Mobile Pallet Planter Box – Decorative Garden Planter Idea

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Mobile pallet planter box decorative idea in a rustic style.

For this garden planter idea I used a rectangular plastic pot and with a few pallet boards I’ve build a wooden planter box – a great decoration idea for the garden!

I’ve added wheels at the bottom so it can be easily moved. The planter box it’s not varnished yet because I believe it looks amazing like this!

If you have any suggestions on the varnish please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Simple project using basic tools and materials. I used pallet wood, glue and screws to make this garden pallet planter box.

Now I’m waiting for the plants to grow a little bit to start trimming them.


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How to Make a Wooden Planter Box – The Easy Way to Build a Planter DIY:
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Hi, my name is Peter and I like to be creative, build and make stuff!
Woodworking, blacksmithing, recycling, restoration and any DIY home and garden stuff.
I love to do it all! Some people they call it crafts some others art. I call it happiness!
Stay tuned to my channel and let’s be creative on this journey of ”How To Do It Yourself”… together! 😎

Pallet planter – How to make strawberry pallet planter

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It was a lot of hard work but I am so happy how my Strawberry Pallet Planter turned out. Check it out ! Subscribe for more garden projects :

Click here for another Landscape project :

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Please watch: “Growing Tomatoes in containers ”


Build a Large Wood Planter from Pallet Wood

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Build a large rustic farmhouse style wood planter for pennies by using reclaimed pallet wood and scrap wood. A pair of these pallet wood planters makes a stunning statement for a driveway or home entry.

Get the free dimensions and instructions:

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DIY Veggie Pallet Planter

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Check out more creative planter ideas:

UPDATE VIDEO 4/17/16 –

Check out this Pallet Planter I made! I planted it up with lettuce starts and toped it off with violas for some color!

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Pallet Planter Box DIY

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This is a simple step-by-step instructional video for building a pallet planter box. Very easy to follow.

To find free pallets, head to your local website here:

Look in the free category or Building Supplies category.

Remember when upcycling pallets to use only the pallets with the HB: Heat Treated or DB: Debarked logos. Do not use pallets with the MB: Methyl Bromide logo.

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Vertical Swiss Chard Pallet Planter | Shou Sugi Ban

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On this episode, I’ll take you through the process of building my swiss chard shou sugi ban vertical pallet planter. I wanted to get more greens, specifically swiss chard growing on my deck for easy access when I juice them.

#gardening #planter #verticalgarden

VLOGMAS #5 – Christmas SHOPPING & Testing Sephoras new Xmas Makeup Pallet

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VLOGMAS #5 – May daily VLOG, today I go Christmas Shopping looking for presents for all my cousins and brother. I have $50 to spend and Choose a xmas gift pallet from Sephora Christmas set from their new gift range. When I get home I go through the pallet and review and test it for you to show you what is it is like. I absolutely love it!!



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How to Build a Raised Garden Bed. THE ULTIMATE Pallet Wood Vegetable Garden.

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#raisedgardenbed #gardenbed #diyforknuckleheads
How to easily build a raised garden bed out of wooden pallets for free! …Well almost free. Building a raised vegetable garden with pallets or reclaimed wood is a really rewarding experience. The garden bed idea out of pallets came about from the fact that l wanted to build a rustic looking raised garden bed. A vegetable garden bed that not only provides delicious food, but looks good at the same time. The recycled wood has come from hardwood timber pallets that have been sourced totally FREE of charge!

I’ve always wanted to build a raised vegetable garden bed so stay tuned to this video.
The garden beds will be approx. 2.4 metres (8 foot) long x 1.2metres (4 foot) wide.

Before l go on…

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Materials and Tools Required for Constructing a Raised Vegetable Garden Bed out of Wooden Pallets with sides of 380mm (15 inches) high and 2400mm (94 inches) long are;

Three to Four Hardwood Pallets. (Free)
Two Packets (100 screws per packet) of 40mm Outdoor Screws to build your Panels.
One Packet of 65mm (50 per Packet) Out door Screws to attach your Panels to each other. $8.00

Drop Saw, Hand Saw or Circular Saw.
Cordless Drill with size 2 Phillips Head Bit.
Drill bit for drilling pilot holes. The drill bit needs to be smaller in diameter than the screw you are using.
An Electric Planer (if you plan to dress your timber).
A Square.
A Bar Clamp (used for pulling the boards together if you want a tight fit prior to screwing together)
A Tape Measure.
A Nail Punch.
A Hammer.
A Pencil.
A Shovel and a,
Spirit Level.

Extras if Desired:
One length of 25mm Poly Pipe at 3 metres long and two 20mm lengths of 3 metre Poly Pipe (used for bird netting support). $20.00
One packet of 25mm galvanized pipe brackets (to secure the Poly Pipe). $6.00
Bird Netting. $15.00
One Roll of Garden Mat. $12.00
One tin (1 litre) of water based oil. $25.00

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Making Compost in 30 Days Using Pallet Wood Bins

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If you have a backyard garden then you could probably use tons of compost to fill up your beds and supercharge your plants. Here is how to make great compost in 30-45 days with nothing but leaves and grass!

Making The Pallet Compost Bins: I got the pallets for free and screwed them together. Chicken wire attached with horse-shoe nails helps to keep the materials inside the bins while still allowing air flow.

Compost Recipe: 2 parts browns, 1 part greens and make sure that you mulch everything up really small to help it compost quickly. I use a lawnmower.

Building The Pile: Layer the brows and greens or better yet mix it all together. Water each layer as you build the pile so that the materials are moist like a sponge but not soggy. For best results make your pile 3 foot high and wide.

Composting Time: Turn the pile weekly until the temperature drops below 100°F – usually about 4 to 6 weeks.

Sifting The Compost: Build a sifting box out of 2×4 lumber and 1/2″ metal screen. Sift the compost before putting it in your garden!

DIY Pallet Planter, Corinne VS Pin #35

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How to plant a DIY Strawberry Pallet Planter

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In my first video I showed how you can break down a wooden pallet and use it to construct a Strawberry Pallet Planter:

In this video, I show how it’s planted up with up to 20 strawberry plants. This planter is ideal for those who would like to grow berries on their patio or in a small space. It also helps to keep the ripe berries off the ground and safe from slugs and snails.

More information on the blog here:

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How to make a Pallet Planter

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Watch as Better Homes and Gardens shows you how to make a do it yourself home décor project — a hanging palette planter! To start this DIY home project, find a wood palette that is in good condition, and trim it down to a smaller size. Cut a piece of landscape fabric to fit into the inside bottom and staple it down. Repeat for the bottom side. Begin filling the planter with potting mix, and push down firmly. You may now place any plants into the planter. To hang the planter, fasten it on the wall with screws. This is an easy home décor project for gardening at home. Use this easy how-to to make your own hanging planter from a wood palette!

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Crafty Genes Pallet Planter

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In this original Crafty Genes project, Leslie Gneagy will show you how to create a flower planter out of a moving pallet. We used a portion of a pallet left over from a previous project, Pallet Coffee Table. For a step-by-step tutorial and more Crafty Genes videos, visit If you enjoyed this project, share it with your friends and click like. Thanks for watching!

The Pallet Train Planter

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Link to Make A Wish Page

My Pallet Project took 4 pallets, I had no plans and just went off a picture my wife showed me and she wanted, so i did what i do best, Winged it. Hope you like the build, and I very much appreciate all the entries, support, and people spreading the word.

Thanks to all the Sponsors for this years Pallet Up Cycle Challenge
1. Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

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8. Paul Meyette

9. Mike Fulton

10. It’s A Wood Thing

11. Dave Gatton Garageworx Cnc

12. Scott Haun #haunmade

13 Manhattan Wood Project

14 Russ Clarity Simply Wooden Creations

Draw will be Sept 7, 2016 for all above Prizes


Building a Vertical Pallet Garden

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Chef Janie, the ORIGINAL Pallet Planter on Youtube!! Be sure and subscribe for more!!!
Have an old pallet laying around the yard? Here’s a keen way to get good use out of it’s framework. Two hours and you have a beautiful decorative garden that is edible too! WARNING: How to find and use the proper ‘heat-treated’ wood pallet; do not use ‘chemically’ treated wood pallets for indoor furniture, children’s rooms, composting or for food growing; herbs, strawberries, etc… Use only ‘untreated’ or ‘heat’ treated pallets. First, Methyl Bromide (insecticide on wood shipping crates) was phased out as a fumitory chemical in 1995, but some of these pallets may still be around, so look for the symbol on crates. Most pallets in the USA have been heat-treated for foreign pests, the symbol is “IPPC“ and are safe. Pallets used in foreign countries may still contain insecticides. Check your own countries codes for pallet uses. Thanks, and as always, be a safe gardener. Enjoy the video — Chef Janie

How to make a better Strawberry Pallet Planter

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You’ve seen pallet projects before but this one is simple, relatively quick, and results in a planter that you can use to grow strawberries, veggies, screening shrubs, or greenery of your choice. The resulting planter is not only functional but looks great too – no one would ever know that it was a simple pallet in its former life!

More instructions on making this project here:

The project requires one pallet, a few hand tools, and a couple of hours on a sunny afternoon. Once you’ve made one, you’ll be able to knock them out quickly so you could end up with an entire container garden using these upcycled planters.

Video on how to plant it up here:

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A FREE DIY Pallet Compost Bin

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Today Riley and I take a remarkably short amount of time to put together a free compost bin out of pallets! Gotta love free projects!
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#composting #compostbin #freediyprojects #gardeningprojects #growingsoil

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