How To Grow Potatoes In Containers (Complete Step by Step Growing Guide) Part 1 of 3

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We will show how we grow potatoes in containers for BIG Harvest. Growing potatoes in container is fun and easy. Complete step by step growing guide from plant to harvest. Click (BELOW) to see the BIG HARVEST videos!

HD How To Grow Potatoes In Containers (Part 1 of 3)
HD How to Grow Potatoes In Containers (Part 2 of 3)
HD How To Grow Potatoes in Containers (Part 3 of 3)

HD Container Grown Potato Harvest (Yukon Gold)
HD Container Grown Potato Harvest (Kennebec Whites)
HD Container Grown Potato Harvest (Pontiac Reds)

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Can you imagine!  Having  more than your family can eat! Container grown vegetables, organic gardening and homesteading is a success! The vegetables and fruit are abundant and the fresh eggs are delicious.  Best of all,  it can  improve you and your families health, quality of life, heal the body and it’s the best food you’ve ever tasted.
On Nov 2, 2017, we  were blessed to move onto our 15 acre, rural homestead. Our goal for our new homestead is to produce 90% of what we eat, like our grandparents did 100 years ago.
We plan to continue  container gardening, organic earth garden, home cooking, chickens, canning, fishing, hunting, homesteading and much more at our new homestead.
Come along and  discover amazing tips and tricks with us on our new homestead.
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Growing up, sugar cane is one among the many farms that I enjoyed watching as the farmers planted and harvested them. So, when my husband took me to Georgia Botanical garden and found some sugar can for sale I was elated. Yes, the canes brought back childhood memory of how sweet and juicy sugar cane was 🙂 So join me as I try to grow sugar cane, another step leading to a more sustainable organic gardening.

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How to Create Rich Organic Compost Step by Step

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Mark Harding, from the Oranjezicht City Farm Cape Town, shares his secretes on how to make a healthy warm organic compost heap using vegetable scraps, straw, leaves and branches.
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Build a 3 Bay Compost Bin STEP by STEP

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I decided it was time to build a bigger compost bin. This should give me enough compost for the whole summer.

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Making Your Own Grow Bags (Tools & Supplies)
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Blowout plug for winterizing your drip system and garden hoses:

DIY Macrame Plant Hanger – Super Easy Step by Step

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FREE Downloadable Pattern Book by Wool and the Gang:

Brighten up any wall inside or outside your house with one of these macrame pot hangers! Suitable for total beginners, our tutorial takes you through it all step-by step and even shows you how to make a handy little hook from that ingenious mouldable glue Sugru.

We used:

-1 x 500g cone of Jersey Be Good:
-1 x Sugru:

Please note that it is not advised to hang anything heavier than 2kg / 4lb 6oz on your Sugru hook. Sugru sticks to almost all surfaces!

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How To Multiply Rose Plants Step by Step

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Multiply your favorite rose plant using cuttings. The technique is the same for miniature roses to giant climbing roses!

Shirley B shows you how to take cuttings from a mother plant and prepare them for successful rooting and growth.

Featuring Los Angeles landscape designer, Shirley Bovshow, garden lifestyle expert for the Hallmark channel show, Home & Family.

Sweet Potatoes – Step by Step Guide to Planting

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Danny explains sweet potatoes and how to plant them. A step by step guide to planting sweet potatoes. How to collect the slips from the sweet potatoes that he planted about a month ago. Then he and Wanda show how to plant them with a homemade forked stick.

Please watch: “SPRING Into Action”


How to Draw Shopkins Season 1 “Bubbles” Step By Step Easy | Toy Caboodle

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Learn how to draw Shopkins Season 1 Bubbles! Bubbles is a blue bubblegum Shopkins with a blue bubble and pink bow and is a rare Shopkins, from the sweet treats! Learn how to draw the entire Bubbles Shopkin by following these steps, watch video!

Toy Caboodle is a safe and family-friendly kid channel for people of all ages. Come take a look around at our sweet channel and subscribe if you wish to see more. -Stay Sweet

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How to Make COMPOST- With a Step People Often Forget

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(0:41) Compost in shade (sun dries piles & volatilizes nutrients) and away from water with a natural vegetative buffer zone to reduce sediment/nutrient runoff into the watershed which causes pollution (Eutrophication). (1:28) What do you use in compost pile? 2*3x Carbon rich “Brown” materials like leaves, newspapers, cardboard


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Aquarium Setup – Aquascape – Step by Step and Final Product – Live Planted Fish Tank

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If you want to know what goes into a tank like this, click here!: Welcome to my aquarium setup also known as an aquascape aquarium. It’s a freshwater aquarium. Please Subscribe.

My CO2 System –
Oxygen Pump –
The Coral Sand –
Gravel –
Some Vital Pieces –

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EASY One Step Compost!

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EASY One Step Compost!

Why go to all of the trouble building bins, turning your compost pile and moving all of the finished compost when you can more easily compost in place? In this video, I show you my easy method for composting in place.



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How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

How To Make Homemade Laundry Detergent

How To Organize Plastic Food Containers In The Kitchen

10 Garden Tips For The Best Garden EVER!

Why I Use Disposable Diapers In The Garden!

12 Add-Ins To Make Oatmeal Extra Yummy!

Planting And Growing Grass Seed – Step by Step

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Growing grass seed is a simple process. In this vid, I show you all the steps to planting grass seed at a home in Joliet, IL. Here we have almost bare ground on a small section of the front lawn.

Here is the old, horrible growing grass seed video I did a few years ago (in case you want to suffer )

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How to Plant a Tree, Step by Step (

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Trees and shrubs add beauty to landscapes. Charlie shows you the steps for planting a deciduous tree or shrub and offers essential care tips to help your plant flourish for years to come. For more instructional videos visit


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Learn how to make a SEALED Bottle Garden step by Step that can last for many decades and may never need to be watered after the first time!

Great for humidity-loving plants like ferns, pileas, peperomias, and air plants.

Featuring Los Angeles landscape designer, Shirley Bovshow, garden lifestyle expert for the Hallmark channel show, Home & Family.