Pasture plowing, disking, and planting late early summer 2014 JD 4640 and 4230

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We plow up the pasture a little later in the year, due to the fact that the cattle are on it until they go on the range for the summer. This year, we had some problems with the pivot, so we weren’t able to get a good amount of water down first before we plowed it up. That made it pretty dusty… Anyway, we hit it hard and turned it from pasture to seed in the ground pretty quickly.

Planting, Weeding, & Push Plowing Corn

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Before planting a second crop of corn, I need to get the weeds out of the first 8 rows of Peaches-n-Cream. I was light on the fertilizer when I laid off the rows, so I’m gonna side dress a little, then come back with the push plow and hill up the rows a bit. Then its time to plant 6 more rows, Kandy Korn this time. And I planted a third row of yellow straight neck squash. With the warm temperatures, I’m expecting a much more even germination rate with this second crop of corn. I have more vegetables planted than ever before, which is good considering how many people are struggling to get by these days. If they need help, I’m capable of providing food for a lot of folks.