Planting with the Finnish team | Valtra T202 & Miedema CP 42P | Potato planting 2015

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ENG: Another potato team. This time a Valtra T202 and Miedema CP 42P all in one combination. Cultivating, planting and ridging on heavy land. You can see the combination from start to finish. Filling up the front tanks with liquid fertiliser, seed potatoes (Ramos) and planting. On the front of the tractor is a VSS Agro seedbed combination.

NL: Nog een pootteam in actie. Deze keer bestaande uit een Valtra T202 en Miedema CP 42P pootcombinatie, die in één werkgang freest, poot en aanaard op de zware grond. Je ziet het werk van begin tot eind. Het vullen van de tanks met vloeibare kunstmest, vullen van pootgoed en poten. In de fronthef hangt een VSS Agro Frontbedbereider.

GER: Eine andere Kartoffelteam in Aktion. Dieses Mal, bestehend aus einem Valtra T202 und Miedema CP 42P Kombination, die in einem Durchgang, fräst, die Kartoffeln pflanzt und das dämm formt. Sie sehen die Arbeit von Anfang bis Ende. Füllen der Tanks mit flüssigen Dünger, Saatgut Füllung und Pflanzen. In die Frontkrachtheber hängt ein VSS Agro Frontbedbereider.

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Benefits of Planting Flowers for Bees

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How can we help bees and ensure that farmers continue to get consistent, reliable pollination? This video explores one solution – adding wildflowers to field edges. Planting flowers, especially before and after crops bloom, is a key way in which farmers can ensure their crop pollinators stay healthy.

To learn more about wildflowers to support crop pollinators and our USDA-NIFA Specialty Crop Research Initiative funded research project, visit

— Koh et al. 2015. Modeling the status, trends, and impacts of wild bee abundance in the United States. PNAS. 113:1
— Blaauw and Isaacs. 2014. Flower plantings increase wild bee abundance and the pollination services provided to a pollination-dependent crop. Journal of Applied Ecology. 51:4
— Scheper et al. 2013. Environmental factors driving the effectiveness of European agri-environmental measures in mitigating pollinator loss – a meta-analysis. Ecology Letters. 16:7.
— Kleijn et al. 2015. Delivery of crop pollination services is an insufficient argument for wild pollinator conservation. Nature Communications. 7414.
— Williams et al. 2015. Native wildflower plantings support wild bee abundance and diversity in agricultural landscapes across the United States. Ecological Applications. 25:8

This research is supported by the USDA-NIFA Specialty Crop Research Initiative Coordinated Agricultural Project (Award #2012-51181-20105)

Video produced and edited by Emily May and Katharina Ullmann (The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation)
Additional footage and stills from Logan Rowe (Michigan State University) and Brett Blaauw (Rutgers University)
Character modified from Matt Wilson template (

Many thanks to our farm partners for allowing us to film on their properties.

Lobelia Cardinalis planting Emersed Aquarium plant

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Lobelia cardinalis, sometimes known as ‘Cardinal Flower’, is a native of the eastern and central United States where it can be found growing in moist soils along streams, ponds, and ditches. In its emersed state, it produces green leaves with purplish undersides and bears attractive scarlet, bell-shaped flowers which make it highly popular among terrestrial gardeners. Submersed growth, in contrast, is bright green. Long popularized by the Dutch, L. cardinalis is a fairly common plant in the trade.

Hardiness: Easy
Light Needs: Medium
Plant Structure: Stem
Family: Lobeliaceae
Genus: Lobelia
Region: North America
Location: Temperate and Subtropical North America
Size: Stem width: 7-15cm (3-6in)
Growth Rate: Medium
Can Be Grown Emersed: Yes

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Church Planting Movement Critical Path

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Whilst there exists no rigid process towards implementing a church-planting movement, it is possible to identify at least ten parts that occur in a logical order, although not a chronological order.

1. The will of God.
2. Sponsors.
3. Ministry leaders.
4. Consultants.
5. Mentors.
6. Church planters.
7. Five gifted workers.
8. Church development
9. Church reproduction.
10. Continual expansion.

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Grow Sweet Corn. Best planting depth. What do the professionals advise

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Sweet Corn recommended planting depths can vary wildly from half an inch to two and a half inches. I plan on giving it another go next year so I want to find the best planting depth to give me the best chance of success. You might be able to help with this?

Cotton farmers set to start planting GMO cotton by May 2020

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Cotton farmers in Kenya are set to start planting genetically modified cotton by May 2020, a year later than expected, as the government insists on the crop undergoing two seasons of the national performance trials before giving farmers the nod to start growing it on commercial basis.

1217 | Sometimes you have to choose between planting roots or growing wings.

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와- 다음주가 크리스마스에요!

연말은 정말 시간이 얼마나 빠른지에 감탄하기
바쁜것 같습니다 하하-

얼마 남지 않은 올해를 아껴쓰도록 해야겠어요.
알찬 하루 보내세요! 💕

🎧재생목록으로 연속듣기

———- 이 영상에서 공부한 문장들📝
1. My dog died today.
I had to put him to sleep.
내 개가 오늘 죽었어요.
제가 안락사를 시켜야했어요.
2. Fourteen years. He was all I had.
14년, 그는 제 전부였어요.
3. Now I can’t stand the thought of going back
to my empty apartment.
제 텅빈 아파트로 돌아가는 생각은 지금 제가 견딜수가 없어요.
4. So I just keep wandering around the mall.
그래서 전 그냥 계속 몰을 어슬렁 거리고 있어요.
5. You made that sound like a question,
then you didn’t wait for me to answer.
당신은 질문처럼 얘기하고나선
제가 대답하길 기다리진 않네요.
6. I don’t know what happened.
무슨 일이 있었던건지 모르겠어요.
7. I might have come down on you a little bit hard today.
내가 오늘 널 좀 심하게 다룬 것 같아.
8. I remember pretending to go look for some socks.
양말을 좀 찾으러가는 척 했던건 기억나요.
9. I mean, it’s, uh, my fault.
I pushed your buttons.
내 잘못이야. 내가 자네 분노버튼을 눌렀어.
10. My father-in-law was the same way with me.
It was horrible.
내 장인어른도 나한테 똑같은 식이었지. 끔찍했어.

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Planting My 3ft Panther Chameleon Vivarium – Chameleon Terrarium Update

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On today’s video we will be planting my 3ft by 3ft panther chameleon bioactive terrarium. On the last chameleon vivarium update we planted the one side of the terrarium and today we will plant the other side. If you would like to learn more about this setup or any of my setups then checkout my video list or my playlists.

This setup…

Tanks – Viv Exotic Arboreal Medium
US – N/A
UK –

UVB – Arcadia T5
US –
UK –

Heat Light – Arcadia Basking Bulb
US –
UK –

Reptile Radiator – Habistat Reptile Radiator
US – N/A
UK –

Mister – Mistking
US – N/A
UK –

Expanding Foam Used On Background – Touch n Foam Landscape
US –
UK –

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Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 137: Planting a rhubarb crown.

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My mum has sent me a Rhubarb crown…’s the first Rhubarb I’ve had on this site so I’m super excited. The variety is called ‘Champagne’. I also tend to my perennial kale (Taunton Deane) as it has come under some attack.

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In this video we will show You, how to plant Hippeastrum and also will give You 3 ways to achieve its flowering.

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Planting for Change

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A short film showing how smallholder farmers are adapting to climate change in Southwestern China.

“Planting for Change” tells the story of how farmers in Guangxi and Yunnan provinces have responded to climatic adversity by using their own innovations and biocultural heritage — and by improving this heritage by working with scientists on participatory plant breeding projects.

See for more details, or

Leek Punching and Planting Machine Christiaens

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Christiaens Agro Systems designed a machine for planting leek. Punching and planting in one go. For more info: [email protected] or by phone: +31475594869

Christiaens a développé une machine pour la plantation du Poireau. Réalisation du trou et plantation en un seul passage.
Pour plus d’information : [email protected]

Christiaens Agro Systems hat eine Maschine entwickelt für es locher machen und pflanzen in ein Arbeitsgang. Für mehr Information: [email protected] oder telefonisch: +31475594869

Christiaens Agro Systems heeft een machine ontwikkeld voor het ponsen en planten van prei in één arbeidsgang. Voor meer info: [email protected] of tel: +31475594869