Pallet planter – How to make strawberry pallet planter

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How to grow & harvest strawberry plants

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Watch our step-by-step video showing how to grow and harvest strawberry plants, with expert advice and top tips to help you complete the job with confidence.

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How To Make New Strawberry Plants Out Of Runners And Plant Tea Bushes

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Making new strawberry plants:
At this time of the year your strawberry plants will have sent out runners which are called stolons. These stolons are horizontal stems that run above the ground and produce new clone plants at nodes spaced at varying intervals.
Most plants have a root system that consists of primary roots with root branches forming and growing from the primary root. Strawberry plants have this arrangement for the majority of their root system. But they also have a function called adventitious root formation at the nodes of their stolons. Adventitious roots appear away from the primary roots of a plant. As the strawberry plant runners are sent out, the nodes will develop the adventitious roots, send them downwards, and establish the new clone plant once contact with soil is made. These special roots make it easy to start growing strawberry plants from a runner.
Carefully pull the clone plants out of the soil and, without separating them from the mother plant, plant them into individual pots filled with a good quality potting mix.
With the little clone plants at the end of a runner, Rob undoes a paper clip and makes it into a tiny hoop to peg the plant down so it doesn’t accidentally get uprooted.
Give the new plants a water and then leave them in situ for 2-3 weeks until they form good strong roots. At this stage they’re ready to be cut from the mother plant and transferred to a sheltered spot for overwintering.
Planting a tea hedge:
Camellia sinensis is the species of camellia that tea is made from.
To make black tea, we pick new leaves in the spring and leave them to dry out in the shade for around 24 hours. After they’ve dried we use a rolling pin to bruise them slightly. Then we ferment the leaves and dry them out again.
The term fermentation actually refers to how much the tea leaves are allowed to undergo enzymatic oxidation by allowing the freshly picked tea leaves to dry. This enzymatic oxidation process may be stopped by either pan frying or steaming the leaves before they’re completely dried out. So the fermentation happens naturally and we control it by when we stop it. Black tea is fully fermented. Green tea has hardly any fermentation at all.
We make green tea by simply drying the leaves out and stopping any fermentation by pan frying or steaming.
All camellias like a slightly acidic soil and do well in shade. They also like free-draining soil, so if you have a clay soil, add compost and even some pumice or sand to your bed at this stage.
Rob plants the tea bushes a metre apart. They can grow to 2 metres tall but we’ll prune our bushes heavily to keep them to a manageable size and to encourage new growth which is what we make tea from.
For now we’ll prune all the lower limbs off these new plants to encourage strong upward growth.
Camellias can succumb to sooty mould. If yours do, spray them with Neem oil in the evening every second day on 3 occasions to get rid of the insect causing it. Then to clean off the actual mould, use a small amount of natural detergent to make a spray and coat all parts of the plant. Make sure to get both sides of the leaves and let the detergent spray soak the leaves. You can then either wait for the next rain to wash the detergent off, or give your tree a good wash down with clean, clear water from the hose. If we don’t get rid of the sooty mould, it will affect the taste of the tea.
Next we’ll water the plants in well and then lay down a heavy mulch like well-rotted sawdust that’s high in carbon.
We won’t fertilise at this stage because we don’t want any new growth going into winter. But in the spring we’ll apply a good dose of rock dust and sheep pellets to stimulate new growth. Also if you know your soil tends to be alkaline, spring is the time to add some pine needles or sulphur or coffee grounds to create a more acidic soil.

How To Plant Strawberry Strawberries Topsy Turvy Hanging Planter Container Gardening Jazevox Video

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How to plant a Strawberry plant Topsy Turvy or hanging planter. Gardening guide on container gardening. Growing Strawberries fruit trees.




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Planting and Preparing Strawberry Root Starts: Don’t Bury the Crown – MFG 2014

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You can get 10 strawberry roots and crowns for about $3. That is really cheap and beats paying $3 a plant. I show you how to soak the roots and plant the strawberry in containers. Always keep the crown above the ground. Planting them this well will get you bigger and stronger transplants when planted in your beds.

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Laundry Basket Turned Strawberry Planter

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How to use a household laundry basket for strawberry growing!

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How to plant a DIY Strawberry Pallet Planter

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In my first video I showed how you can break down a wooden pallet and use it to construct a Strawberry Pallet Planter:

In this video, I show how it’s planted up with up to 20 strawberry plants. This planter is ideal for those who would like to grow berries on their patio or in a small space. It also helps to keep the ripe berries off the ground and safe from slugs and snails.

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Grow your own Strawberries at Home – Strawberry indepth plant review

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A new video for you with my full review on strawberry plants including small space, pests, productivity and more. Please subscribe to garden frugal here: and here is how you propagate strawberries:

Ideas for vertical strawberry planter

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Ideas for vertical strawberry planter

Strawberry is one of the popular fruit crops and has many benefits. A lot of people who are interested in practicing cultivation of strawberries, good to wear on its own in house of residence or income as a commodity made by professional farmers. For it required some innovation in the cultivation of strawberries, one of them is how to design a place to plant strawberries vertically in a narrow place in order for the needs of crops can be maximum. Here are some ideas of Strawberry planting vertically that you can use to meet those needs.

For this type of pot can use a square wooden pots arranged vertically where getting to the top of the square dimensions of the smaller Temple structures, such as (00:13 & 01:55). You can also use the long pots arranged on top of the wooden stairs (00:38). Single pots that are arranged vertically and permanently installed in the garden of the asphalt can be one alternative to garden Strawberry (03:15).

As for a vertical without pot, can use a pvc pipe fitted up and before it’s been given a few holes (00:17 & & 01:28). In addition to the pipeline, the concept of a hollow vertical planting media can use wood boards (00:33). Another way that simpler is to use wooden frames which the palettes the way the establishment is just resting on the wall (00:44). Wooden cabinet with shelf tilted as shoe racks can be an alternative choice of design vertical a charming Strawberry pots (02:33 & 03:12).

To you who just want strawberry cultivation for own needs, can use a hanging cabinet with a door placed on the terrace (00:50). Such way certainly has its own aesthetic value to a garden. Moreover, it can also use palette wood that formed a simple box and placed in a children’s home (02:15). The fabric has some bags and hung on a wall is one of the unique breakthrough for vertical Garden House (02:43).

Found White Grubs Eating the Roots of my Strawberry Plants – Applying Solution

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Found White Grubs Eating the Roots of my Strawberry Plants – Applying Solution

After finding white grubs that had killed my strawberries, I thought that I would try combating this problem by using a natural nematode – Steinernema Kraussei. These are tiny parasitic eel worms which invade the grub hopefully killing the tiny beasts. These worms multiply inside the grub which then releases more of them after the grub dies (insert evil laugh here).

Time Lapse of Strawberry Plant

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This is a time lapse video of a strawberry plant with a few different things going on. You can see the existing fruit mature, you can see a new fruit form and mature, and you can see a flower open and close (the plant did not have enough energy to turn it into a decent fruit).

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Strawberry Shortcake: Bloomin’s Berry Garden

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Things are abuzz in Berry Bitty City: flowers are in bloom, the Berrykins are using their sparkles for the harvest, and Strawberry Shortcake is baking a yummy batch of corn muffins. But when a magical mix-up causes the Berrykins to grow extra tall while the girls suddenly become quite small, Strawberry and her friends discover that even when they’re tiny, they can make a berry big difference!

Extracting seeds and growing strawberry plants using a fresh fruit!

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Here you’ll see the process from fruit to a new plant sprouting up. The total process can take 1-2 months and may take longer if the strawberry you use normally requires stratification. Some strawberries do and some don’t.

Wish Farms Video: Planting of Strawberry Plants

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This video shows the actual strawberry plants being planted in the ground at Trapnell Road Farm in Plant City, Fl. These strawberry plants are called the Festival variety named after the famous Plant City Strawberry Festival. On average about 25,000 plants are planted per acre. They will begin to yield big, red Florida strawberries in the first week of December.