One Of A Kind Ideas For Making DIY Long Planters

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Making compost in 50 days

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The composting kit consists of :

1. A re-used industrial bin which has been perforated on all sides.
2. A bag of coco-peat which is waste from the coconut tree.
3. A panja to turn the waste with.

The wet kitchen waste is kept separate from plastic, paper etc.

Here, the wet waste is ready to be added to the composting bin.

When starting out a new bin, one puts two fist-fulls of the coco-peat at bottom.

After putting the wet waste in the composting bin..

…One adds a fistful of coco-peat to the wet waste.

One mixes the coco-peat into the wet waste using the panja provided.

At our place, the compost bin is full in about 20 days.

The wet waste in the is then given a good mix up with the panja and left to the side somewhere where too much rain cant get into it.

In about a month, it looks mature and black the way you saw in the first image.

We have been making compost on the 1st floor as well.

The compost box on the 1st floor is hidden by plants. Below the compost box is some folded newspaper to catch any small bits of liquid that may come out.

Meet the Sonic Artist Making Music with Plants: Sound Builders

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In this episode of Sound Builders, we went to Los Angeles, to meet with Mileece. She’s a sonic artist and environmental designer who’s developed the technology to give silent seedlings a portal to their own sonic expression.

Channeling a plant’s sentience into an instrument is no obvious feat. Mileece’s background as an audiophile and programmer dovetailed to turn a garden into an organic medium for music. She pulls this off by attaching electrodes to leafy limbs, which conduct the bio-electric emissions coming off living plants. The micro-voltage then gets sucked into her self-authored software, turning data into ambient melodies and harmonic frequencies.

It’s simply not enough for these green little squirts to just spit out noise. All this generative organic electronic music must sound beautiful, too. As a renewable energy ambassador, Mileece’s larger goal behind her plant music is to enhance our relationship with nature. And if plant music can have a pleasing aesthetic articulation then hopefully we all can give a greater damn about our environment.

While some may see the paradox in an organic medium generating electronic music, Mileece does not. She sees this as a symbiotic relationship, a vital one, and one that hints to a larger relationship she’s been trying to unify, which is that between humans and nature.

To learn more about harnessing the power of music, also check out “The Distortion of Sound,” a new documentary about the decline of high-fidelity sound:

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hola que tal amigos en este video les enseno como hacer botas en maceteros de una forma muy facil espero y les guste mucho y lo puedan hacer ustedes muchas gracias.




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This is the first time my wife made a video of me doing some gardening work so that is why you may hear her voice at the beginning. I am unloading the trailer of horse manure (stable clean out material) and layering it with leaves and hay. I am adding some paper from the worm box which will become food for the worms. It is 11 Nov 2014 and I expect this compost to be ready, even if I don’t turn it, when the gardening season begins in the spring of 2015. I still need to go get another trailer load to finish out my pile of 25 feet long.
To get this pile “cooking” mix and spray every layer with this mixture: Pour one can of cola (not diet), one can of beer and one cup of ammonia in a 20 gal hose end sprayer. Wet the compost layer well, but not to the run off point. The cola feeds the bacteria with the sugar, the beer provides bacteria and the ammonia adds nitrogen.
It will make your compost heat up and process properly.

Secrets Of Making A Compost Pile

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Secrets Of Making A Compost Pile

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The Gardener Magazine: Making A Concrete Hanging Basket, Planting and Hanging

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Composting 101 — Making Compost in Composting Bins and Compost Piles

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Tricia shares with you how to start your very own compost pile or compost bin. Get more info plus organic gardening supplies at Peaceful Valley,

Extra composting facts in our blog posts “Composting tips — how to balance your compost bin” and “What’s going on in your compost pile?”