Kansas City gardening project — Gardens for Growing Healthy Kids

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In June 2014, The Family Conservancy teamed up with Cultivate Kansas City to assist child care providers in starting their own garden.

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Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Kate Middleton reveals RARE royal kids insight-Royal News

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Kate is visiting the King Henry’s Walk Garden in Islington to see how the project brings the community together. And as part of the outing, the duchess made pizzas with children from St Jude and St Paul’s CE Primary School using ingredients harvested from the garden. But Kate admitted George and Charlotte would be jealous of her making the tasty snacks, the Daily Mail’s royal correspondent Rebecca English revealed on Twitter. Kate added that George, five, and three-year-old Charlotte “would love to be learning outside” as she chatted to the children. The duchess dressed down for the engagement, donning a pair of boots, khaki skinny jeans and a tweed jacket. Kate also met gardeners, viewed the allotment plots and took part in bird box building. The garden has been run for over a decade by volunteers with support from Islington Council. It contains growing plots for locals, with organic gardening methods used to promote a variety of plants and wildlife. And the gardeners run a programme of educational events to engage the community.The garden is thought to have helped reduce problems such as anti-social behaviour and vandalism in the area. It has won a number of awards including London in Bloom’s Best Community Garden award in 2008, 2009 and 2011, and the RHS National Certificate of Distinction in 2012. The engagement follows an announcement that Kate – who is known for her love of nature and the outdoors – has co-designed a Chelsea Flower Show garden. Kate is working on the garden on behalf of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) ahead of the Chelsea Flower Show in May. The duchess’s garden is called the “RHS Back to Nature Garden” and it will be a woodland setting for families and communities. The RHS said Kate’s garden “has been inspired by childhood memories that are triggered by the natural world, as well as special moments that will be created and treasured by families now and in the future”. A Kensington Palace spokeswoman said: “The garden seeks to recapture for adults the sense of wonder and magic that they enjoyed as children, in addition to kindling excitement and a passion for nature in future generations. “Wild planting and natural materials will be used to recreate a woodland wilderness where children and adults alike can feel closer to the great outdoors. “.

In the Night Garden 204 – The Ball Videos for Kids | Full Episodes | Season 2

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In the Night Garden 204 – The Ball Videos for Kids | Full Episodes | Season 2

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The ball bounces around the garden visiting one character after another. They all enjoy playing with it until it reaches Makka Pakka and his Uff-uff blows it right away.

And so begins In The Night Garden… a thoroughly modern interpretation of a nursery rhyme picture book that takes children on an imaginative journey to meet a host of wonderfully silly characters living together within a happy and caring community.

National Geographic Kids Cookbook: Gardening

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Grow some greens! Master chef and National Geographic Explorer Barton Seaver gives kid-friendly tips on growing and eating your own herbs and veggies from his new book, packed with scrumptious seasonal recipes, fun food facts and challenges, tips on sustainability, and more. Get it here!


Barnes & Noble:

National Geographic:

Kid-friendly, colorful, and loaded with photos, the book also serves up prep basics, creative activities, foodie profiles, and more. Eat food that’s good for you and the planet!

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Kids Science – Types of Plants

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Next lesson of kids Science is “Types of Plants” in which you will learn about the types of plants. There are many types of plants such as big plants and small plants. There big trees which live for years. They have bigger branches. Few has no branches like Ashoka tree.
So lets watch the full video and learn everything about plant types.

Let’s Get Raw! Kids Talk School Gardens & Salad Bars | Whole Kids Foundation | Whole Foods Market

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What happens when kids swap playing with electronics for growing gardens? What do they choose when their cafeterias offer tomatoes and broccoli along side of nachos and pizza? They try new foods. They learn to cook. They get excited about healthy choices. Imagine if more kids had that chance.

Learn more at

Special thanks to the students and educators of Melrose Elementary School (Los Angeles, CA), Thomas Starr King Middle School (Los Angeles, CA), and Patricia Beatty Elementary School (Riverside, CA) for participating in this video and sharing their love of good food, nutrition and nature. Additional thanks to Tomas O’Grady and Jennifer Anderson of Enrich LA, Rodney Taylor of Riverside Unified School District, and Kim Jones of Thomas Starr King Middle School for their dedication to children’s health and wellness.


About Whole Foods:
Who are we? Well, we seek out the finest natural and organic foods available, maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, and have an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture. Add to that the excitement and fun we bring to shopping for groceries, and you start to get a sense of what we’re all about. Oh yeah, we’re a mission-driven company too.

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Good Morning – Gardening with kids

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You’re never too young to start gardening, and if your kids are driving you batty cooped up indoors over the school holidays, why not let them have a crack at putting in their own veggie patch?

Toddlers love to copy, so get them their own set of tools. Just don’t be surprised if they think they’re helping by “weeding” all your veggie seedlings out.

Let older children choose what they want to grow themselves. Give them a budget – $10 stretches to a couple of punnets and a couple of packets of seed — and let them go to it.

Remember that success breeds success, so don’t give your kids a shady, barren patch of soil. Give them the sunniest, best part of your garden to play in.

Easy crops/fun ideas for kids:

1. Sow giant pumpkins (they can carve their names into them too)
2. Sow giant sunflowers
3. Plant a hanging basket of strawberries
4. Sow their own name (unless it’s really long!) in flowers. Just buy two packets of different coloured dwarf flowering plants.
5. Plant a scratch ‘n’ sniff garden of herbs like mint, lemon verbena etc

Miniature Gardening For Kids

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Miniature gardening is a great way to introduce kids to this activity, especially if you don’t have any land for them to dig in. I’m going to show you two mini gardens I made along with the steps to their creation.

Kid’s gardening projects have to be fast and fun to hold their attention. With miniature gardening, we’re talking instant gratification. They can choose a theme for their mini masterpiece to be (or no theme is fine too) and then shop around or scavenge through the garage to find the accessories and accents. After it is made, they can maintain it and the project lives on. Not only to they get to dig a bit in the dirt but they learn how to keep it going and growing.

I grew up on a small farm in Litchfield County, Connecticut with lots of acres, a greenhouse and both flower and vegetable gardens. My dad started most of our crops by seed and I was soon helping out in the garden at age 3. For me, gardening was and still is a way of life but many kids don’t grow up this way. It’s such a great activity because it teaches them how to respect the earth, imparts a love for nature, gets them outdoors and active, gives a glimpse of how everything works together in our ecosystem and most of all, shows that food does not grow in freezers of supermarkets.

There is a blog post with tips & photos, also entitled “Miniature Gardening For Kids”, to go along with this video. Please check it out at:

Our blog, Garden Gluttony, is full of pictures, all things garden, how to’s, inspirations & more. We call it a “feast for all senses”!

Teaching Kids to Compost – Green Lifestyle Changes

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We created this video back in 2009 as an entry in the Energy Smackdown video competition. We highly recommend that you teach your kids to live more sustainably from the beginning so that it will be normal to them. We have been amazed at what they find natural these days. More info on teaching them to compost:

Happy Greening!
Alicia & Jon

Kids Ball Hanging Planter With Hanging Holder | Garden & Planter Ideas //GREEN PLANTS

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Kids Ball Hanging Planter With Hanging Holder | Garden & Planter (DIY) Ideas //GREEN PLANTS.











Gardening with Kids!

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Looking for a fun activity to do with your kid??? Try gardening! Either working outside in a veggie garden or potting plants to start a little window indoor garden, kids love learning how to garden–and it gives them a great sense of accomplishment. Lulu looooves it!
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In the Night Garden 204 – The Ball Videos for Kids | Full Episodes | Season 2

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In the Night Garden 204 – The Ball Videos for Kids | Full Episodes | Season 2

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The ball bounces around the garden visiting one character after another. They all enjoy playing with it until it reaches Makka Pakka and his Uff-uff blows it right away.

And so begins In The Night Garden… a thoroughly modern interpretation of a nursery rhyme picture book that takes children on an imaginative journey to meet a host of wonderfully silly characters living together within a happy and caring community.

Gardening With the Kids!

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It was so much fun being able to garden with the kids using these cool Miracle-Gro Gro-ables, and the kids really enjoyed themselves! (probably the easiest method of gardening we have ever done!) We are so excited to see these plant beds bloom! Show us what your Go-ables look like by tweeting @miraclegro and using the hashtag, #GroablesProject.
Make sure to get the Gro-ables right here! –
Thanks to Miracle-Gro Gro-ables for partnering with me on this video because the kids, Matt, and I really enjoyed using them!
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Gro-vember – Getting Kids Involved in Movember

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Since the launch of Movember in 2003, more than four million men worldwide have grown moustaches to raise awareness about men’s health. This year, for the first time, primary school children can join in the growing fun too, thanks to Miracle-Gro.

We have launched Gro-Vember, where children can grow their own grass moustaches using our funny face templates. The templates are part of our complete Gro-Vember kit for teachers or parents, which is both fun and educational.

We are also giving away hundreds of jugs of Miracle-Gro® Patch Magic® – the complete lawn patching and repair product, which makes growing grass quick, simple and easy – perfect for the children’s ‘mos’. The Gro-Vember kit also includes educational content and grass ‘tache growing tips.

So now children don’t have to sit on the sidelines during November and can get fully involved in Movember. Miracle-Gro wants to help this year’s charity event grow bigger and bushier than ever.

For full information and to download the Gro-Vember kit, visit www.grovember.co.uk

Gro-Vember forms part of our wider educational relationship with schools around the country, which culminates in our Miracle-Gro’wers Learning Journey, where school children grow plants for our gardens at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. To find out more, visit www.lovethegarden.com/schools

GRO GARDEN – a NEW kids app to discover ORGANIC GARDENING

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Meet Connie the Compost and her friends the Micro organisms. They live under the trees in your Gro Garden, right next to the animals, and they love old food scraps! When you feed Connie and her friends, magic things start to happen. They start producing nutritious soil that makes your crops grow faster and taste better. So after harvesting your tasty vegetables you can treat Banja the rabbit and all the other animals in the cottage.  Along the way your Item Collection will also grow with cool items, good food, and badges to reward your progress.

Gro Garden is the fun place to learn about organic gardening and sustainable farming. Kids get to learn and understand environmental issues in a simple and entertaining way.

• Rich edutainment game with hundreds of possibilities • Kid-friendly interface
• Handcrafted scenography • No third-party advertising
• Diverse group of fun characters • No in-app purchases
•”Learn-as-you-play” game. No written instructions • Tips and tricks

baby panda Mickey Mouse And Mini Mouse Planting Vegetables To Help Mom! Learn The Colors For Kids

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