Take a Look at 15 Designs of Wooden Outdoor Planters

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Yard Couture Modern Outdoor Furniture, Fire pits and Custom Planters

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Modern outdoor furniture, fire pits and custom metal planters. Bringing the best quality and top notch service for all your eCommerce needs. At Yard Couture we appreciate the clean crisp modern lines of our high end garden planters, contemporary natural gas or wood burning fire pits and outdoor benches custom made planters and patio furniture, all made with the highest quality standards. All of the products we sell are made to order in small local facilities in the USA, unlike big department stores that carry cheaply made, mass produced products manufactured in large factories overseas. Here at Yard Couture, we believe attention to every detail is essential to create a timeless end outdoor product.

Wholesale Stone fountain outdoor from India : Stone Planters – Stone bench Steinbank garten

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This vide presents Stone Articles Tutorial – Stone fountain India : Stone Planters – Stone bench Steinbank garten, Garden landscape stone articles like stone planters, stone benches, stone fountains etc. We are exporter supplier from India.

Dharti Craft India : This video is for Natural Stone Articles like Stone fountain for various uses like indoor and outdoor, Home decoration Stone Articles like, Small planters, large planters, Garden Stone benches, steinbank fur garten, gartenstatuen, garten, Marble Articles like Gold painted Elephant, Gold painted Lantern and various other stone articles for export supply.

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Easy Christmas Planters – Lantern Planter Floral Arrangement – Outdoor Decorating

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Easy Christmas Planters – Lantern Planter Floral Arrangement – Outdoor Decorating

On this video i would love to show you how i decorated the urns

outside our shop for Christmas, using birch branches, a collapsable

orb and greenery garlands we created a look fir for any winter patio or





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Planting an Artificial Outdoor Fern | How to Plant Artificial Plants and Trees

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How to plant an artificial outdoor fern. Transform your front yard with artificial plants and trees. Learn how planting an artificial outdoor fern can help make your front yard more beautiful while saving money on landscaping and water.

Step 1:
We started with an absolutely blank slate and started laying the artificial stems out where we wanted them to be placed. This is a great method of space planning when you are designing a complete flower bed. Each artificial plant has a sturdy central stem with serrated edges that can easily be inserted directly through the weed barrier and in the ground. Once there, they will stand strong, despite rain, wind, and any other elements they are exposed to. The UV protection will

Step 2:
The ferns were chosen because of the horizontal space that they occupy. I also wanted to add some height to things so after I inserted the fern in the ground, I added three taller sprays directly behind it. The result is a greater contrast of color and texture. I repeated this arrangement four times, staggering them in the flower bed so each of them could be displayed perfectly.

Step 3:
After all of your plants are in place, go ahead and mulch around them to complete the natural look.

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The Rooftop Gardens of New York, episode 1 of Outdoor Engineering, by Husqvarna

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Join Jonathan Irwin and Husqvarna Automower® as they explore the need for green areas on New York’s Manhattan in the first episode of Outdoor Engineering, the Husqvarna documentary series. In the growing cities of the world, green areas such as rooftop gardens become more and more important.

But how do you care for a lawn on top of a skyscraper? See “The Rooftop Gardens of New York”, featuring some of the world’s most stunning rooftop gardens and discover the best way to care for elevated lawns.

Discover more at www.husqvarna.com

How To Plant And Care For Geraniums In Beds Outdoor Indoor – Diseases Pests To Use- Geraniums Garde

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“OBSERVE How To Plant And Care For Geraniums In Beds Outdoor Indoor – Diseases Pests To Use- Geraniums Garde

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To Have Healthy And Beautiful Carnivorous Plants Grow Them With Conviction – Carnivorous Plants Gard
How Many Types Of Poisonous Plants Are There – What Type Of Reaction We Get From Those
Worst Plants To Plant In Your Lawn Fruitless Trees
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Different Plants Required Different Soil Conditions PH Level Why Which Plants Require What Soil
What Is The Best Place To Plant Tree Fern And How To Plant It

Designing and Creating Outdoor Signs for Monarch Waystations and Pollinator Gardens

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Presented by Rich Dolesh, National Recreation and Park Association, Angie Edwards, Fossil Industries, and Pete Carroll, MD-Nat’l Capital Park & Planning Commission, Prince George’s County Maryland. February 23, 2017.

Do you want to engage and educate the public about the value of your Waystation and pollinator gardens? Interpretive and educational signage is very valuable in communicating the importance of why it is important to create monarch and other pollinator habitat, but the task of designing, creating, and installing attractive and durable outdoor signs is daunting for many. This webinar will provide valuable information on how to design and create outdoor signs. Topics will cover sign types and styles, relative costs of types of signs, examples of effective sign layout and design, recommendations for materials choices, suggestions for how to work with a professional sign company, ideas for low-cost alternatives, and how to utilize in-house capacity and volunteer resources. Quality signage can make your waystation or pollinator garden appealing and interesting while serving the valuable purpose of educating the public on what your garden does and why it is important.

Outdoor Gardening : How to Keep Outdoor Plants Watered While on Vacation

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To make sure that plants stay watered while on vacation, set up a timed sprinkler system, add a thick layer of topsoil to all of the beds, or simply hire a neighbor to come over every couple of days. Make sure plants maintain a regular watering schedule with helpful information from a sustainable gardener in this free video on outdoor plants.

Expert: Yolanda Vanveen
Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is a third-generation flower grower and sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Washington. She is the owner of vanveenbulbs.com and has sold flower bulbs for more than 15 years.
Filmmaker: Daron Stetner

DIY Outdoor Planters

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Design effortless outdoor planters that last with artificial flowers and greenery from Afloral.com. Follow this How To video to learn simple steps to create your own window boxes and planters for your home. Use UV protected outdoor faux flowers & greenery for lasting arrangements that will not need any care during the busy summer months.

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#5 – Winterizing Outdoor Pots Simply and Inexpensively

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A simple and inexpensive way to winterize your outdoor pottery so it may be left outdoors in cold climates where freezing temperatures are encountered. Saves time and effort in the fall as there is no need to move the pots to a protected area and then moving them back to their location in the spring. Not all pots will be able to be preserved with these methods, but concrete, fired clay and some ceramic pottery will last many years outside.

How to Make an Outdoor Christmas Planter with a Lantern and Lights

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Decorate your front porch for Christmas with this christmas planter. Using a lantern, lights, ornaments and greenery learn how to create an outdoor Christmas planter.

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Outdoor Planter Bench

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Build this custom planter bench that adds an interesting twist to any outdoor space.
The bench is a basic build. Start with the back frame which is two posts, a cap, and a series of rails. Flip the frame and add the front rails. You’ll also add the cable rail where you’ll attach the wires used to hold the planters.

Build the front frame of the bench by adding the front and back rails to the legs. Join the two frames using the shelf connectors and the seat connectors. Then you can install most of the slats for the bench shelf and the seat leaving these spots open to attach the wire ropes.

With the bench built, it’s time to install the clever planters. These are actually pieces of duct work I found in the heating and cooling aisle and when you open them up a little and attach these duct caps using machine screws. Either paint or leave them ‘natural’. Next, drill the small holes on each end that you’ll use to wire the planters onto the bench.

The wire ropes that hold the planters are secured at the bottom of the bench, and at the top so start at the top and thread the wires through the eye screws and secure them with these wire clips. Mark the height your first planter will hang at. Put some tension on the wire, and mark the measurement with some tape. Thread the wire through the holes, and shimmy your planter up and into place. Use a couple more of these wire clips to secure them, then repeat the whole process for the remaining two planters.

To secure the bottom, you pull the wire right through the openings in the bench, and using the wire clips again, secure it to the eye screws just like you did at the top.
That’s it! Install the final slats, add plants, and enjoy.

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Outdoor Octagon Planter

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A Large outdoor planter made of western cedar. Great for deck ,patio or pool area. These are used for large palm trees. I install casters on the bottom so they can be rolled in during the winter. They are also lined with weed paper to keep dirt in. I them with waterproofing to help with the elements.