Planting Hyacinth bulbs for Christmas – Holiday Gift Ideas

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Today we are planting Hyacinth bulbs for Christmas. Nothing beats Hyacinth at Christmas for that sweet aroma when you walk into a decorated room. These spring bulbs fill the room not only with a fantastic smell but with bright colours at typically is a dull time within the gardening year.

In this episode, I show you multiple ways in which I am planting Hyacinth bulbs for Christmas. We take a look at all the ways to plant and what you can plant them in, I also share all my tips for planting hyacinths and getting them to flower in time for Christmas.

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How to plant Bedding Hyacinths: Jeff Turner plants a mix of fragrant Hyacinth bulbs in the border

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Jeff talks us through how to plant fragrant bedding size Hyacinth bulbs in the border for spring flowering in this easy to follow how to video.

Hyacinth are fragrant, Spring flowering bulbs ideal for bedding, pots or even forced flowering. They will provide stunning blooms wherever you choose to grow them and Jeff has a walkthrough for whatever you choose!

Bedding Hyacinths are the ideal flower size for outdoor planting as they are not too heavy to require support but still large enough to offer a great show of colour in Spring from March to April. Our specially selected bedding sized Hyacinth varieties are listed below!

The UK’s leading mail order plant and bulb supplier J.Parker’s are in collaboration with regional personality Jeff Turner of Granada’s gardener’s Question Time North West to offer our customers great practical advice alongside our top quality products.

Visit our website for more information or check out our extensive range of bedding Hyacinth bulbs below.

How to Begin Covert Gardening – Hyacinth Bean Plant

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Hyacinth Bean Plant Seeds:
Research on its Edibility:

This is just an introduction to Covert Gardening….and anyone can do it, virtually anywhere! We will talk more about it in a future video on just that, but for now, I hope this gets you thinking about it. And now you know one of my favorite suggestions for getting started! I love this beautiful and valuable plant!

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