Munnar Kerala | Waterfalls | Tea garden | Dam | Fog | Spice garden

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Munnar is a town and hill station located in the Idukki district of the southwestern Indian state of Kerala. Munnar is situated at around 1,600 metres (5,200 ft) above sea level, in the Western Ghats range of mountains.
The nearest major railway stations are at Ernakulam and Aluva (approximately 140 kilometres (87 mi) by road).and nearest major airport is Kochi.
In this video you can enjoy Munnar tea estate/valley, Rose garden, Dams, Waterfalls. Road trip from Kochi to Munnar and some pics from spice garden.
It was nice experience to with family and friends.Keep 2 days reserved for Munnar while visiting Kerala.
P.S. please read waterfall name at 1:32 as Cheeyappara waterfalls and at 2:43 as Valara waterfalls.
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Woodturning with Resin and Wood Shavings, a Tea Light Holder

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It’s on fire! I use recycled Red heart and Yellow heart shavings to give this tea light holder the look of flames. Wood turning with Epoxy Resin and old shavings; using what otherwise may have been thrown away.

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Insane Compost Tea | Fermented Plant Juice

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Gardeners have been making their own organic liquid plant food for years. Why not try to make your own !



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How to Make Basic Compost Tea with Matt Powers – an APSO Excerpt

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Remember this is just an intro – the basics. You can take things up a notch higher with more aeration (it’s best to match aeration to volume), adding more foods for the microbes, and centering the bag. I’ll cover all of this and more in the next series on Compost Tea, so stay tuned!

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TRY It Out Compost Tea FASTEST Growing Plant NATURALLY

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Must try it out compost tea fastest growing plant update. The superpower food for plants, fruit tree, and vegetables. A perfect way to boost your plant’s growth and obtain a higher good harvest naturally. Try it out, guys. It’s amazing.

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Compost Tea, Alchemy on the Farm

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Compost Tea, Alchemy on the Farm
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At Hale Akua Garden Farm, Elan Goldbart uses compost tea and foliar sprays to support the optimal growth of vegetable crops on the farm. In this film, Elan demonstrates how to prepare and apply foliar sprays to crops growing in the field. As gardeners and farmers, we are able to support the growth of our crops throughout the season without needing to apply generous amounts of fertilizer directly to the soil. Plant leaves can uptake nutrients and microorganisms directly through the leaves, which will help them obtain more fertility from the soil below. This is a cost effective tool that shows results right away.

Special Thanks to:
Elan Goldbart – Farm Manager at Hale Akua Garden Farm
Sonia Mokhtari – Music Composer

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