Veganic Farming and Gardening – Helen Atthowe

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Helen Atthowe did this popular presentation at VegFest 2011, although Northwest VEG recorded it, the audio had too much interference. Lucky for us, Helen generously agreed to re-record her talk and sent it to us!

Helen Atthowe is an Organic and Veganic Farming Consultant. She’s presently consulting for a 2,000 acre organic farm with a 5,000 member CSA in Colorado.
Helen owned and operated a 30 acre organic farm and native plant nursery for 20 years. She worked as a Horticulture Extension Agent in Montana for 15 years. Helen also taught Master Gardeners for 15 years and published an Organic Master Gardener Manual. She researched living mulches, green manures, and plant-based soil fertility management for 20 years. Helen contributed to several Rodale publications on organic gardening

Veganic Gardening in Your Apartment | Humanure and Urine

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Veganic Gardening in Your Apartment | Humanure and Urine

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