Monty Python-The Meaning of Life-Marching Up and Down The Square Legendado

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Right. Stop that.
lt’s all very well
to laugh at the military,
but when one considers
the meaning of life,
it is a struggle between
alternative viewpoints
of life itself.
Without the ability
to defend one’s
own viewpoint,
against other perhaps
more aggressive ideologies,
then reasonableness
and moderation could
quite simply disappear.
That is why
we’ll always
need an army.
May God strike me down
were it to be otherwise.
Don’t stand there gawping,
like you’ve never seen
the hand of God before!
Now, today we’re going
to do marching up
and down the square.
That is, unless any of you
got anything better to do.
Anyone got anything
they’d rather be doing,
than marching up and down
the square?
Yes! Atkinson.
What would you
rather be doing, Atkinson?
Well, to be quite honest,
Sarge, l’d rather be home
with the wife and kids.
Would you now?
Yes, Sarge.
Right. Off you go.
everybody else happy
with my little plan,
of marching up and down
the square a bit?
l’ve got a book
l’d quite like to read.
Go read your book then.
Everybody else
quite content to join in
with my little scheme
of marching
up and down the square?
Yes, Wyclif,
what is it?
Well, l’m learning the piano.
Learning the piano?
Yes, Sarge.
And l suppose
you want to go practice, eh?
Marching up and down
the square not good
enough for you, eh?
Well. . .
Right! Off you go!
Now, what about
the rest of you?
Rather be at the pictures,
l suppose.
All right! Off you go!
Bloody army. l don’t know
what it’s coming to.
Sergeant Major marching
up and down the square.
Left, right, left, right