Top 10 DON’Ts when Growing Orchids – tips for orchid beginners

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Today we will talk about the top 10 DON’Ts when growing and caring for orchids, so here they are:

1. Don’t water orchids from above!
Water left standing in the crown and between leaves can cause rotting. If you manage to wet the orchid, take a paper napkin and remove the water as best as you can.

2. Don’t leave water in the orchid dish, or decorative container
Orchids don’t like to have wet feet as they say. Make sure you remove all the excessive water, so drain the orchid pot as best as you can.

3. Don’t water orchids with ice
Orchids are exotic plants, at least the vast majority of them. Ice cold water can seriously damage orchid roots, so use lukewarm water, even if you use tap water.

4. Don’t separate pseudobulbs individually
Pseudobulbs store energy and nutrients, they are an orchid’s batteries. The more connected pseudobulbs an orchid has, the more energy it will have to grow faster and stronger, so never separate individual pseudobulbs.

5. Don’t use regular potting soil with orchids
The majority of the orchids you can buy are epiphytic plants, this means they do not grow in soil, but in the air, clinging to trees and branches. Use bark chips as a beginner, it is the safest media.

6. Don’t place orchids in direct sun
Orchids in general have pretty fragile leaves when it comes to direct sun an overheating. Place orchids in bright shade to avoid damage.

7. Don’t mist orchid flowers
If in some cases misting leaves can benefit orchids, misting flowers is never a good idea. Water droplets can produce mold spots or patches on the flowers.

8. Don’t cut aerial roots
Some orchids just seem to grow roots in the air, especially Phalaenopsis. It’s normal and natural. Leave them be, they are important for the orchid.

9. Don’t cut healthy canes or pseudobulbs
As I said, they are the batteries of orchids, the less canes an orchid has, the slower it will grow, if it will have energy at all. Leave the green canes and pseudobulbs alone.

10. Don’t neglect orchids
Don’t think that just because they are plants, they don’t need attention. The more attention you give to your orchids, the faster you will spot problems and even have greater chances of curing them. Give your orchid a look daily or every few days at least. Even if she is not in bloom, your orchid still needs your love.

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Ep. 369 Growing Zinnias – From Seed to Out in the Garden

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Growing Zinnias from seed using the paper towel germination method and direct sowing in 6 pks , Plus seeing the flowers in bloom in the garden #dianemummgardenvideos #growing zinnias from seed #planting zinnia seeds #zinnias

1217 | Sometimes you have to choose between planting roots or growing wings.

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———- 이 영상에서 공부한 문장들📝
1. My dog died today.
I had to put him to sleep.
내 개가 오늘 죽었어요.
제가 안락사를 시켜야했어요.
2. Fourteen years. He was all I had.
14년, 그는 제 전부였어요.
3. Now I can’t stand the thought of going back
to my empty apartment.
제 텅빈 아파트로 돌아가는 생각은 지금 제가 견딜수가 없어요.
4. So I just keep wandering around the mall.
그래서 전 그냥 계속 몰을 어슬렁 거리고 있어요.
5. You made that sound like a question,
then you didn’t wait for me to answer.
당신은 질문처럼 얘기하고나선
제가 대답하길 기다리진 않네요.
6. I don’t know what happened.
무슨 일이 있었던건지 모르겠어요.
7. I might have come down on you a little bit hard today.
내가 오늘 널 좀 심하게 다룬 것 같아.
8. I remember pretending to go look for some socks.
양말을 좀 찾으러가는 척 했던건 기억나요.
9. I mean, it’s, uh, my fault.
I pushed your buttons.
내 잘못이야. 내가 자네 분노버튼을 눌렀어.
10. My father-in-law was the same way with me.
It was horrible.
내 장인어른도 나한테 똑같은 식이었지. 끔찍했어.

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Growing Grapes in Texas |Jim Kamas |Central Texas Gardener

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Top 10 Tomato Growing Tips – Gardening Tips

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We technically eat the fruit of the tomato plant, but it’s used as a vegetable in eating and cooking and, thus, usually categorized under vegetables.

Water in the Garden: Growing Season Webinar: Iowa Master Gardener

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My Vegetable Desert Garden Tour – Growing Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit in the California Desert Heat

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Finally, I have my first vegetable, fruit and herb garden tour for you! This is my first summer in Southern California and my first garden in heat up to 119 degrees F. Watch as I tell you how I almost quit gardening after this move, and show you my raised bed gardens as well as my waist-high elevated patio “Salad Bar’ garden as I’m putting it together. Lots of ups and downs in learning how to grow food in the heat of the desert but I’m getting the swing of it now!


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My Vegetable Desert Garden Tour – Growing Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit in the California Desert Heat

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Growing Organic Garlic in Containers: All the Planting Details – KIS Series

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You can grow garlic easily in containers. This is all you need to know for planting it. I show you an organic preparation to set up the container soil. And I show you how to plant it of course. Get some started now for next year. This method is best for Zones with freezing winters.

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Growing Plants w/ LED Technology | Bang Goes The Theory | Brit Lab | BBC

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Liz Bonnin visits a research center in Yorkshire, where they are exploring how plants grow without green light and the potential that it has for farming using technology.

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First TIme Growing Ginger in Canada (From Planting to Harvest 2013)

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We love ginger around here, like LOVE ginger. So of course I had to try to grow some. Turns out that growing a ginger plant isn’t really all that tricky. I followed the first years growth on my ginger plant and finished up with a quick harvest of some ginger roots for teas. Will I grow ginger again? Absolutely, planted some of what I harvested at the end of this video in point of fact …
Now I just need to figure out the best way to winter the plant … do I leave it outside in the cold or should I top it and bring it into the basement ….
Hope this helps and if you have any tips for me, feel free to throw those into the comment section below!

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Secret and successful planting, growing apple haul tree, “fruit trees” in the containers for the beginner, when do apple trees bear fruit.
Guide on how to grow and plants in containers at home.

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The Dad Gardener episode #48 Growing Zucchini and mixing liquid fertilizer.

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Great episode of planting Zucchini seedlings and mixing liquid fertilizer in a watering can.
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This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! Finally got the new Cree led from UnitFarm in for the autoflower grow. Going over week 1-3 in the 5×5 flower garden and doing some top dress feed and cloning. Also quickly show the flower closet which is almost ready to be harvested 😉 growing organic indoors using led grow equipment.

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How To Planting & caring a Growing or Mature Papaya Plant – Gardening Tips

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