Ginger and Turmeric Planting Growing and Harvest Container Gardening

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Here I do a Harvest and plant Ginger and Turmeric too. Learn what will grow and what will not grow. Ginger is a flowering plant whose rhizome, ginger root or ginger, is widely used as a spice as well as old time medicine. It is a herbaceous perennial which grows annual pseudostems about a meter tall, about 3 feed, bearing narrow green leaf blades. Turmeric has larger broad leaves.

Massive potato harvest, planting chillis & cucumbers at home

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A huge potato harvest from our 30ltr pots – plus potting on chilli’s and planting cucumbers & gherkins at home

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Succession Planting: How to Harvest More From Your Vegetable Garden

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Sowing or planting into gaps left behind after a crop is harvested is known as succession planting.

Filling gaps as soon as crops are harvested will maximize the amount of food you can grow, making your garden space even more valuable and helping to reduce weed growth.

In this video we explain how to plan succession crops and which crops are best for growing this way. Plus we offer some tips for successful summer sowing whatever your climate.

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Prickly Pear/ How to grow, harvest, transplant, compost, and remove

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I share everything I have learned about getting rid of prickly pear transplanting prickly pear, growing it, and composting it. I hope this information is helpful.

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Jan 2019 Tour Compost Tour Leaf Mould, Chicken Compost Harvest – Back to Eden Permaculture UK

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A quick tour around the different forms of compost in our Back to Eden style permaculture garden

Update on the leaf mould and the harvest of the chicken compost using wood chips, as well as the first egg of the year!

The deep litter consists of 2 feet of wood chips that we constantly top up with more wood chips, leafy greens and grass clippings, 5 weeks in the compost is almost ready so we harvested a few barrow loads to use as mulch.

How to Grow Bibb Lettuce – Planting Seed to Harvest in 2 Minutes – Zone 5 Gardening

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How to grow Bibb lettuce from planting seed to harvest in just two minutes. Follow these simple steps! I’ll take you through how start bibb lettuce from seeds, how to transplant bibb lettuce and how to harvest bibb lettuce. Thanks for watching. Please comment, like and subscribe!


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EPIC Fall Garden HARVEST, Beyond Organic Gardening

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A Fall Garden Harvest from the Beyond Organic Garden is in store for today. It’s well into Fall and the Forest Garden is still pumping out High Quality Food. The supermarket sells “peppers” grown with poison for $3 each, while the Food Forest gives out the highest quality Food in the world for Free! All grown with no chemicals, no sprays, all natural, and right from the Backyard. The only way to get this Beyond Organic Produce is to grow it yourself. We can all turn our Backyards into Food Paradises one plant at a time!! 😁




CUCUMBERS, Everything You Need To Know!


Pumpkin, Squash, And Black Hamburg Grape Harvest. Planting Garlic.

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This week in the garden we harvested Pumpkin, Squash, and the black hamburg grapes.Planted next seasons garlic Marco at the bottom of the garden where its well drained soil.We did a short update on the fruit cage. Showed how to take cuttings from ivy leafed trailing geraniums, and clematis. Showing how to store the geranium plant for overwintering. Harvested a few crops to take to Gemmas.
Episode 130.
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How the Best Worm Castings are Made that Can Double Your Harvest

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John from goes on a field trip to Organic Garden Solution in Southern California to share with you how they make the best worm castings that can double your harvest.

In this episode, John will visit Organic Garden Solution, the creator of the best earthworm castings I have found so far that doubled my pepper harvest when compared to another brand of worm castings.

You will discover how they raise worms on a commercial scale, and what they feed their worms to make the best castings.

You will learn how you can duplicate what they are doing on a small scale to keep your own worms at home that can eat your food scraps, and make one of the most important organic soil amendments for your garden.

You will discover some of the secrets to creating the best worm castings sold today.

You will get an education about raising worms and creating the best worm castings that can increase your plant health and harvest at the same time.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
0:02:20 Best Place to Keep Worms to Make Worm Castings
0:03:10 Support Me By Purchasing a GYG Tee Shirt
0:03:45 Have a suitable container for keeping your worms
0:04:48 Perfect Reusable Tote to Keep Worms
0:06:30 Main Bedding and Food Source for Worms
0:07:42 Screening Bedding to Save Space and Create Higher Quality Castings
0:10:15 Additional Ingredients to Feed Worms
0:12:54 Specific Ingredients to Feed Worms
0:14:20 BioChar
0:14:37 Spent Coffee Grounds
0:15:14 Kelp Meal
0:15:50 Rock Dust
0:17:25 Soil Humates
0:17:53 Crab Shell Meal
0:19:18 Ratios of Ingredients
0:20:01 Mixing the Ingredients into the Bedding Material
0:20:47 Fluffer to Make Nice Bedding Material for Worms
0:21:42 Filling Totes with Bedding Material
0:22:52 How the Proper Worm Density
0:25:20 Worms being grown in a protected environment
0:27:12 When to Harvest Worm Castings
0:31:23 How to dry castings to the perfect moisture percentage
0:33:40 What a good dried worm castings should look like
0:35:27 Finished Worm Castings
0:35:27 Bagging up the Worm Castings
0:40:29 Other Products besides 100% castings
0:41:02 Superchar – Castings and Biochar
0:41:33 Growers Blend Potting Soil
0:42:01 Organic Solution Ambrosia – Worm Casting Tea
0:42:47 How they Make Ambrosia – Worm Casting Tea
0:44:47 Making a Raised Bed out of Produce Totes – Testing Castings
0:46:41 Always ask for Food Soil Web testing Report when Buying Worm Castings & Compost
0:53:37 Interview with Brian
0:53:50 why did you decide to start a worm casting company?
0:56:22 What kinds of worms are you using? What kind did you use?
0:57:57 why are the Worm Castings so valuable to Gardeners, Farmers and Landscapers?
1:01:22 Will you share the proportions of the different ingredients to add to make your castings?
01:03:35 What are some ingredients people might want to add to their worm bin?
01:07:47 What is the most important tip for raising worms at home?
01:10:22 What is the difference between Worm Leachate and Worm Tea?
01:13:27 Why should someone by the Ambrosia instead of Worm Castings and Make your own?
01:15:22 Why it’s not a good idea to feed a single stock (manure) to worms?
01:18:22 How would test results look for a manure based casting?
01:20:02 How should your worm castings be used?
01:22:52 Any Special Offers for my GYG Viewers?
01:24:13 What is your website and contact information?

After watching this episode, you will learn how the best worm castings are made including the specific bedding and amendments they are feeding to the worms, as well as how their raise, harvest, dry and bag the worm castings and much, much more.

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Exploring… RHS London Harvest Festival Show 2016 (Best viewed in 4K)

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Check out and follow my instagram at People featured Matthew Oliver (RHS Hyde Hall, Essex), Gerry Edwards (RHS Fruit Group), Ryan Bodsworth (RHS Wisley Garden Team), Thomas Pink (RHS Lindley Library), Lucy Dichmont (RHS Podcast).

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Garden Update #2 – Square Foot Gardening Raised Bed Vegetable Raw Food Garden Harvest

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A quick fly thru of the garden to document plant growth. Harvest of sugar snap and snow peas, shunkyo chinese radish and plump sized turnips. Birds have been eating the dino kale seeds, I’ll need to drape the plants in bird netting next time.

raised bed square foot garden tomato sweet hot pepper black hungarian pak choy collards mustard greens parsley seed cool weather springtime lettuce beets prepper survivalist raw food how to grow plant build

My Favorite Survival Gardening Calorie Crop: The Yam Harvest!

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How to grow yams:

Grow or Die: The Good Guide to Survival Gardening:

Totally Crazy Easy Florida Gardening:

Today I go down the hill and dig yams. Yams are my favorite survival gardening calorie crop. They’re prolific, very easy to grow, delicious and starchy rather than sweet. I planted yam bulbils maybe six months ago and started digging after the vines died back and cows ran through my yam beds. This is the result – look at these huge yams! Some are small, sure, but some are great big things. I’m thrilled. Dioscorea spp FTW!

Harvest Season – Pt. 1 Planting

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It’s time to plant. What goals are you planting this year?
Remember timing is everything. What is your vision for your plan & how will you keep that goal or plan alive.
– Set goals
– Set a vision for your goals
– Go into prayer mode and pray on your goals
– Wait on Confirmation
– Water your plan
– Make sure that the Lord is at the head of everything that you do
– Pray, fast, read bible, worship
– Remain consist & prioritize
– Remain patient
– Have Faith & watch your plan grow.

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Grow garlic, an easy crop with no dig, hard or softneck, tips for harvest

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Easier when you have control of weeds, see my other videos for advice on that with no dig.
I show the two main types of bulbs, plus elephant garlic which is not a ‘true garlic’ and tastes of leek.
Dates here apply to zones approx. 6-10, I am zone 8.
Garlic is prone to rusty leaves and see how I manage to reduce rust. Harvest early rather than late and I show why.
I show an easy way of storing garlic for many months of use.
Discover more details in my books,
Follow me on Instagram charles_dowding, Twitter @charlesdowding and Facebook. More about my growing history
My website has much information about no dig, for example
Thumbnail photo is a garlic harvest at my previous garden Lower Farm, Somerset on 25th June 2011.

#Blueberry Plant Life Cycle * +Planting, Pollination=NEW Harvest+

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Blueberry plants produce delicious blueberries, and sometimes the Rabbiteye blueberry plant cultivars will produce berries the size of a quarter. The berries were hybridized from native species that were found growing along the Alapaha River in South Georgia by the USDA, and others from the USDA station in Maryland were integrated into the mix to give high yielding plants that have been planted on thousands of acres throughout the country and in other continents where today the fresh berries are imported from Peru during the winter months, when they are unavailable in the United States. Blueberry plants are cold hardy in most states, even, New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio, and the Southern states have in the last few decades become extremely important growers of blueberry plants because the demand for the new Rabbiteye blueberry plants produce such large blueberries in North Carolina, Georgia and even as far south as Florida.

Rain Barrel Turned Strawberry Planter – Fantastic Harvest!

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“Organic food a sweet and tasty strawberry, berries very good harvest today”.

Organic Soil Compost
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Growing Oranges and Pink Grapefruit at Longevity Gardens

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