Best whatsapp group names list

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Best whatsapp group names list – welcome to my friends yaha pe aapko Funny cool whatsapp group names of Whatsapp friends and family ,college students dating hindi whatsapp group names list 2018.
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Zee Mobile Reporter: This Meerut based group is fighting pollution by planting saplings

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This segment of Zee News brings positive news stories from across the nation. In this segment watch the story of Meerut based group. This group is fighting pollution by planting saplings.

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Georgetown Group Helps Adults With Disabilities Learn To Work Together

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A beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art can be priceless, and sometimes it’s the stories behind those pieces that make them so valuable. A group of artisans in Central Texas is creating amazing work and telling their stories with every piece. It starts with a block of clay waiting to be transformed. At the hands of these artists, big things can happen. “At BiG, we believe that every one of our citizens is gifted.” Erin Kiltz launched BiG the Brookwood Community in Georgetown in 2011. It’s a place where adults with disabilities can learn and work together. Her inspiration was her daughter Gracie, who has Down’s syndrome. “And I asked the question, what’s next for these kiddos? And the rude awakening was there was nothing,” said Kiltz. BiG was the answer. The “citizens,” as they’re called, spend about four days a week there and they stay very busy. Eric Cork makes baked goods in the kitchen, but he’s picked up many more skills at BiG. “Glazing, pottery, and cards,” he said. Eric used to define himself by his autism. “And now he says, ‘I am Eric, I am an artisan, I am an athlete, I’m an actor, and I am awesome’,” said Kiltz. Traci Johnston is also a citizen at BiG. “I feel important here,” she said. “I feel like I’m needed. And I feel like I have a purpose in life to come every day to work.” The intricate pottery, jewelry, and baked goods are sold at BiG’s own shop and at Whole Foods. “It’s pretty cool. We’re famous,” said Johnston. A look at their work shows you these adults couldn’t possibly be defined by what they can’t do. “Their identity has truly changed from their disability to their ability,” said Kiltz. They are bakers, artisans, gardeners. Kiltz calls them her strength, they would say otherwise. “No, she’s ours,” said Johnston. “She’s the one that started all this for us.” And she hopes to do more. Their goal is to eventually make BiG a full residential facility for its citizens. “Because the number one concern for a parent, like myself, is, what happens when I’m gone?” Kiltz was honored by RecognizeGood as one of their 2013 legends. You can directly support BiG by purchasing items at their store all of the proceeds go right back into the program. They’re also hosting their annual golf benefit in October. You can learn more at their website, HERE. By Hema Mullur

Field visit by APO e-learning group at Rikishi Compost Pvt Ltd : Part 1

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On the third days of e-learning course on Waste Management in Agribusiness, participants visited Rikishi Compost Pvt Ltd, Madhhyapur, Thimi-4 , Bishnukundal on November 29, 2018. Rikishi Compost Pvt Ltd has been producing compost manure from household waste.