How to Trim a Spruce tree and a pine tree Trimming 101

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How to Trim a Spruce tree and a pine tree Trimming 101 How to Trim a Spruce tree all us for help at 215 651 8329 Fabrics, certain- Textophobia.
Failure- Atychiphobia or Kakorrhaphiophobia.
Fainting- Asthenophobia.
Fatigue- Kopophobia.
Fearful situations: being preferred by a phobic- Counterphobia.
Feathers or being tickled by feathers- Pteronophobia.
Fecal matter, feces- Coprophobia or Scatophobia.
Female genitals- Kolpophobia.
Female genitalia- Eurotophobia.
Fever- Febriphobia, Fibriphobia, Fidriophobia or Pyrexiophobia.
Filth or dirt- Rhypophobia.
Fire- Arsonphobia or Pyrophobia.
Firearms- Hoplophobia.
Fish- Ichthyophobia.
Flashes- Selaphobia.
Flogging or punishment- Mastigophobia.
Floods- Antlophobia.
Flowers- Anthrophobia or Anthophobia.
Flutes- Aulophobia.
Flying- Aviophobia or Aviatophobia or Pteromerhanophobia.
Fog- Homichlophobia or Nebulaphobia.
Food or eating- Sitophobia or Sitiophobia.
Food- Cibophobia.
Foreigners or strangers- Xenophobia.
Foreign languages- Xenoglossophobia.
Forests or wooden objects- Xylophobia.
Forests- Hylophobia.
Forests, dark wooded area, of at night- Nyctohylophobia
Forgetting or being forgotten- Athazagoraphobia.
France or French culture- Francophobia, Gallophobia or Galiphobia.
Freedom- Eleutherophobia.
Friday the 13th- Paraskavedekatriaphobia.
Frogs- Batrachophobia.
Frost, ice or extreme cold- Cryophobia.
Frost or ice- Pagophobia.
Functioning or work: surgeon’s fear of operating- Ergasiophobia.
Fur or skins of animals- Doraphobia.

DJI Mavic Pro 2 – Planting Pine Trees

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A rough cut from my new DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone. Pretty happy with it so far. Will comment more on the device when I get some more hours of flight time.
We are replanting some land that we previously harvested planted pine from. Quickly edited on iPhone direct from the lower quality cached vids captured to the phone for preview only. Unfortunately some of these shots I don’t have the 4K versions of as I forgot to put in the SD card on my first day of flying and didnt have time to run back and grab the card. I will reshoot some of the scenes, trim and upload a 4K version when I get a little more time.

I Wrecked The First One – Log Raised Bed Garden Part 3

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Joining the logs together is a bit more tricky than I thought but progress is being made here and the raised bed is coming together nicely.

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Do Pine Needles Make Good Compost?

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Chris Pine Talks Full Frontal Nudity in ‘Outlaw King’ | TIFF 2018

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Stars Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Tony Curran, Billy Howle and director David Mackenzie join THR at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival to talk about their upcoming historical action drama ‘Outlaw King.’

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*Plant a Longleaf Pine Tree* +Pinus palustrus+ Yellow Pine+Straw+

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Plant a group of Longleaf Pine trees, Pinus palustrus, Longleaf pines that live to grow into enormous specimen monarchs with very long evergreen pine needles that have an important use as a bedding plant mulch for azalea shrubs and camellia plants. The yellow lumber has long been used as a building material, causing some people to call the longleaf pine tree the ‘yellow pine tree’, and the rosin (resin) is collected to use as naval stores chemicals and turpentine. The longleaf pine trees can grow to be hundreds of years old and are important in the southern states of Florida, GA and Alabama to serve as a habitat that is exclusive to certain kinds of rare animals like gophers (land turtles), black snake racers and a few other rare birds that have been on the edge of extinction. The longleaf pine trees are also almost immune to forest fires because of their inherent characteristics of surviving wild forest incineration, while other pine trees, bushes and hardwood trees are killed by high pine needle fires.

How To Build a PLANTER BOX Made from OREGON PINE ( DOUGLAS FIR ) wood | DIY | HOW TO | #9

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Please watch: “Homemade Jigsaw Table DIY | How To Buid One | #14 ”
planter box, woodworking, oregon pine, carpentry, wood work, planter box,

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Hello all! welcome back to my youtube channel. Today I made a planter box. I made this planter bix from the wood type Oregon Pine. Also known as Douglas wood here in europe.

For this planter box project i used a new type of adhesive from the brand Bison. called Woodmax. It must be stronger than wood and we will see if that is true! The size of this planter box is 1000mm x 300mm x1000mm length x width x height. The Oregon pine planks I saw were 4000x200x20mm

I hope I can amuse you with this planter box video. please leave a message. Sharing and subscribing is appreciated!

-Dutch Shed Woodshop 2018-

Foxworth Longleaf Pine Planting

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This is a video of Steve Hardwick’s crew getting Longleaf Pine planted in Carl Foxworth’s property. Carl decided to convert an old duck pond to a longleaf plantation for the habitat that it would bring (Quail and Red-cockaded Woodpecker would be the most obvious beneficiaries). I must say I was stunned by how quickly the crew planted the longleaf pine – had I been an hour later I may not have caught this on video. Kudos to Joey Williams for putting this together for us – he is fast working me out of a job!

Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia

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Georgia Traveler visits Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain, Georgia. Learn more about Callaway Gardens at

GPB’s travel and tourism series, Georgia Traveler, takes you on adventures throughout the State. Co-hosts David Zelski and the Georgia Traveler crew traverse Georgia in search of Food Finds, Getaways, Outdoor Activities, Family Fun and Local Legends.

Do Pine Needles Make Soil More Acidic? Truth or Gardening Myth?

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Pine needles make a great mulch, but do they make soil acidic, or is this a gardening myth? I ask Stephen Legaree to share his thoughts on the topic. Also, please see the links to sources on this topic below:

Links provided by MrChipGardener:

Forest Industry Council –

Washington State University –

Links to additional sources:

Colorado State University Extension

“Decoding Gardening Advice”, p. 49

Stephen also used these references:

Wood Chip Mulch: Landscape Boon or Bane?


Acid Rain Effects – Soils

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Blueberries! A New Edible Perennial in Our Garden –

Fighting With Pine Bedding To Plant Lettuce, Spinach, and Carrots ~ My Quaint Cottage

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Hello and welcome to my channel. Today I was hoping to get a lot accomplished in the garden but I was held up trying to get through a layer of pine bedding.

For more details:

See what else is happening in the garden and around the cottage:

Planting Trees in Bulk | Reforesting with White Pine

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A contracted work crew preps and plants white pines in an area that was harvested two years ago. This crew plants 40,000 trees per 8 hour work day, 4,000 trees per person. Their planting bag will hold 500 trees and using a dibble, shallow slits in the earth are made and each tree placed a specified distance away from each other according to the species planted.

This forest will fully mature in about 80 years before it will be thinned, harvested, or preserved.

Shot with the Canon 80D in HD at 60fps.

Our videos showcase the positive impact of the timber industry, a 100% renewable resource. For more information on forest products please visit:

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Planting Hydrangeas, Black Lace Elderberry & Pine | Pot transitions // Garden Answer

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Seriously, you guys are the best! 😃💜 First, let me say how thankful I am for all of you! We were blown away by all your sweet comments about our baby announcement. It’s been so hard to keep it secret- we were so excited to tell you! We’ll be sharing more as we go! And second, this is a video of a few planting projects I worked on in the garden. It’s hot, I’m sweaty (and my face was dirty for more than half the video), but we do it because we love it! Right?! 😉 Thanks for watching!

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