg Palace with a long stick. The palace was created in 1612 by Marie de Medici, the widow of King Henry IV. It has this great balance of feeling very grand and also casual and community-like at the same time. It’s paradise for children but adults love it here too: lots of chairs to sit in to relax or read, tennis and basketball courts, and spots to play chess. Jogging also seemed to be popular in the park. Overall, we just loved the vibe here and would like to go back and spend a lot more time. There’s nothing like discovering a new place and falling in love with it!

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