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Planting Trees in my Hood | In My Society | Ashraf Solo Vlogs |
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Planting Trees For Wildlife: Limiting Factors – The Management Advantage #66

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The key to any piece of property is having the key elements of what a whitetail needs. A landowner needs to identify a property’s strengths and weaknesses then work to fill those. In the case of this property, cover is abundant, but hard and soft mast is sparse. This week, we’re working with Allen Deese of The Wildlife Group on planting mast producing trees to increase the long-term food source.

Planting trees is more than just digging a hole and covering a rootball. Careful planning and care must be taken to ensure success. The best time to plant trees is in late fall or winter when trees are dormant. We planted AU Buck Series Chestnuts from The Wildlife Group which offer a continuos drop through the months of September, October, and November. When planting these trees or any trees, be sure to keep the base of the planted tree an inch or so above the soil. Over time, the soil will settle and if you plant the root ball flush with the soil, a depression will form around it and could kill the tree.

For your already planted trees, pruning will help ensure proper growth and peak production. Remove protective tubes and any debris that might have collected. Carefully prune any suckers that may be growing from the base of the tree. Cut interior limbs to open up the tree and allow sunlight to reach all parts. Doing so will help growth and allow the tree to produce fruit from all parts rather than just the exterior. When making these cuts be sure to cut them at an angle that prevents water from collecting. If water were to collect on a cut, over time, it could cause disease and rotten spots that could kill the tree.

Planting fruit and mast trees isn’t an instant food source, but in the years down the road, you can enjoy the benefits of your work. With proper care and planning the first few years, your tree plantings can provide years of food and help fill “limiting factors” on your property.

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Cutting Willow and Planting Trees around an Irish Cottage

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Nathan helped me in the gardens today as we pruned and harvested Willow and Dogwoods and then planted seven more trees…the last bit of lawn is no more! This channel is self-funding…there are no adverts allowed here, or on the website. Bealtaine Cottage is funded by the Bealtaine Cottage Press…no ads, no grants, just you! Purchasing a Calendar, Book or Map keeps the lights on, the stove warm and the camera rolling:
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She’s Planting 1 Million Trees Along The Equator! This Is A Real Superhero.

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How about some REAL Carbon Solutions to balance the climate’s changes? Thanks to this amazing human being we are featuring in Plantanillo, Costa Rica, we can clearly some serious solutions in action! Jenny Smith, “Tree Jenny”, deserves some serious recognition for her incredible efforts to reforest areas of degraded land, after it was becoming the norm to clear-cut the forest for pasture use. In this clip, Jenny shares why her work is so crucial along this very specific equatorial line when it comes to natural global weather patterns.

Jenny is the founder of CarbonCommunityTrees.Org, a non-profit responsible for planting a goal of 1 million trees. She is well over half way there, now having planting over 560,000 trees through her project in Costa Rica.

What makes Jenny’s work even more special is the extra-needed social justice element of her nonprofit, implementing a local fairwage workforce program, specifically created for Ticos (locals with Costa Rican/Central American history/ancestry.)

**Since this video, Jenny has been able to start a new reforestation project in various regions of Africa.** Be sure to check out her instagram account –

To learn more about Jenny & Community Carbon Trees so you can make a donation and/or share with your community –

We also featured Jenny in a part 1, through a tour of her tropical food forest in Plantanillo, Costa Rica. If you missed part 1, you can check it out here –

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It feels great to finally release the footage from our latest permaculture farm tour around Costa Rica! We had a lot of fun filming this trip back in April & we hope you enjoy the incredible content & breathtaking locations as well.

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Planting Trees in Kenya – Legacy of Wangari Maathai

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Through centuries forests in Kenya have been cut, but from 1970s to 2019 52-53 million indigenous trees have been planted by Green Belt Movement, founded by the farmer daughter and professor Wangari Maathai, educated in US in Biology. She was working together with rural women making a lot of seedlings from indigenous trees and transplanted them to new trees, which was reacted to by force and soldier’s killings from Kenya’s old dictator Moi. Much later Wangari Maathai was awarded the Nobel Peace Price in Oslo 2004 and Wangari died in 2011. Now all Kenyans love Wangari and are remembering her deeply. All Kenyans are proud to plant trees. University students are studying forestry and working together with schools and teachers, and school children learn to plant and take care of trees.
For education: Sustainable Development Goal 15.2.1: Progress towards sustainable forest management. Search also for ‘TAKING ROOT – the vision of Wangari Maathai’ by Lisa Merton.

Jacqueline Fernandez & Daisy Shah Celebrate ‘World Environment Day’ By Planting Trees | LehrenTV

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On the occasion of World Environment day, where many actors are taking initiative for creating awareness of saving the environment, race 3 stars, Jacqueline Fernandez & Daisy Shah recently planted trees. Check out the video.

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BUILDING HOUSE AND PLANTING TREES | Minecraft Survival Part 2 – #2

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So Guys, This is My Video about Planting Trees and Building House. I guess if I do a Part 3 of this thats Good!!! Welcome to Minecraft Survival…..

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Title: Wallpaper
Made by: Kevin MacLeod

Plants and Trees

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Let’s learn about Plants and Trees.

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Planting Trees

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DJI Mavic Pro 2 – Planting Pine Trees

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A rough cut from my new DJI Mavic Pro 2 drone. Pretty happy with it so far. Will comment more on the device when I get some more hours of flight time.
We are replanting some land that we previously harvested planted pine from. Quickly edited on iPhone direct from the lower quality cached vids captured to the phone for preview only. Unfortunately some of these shots I don’t have the 4K versions of as I forgot to put in the SD card on my first day of flying and didnt have time to run back and grab the card. I will reshoot some of the scenes, trim and upload a 4K version when I get a little more time.

Planting Chocolate Trees – Episode 1: Our Origin Story

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Hi we are Kenneth & Shiela Reyes-Lao from Cacao Culture!

Planting Chocolate Trees Series – is our weekly vlog about cacao and chocolate in the Philippines and our own chocolate journey. We will be sharing with you what we have learned through our experiences in cacao farming, product development and making chocolates.

In this episode, we’ll share how we started with cacao, why we moved to Davao City, what we’re currently doing, and just a little background about us.

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Moy Hill Community Farm Is Planting 40,000 Trees in West Ireland

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The moy hill community farm began life on surfboards under the Cliffs of Moher. Now this volunteer-run farm is crowdfunding to plant 40,000 trees and aims to feed 150 families on the flat and windy Atlantic coast.

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