Vegetable Gardening : Organic Pesticides for Vegetable Garden Pests

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Sometimes you can use organic pesticides such as the Spinosad bacteria instead of toxic chemicals to eliminate pests from your vegetable garden. Learn how organic pesticides can work for you in this free video on vegetable gardening.

Expert: Rose Keppler
Bio: Rose Keppler is an artist and horticulturist who provides careful, detailed garden maintenance based on the principle that gardens should serve both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Series Description: Vegetable gardening allows you to grow your own food, get acquainted with nature and generally have a lot of fun, and now your green thumb will get even greener with these vegetable gardening tips. A professional horticulturist shares her knowledge in this free video series.

How to build Raised Beds for Organic Gardening

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This video discusses general building considerations. Other considerations ~ Ceramic coated screws were used to avoid staining of the Redwood. Hedge row between the road and garden to minimize pollution. The spot can always be converted into an enclosure for goats or chickens.

July Gardening Checklist: 15 Tips to Keep Your Organic Garden Going in the Dead of Summer

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July is the time of the year the garden is in full swing production. Picking, weeding, preserving and enjoying the harvest of homegrown produce are a few things to focus on in July. It’s a good time to direct sow many of your fall and winter crops in the ground, depending on your zone, and a great time to help guide your fruit trees into a nice, productive season. Here’s a list of a few things to keep in mind in July.

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100% Organic Sheets, Towels, Blankets and Bath Mats | Grund America

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Manufactured in the USA in North Carolina! Grund America creates 100% organic cotton sheets, bath towels, bath rugs, organic cotton throw blankets and robes.

We tried out a variety of Grund America organic bath and bed products that were sent to us to review. I’ll show you what they look like and how they performed after using them for a few weeks.

Check out my post for even more photos and details, including the organic standards and certifications for the sustainable linens:

How to Choose an Organic Mattress:

Best Plants for Your Bedroom:

Best Temperature for Sleeping:

Testimonial from Debasish Sen | Kolkata’s Best Organic Gardener | Harimitti

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Thanks to Mr. Debasish Sen for giving his valuable time to us & talking about our skills and works. We are hopeful in the same way, through which we have fulfilled all the expectations of our customers till now, will be able to satisfy everyone in the future also.

Large scale organic waste compost turner

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Large scale compost turner in Tongda is used for turning various organic waste. When you have large amount of organic waste to deal with, you can stack them in fermentation groove. And then you can adopt compost turner to stirring for quick composting.
This kind of compost turner is featured with high output and high efficiency. You can know about its working process in this video.

Intro To 15 Free Organic Gardening Lessons For Becoming A Better Gardener

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Come join me at to get these 15 free organic gardening lessons.

I made these lessons for people who are passionate about learning more about organic gardening and getting some new gardening advice.

If that is you, I am super excited that you are going to join me on this journey and commit to expanding your knowledge!

Hyderabad City People Shows Interest On Organic Terrace Gardening | Special Story | V6 News

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Hyderabad City People Shows Interest On Organic Terrace Gardening | Special Story | V6 News.

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Container Gardening | Hugas-Bigas (Rice Water) as Organic Fertilizer

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Since time immemorial, Hugas-Bigas(Rice Water) has been used as Organic Fertilizer by many gardeners whether in container gardening or planting directly in the ground. This video aims to share some information about Hugas-Bigas and it’s effectiveness as Organic Fertilizer. Happy Container Gardening! #continergardening

Organic Gardening Myths – Irrigation

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If you’re a new or active gardener you’ve heard and read tons of tips and tricks to try in your garden. In this video Tricia will help to debunk some irrigation myths.

rain footage from

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Organic waste compost in Nepal

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The main objective of this activity, developed by the private company Biocomp Nepal in cooperation with non-profit foundation myclimate, is to process organic waste into compost, reducing methane emissions otherwise caused in traditional landfills (methane recovery). In this way, greenhouse gas emissions from traditional landfills are reduced and high-value compost is being produced. myclimate will support this project while exploring the possibility of carbon credit financing in the future. As the capacity of the project is under 10 kilotons of CO2 per year, it tries to register the project as a micro-scale project activity under the Gold Standard.

Smiling Gardener Academy Review Organic Gardening Courses

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Smiling Gardener Academy: Top organic gardening course? Real Member reviews Phil Nauta’s online classes.

Hi there! This is Egad It’s Brad (and Beans) from If you are looking for the best review and real information about the Smiling Gardener Academy, you are in the right place. I spent several weeks writing the original post and creating this organic gardening course review video. Read more just below.

As promised in the review video, here are the links to everything I mentioned:

15 Free and Vital Organic Gardening Lessons and Free Holistic Gardening E-Book:

The Smiling Gardener Academy:

Yes. I am a Real Member of Phil Nauta’s Smiling Gardener Academy and do log in to my account to show you around. This way you can learn all about Phil Nauta’s organic gardening methods and lessons.

Organic gardening training courses: This Academy is perfect for organic home gardening and beginners. Intermediate level gardeners will appreciate the classes too. People who want to learn how to start an organic garden from beginning to end will love this! That is where I’m at with my new place.

I didn’t completely mention all 12 months of organic gardening courses but showed them in the video review. Just in case, here they are:

Each Course consists of Categories and Lessons. Here are the 12 Monthly Organic Gardening Courses: Over 450 How To Organic Garden Videos in this baby!

Month One – Soil
Month Two – Testing
Month Three – Pests
Month Four – Compost
Month Five – Fertilizing
Month Six – Inoculants
Month Seven – Design
Month Eight – Garden Planting
Month Nine – Garden Maintenance
Month Ten – Growing Food One
Month Eleven – Growing Food Two
Month Twelve – Growing Food Three

Bonuses: Phil Nauta is giving away some great bonuses when you sign up for the Smiling Gardener Academy. You will find them on the post.

The Full Academy Review Blog Post is here:

PS: My dog Beans and I really enjoyed making the Smiling Gardener Academy review video. We hope you liked it too. The video is HD so you can watch it full screen and pause it. If you have questions, please leave a Comment below this video. (Thank You)

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Organic Garden Image Credit: Titled: Fresh Organic Vegetables and Garden Tools
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Garden Image Credit: Free Image of “Sprout” Titled: “Water Drop Image” by © Jinyoung Lee

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Organic farming of rice with compost using sree Amrutha organic phosphate compost

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Y.Kodhandaramu Gari in karamchedu AP Polamlo 7 acres lo Kasayam, Pichikayam tho yevasaayam Cheyadam Jarigindi. Organic phosphate compost, ganageeva amrutham, panch kaayam, anekaa organic materials thone Cheyadam jarigindi. Organic rice kaavalisina vaalu sampradinchavalisina number +91 97046 63132.

Terrace Organic Vegetable Garden In Bangalore

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By Nirmalareddy

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modern pot making for mini sweet orange tree/wood shape planter/hand made planter /organic garden

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in this video,today i`m going to show you how to make pot making at home .modern pot making for for mini sweet orange