Winter Pansies Illustration – Panel 12/12

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Painting the last panel in my calendar!

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Antrim Castle Gardens Christmas – Enchanted Winter Garden

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Antrim Castle Gardens Christmas display is a great day/night out in November & December each year. The Antrim & Newtownabbey Council event has built up a great buzz in recent years and is very popular – so do get down early!

The official information includes the following: Bigger and better than ever before, come and see the Gardens transformed into an enchanted world.

Christmas is the favorite part of the year for almost all the people out there and this goes back for all the lights, the decorations, and the special treats which are only related to it – we should say that we are the same; its our favorite month of the year too!

One of the different places which we wanted to go visit and check was the Enchanted Winter Garden in County Antrim and which has been there for a couple of years, so we also wanted to see the kind of change that might be taking place this time.

This place is created for all the members of the family out there – kids and adults – and it is related to Antrim Castle Gardens ( This year’s magical Christmas highlight and experience is different with the 40m Ferris Wheel that will give all the visitors the chance to star gaze all over Antrim Town and beyond.

From the other different attractions for this place this year, there is the Christmas train which is for all those younger members of the family, the old fashioned carousel which the kids will fall in love with its colors and lights, the sparkling swings that twinkle and glitter in the gardens and give the little ones the happiness they came for while swinging through the lights, and there is also the Christmas boat that swings its passengers high and low among the trees and gives them all a thrilling whoosh through the winter garden.

In addition to those rides which the kids could enjoy, there are still other beautiful things that one could enjoy about the Enchanted Winter Garden in County Antrim, such as the lighting installation of this year which is even more dazzling and different than the last ones since there are thousands of sparkling bulbs and twinkling fairy lights that awash the trees and turrets in color, wonderland wood where visitors should stroll to the sugar drop stop and wander through the lollipop lane, the festive fayre which serves different yummy treats and which we got the chance to try the marshmallows on fire (S’mores), and the old Christmas Inn which will be serving different drinks in the heart of Clotworthy Courtyard and which might include hot chocolate, mulled wine and hot fruit punch in order to bring cheer to the young as well as the old.

In addition to all previous things mentioned about the things to be found inside the Enchanted Winter Garden in Antrim Castle and in order to keep the experience complete, there is live music that will be surrounding all those people strolling around the place, for local musicians who will be playing brass, silver, strings, and different other instruments. There is a schedule for this musical part, with a different act for every evening; so if you are planning to visit more than once then don’t worry because if you changed the day, you will not be walking the place listening to the same music.

Like any other Christmas place, the Antrim Castle Gardens for Christmas offer a place where people could have some offers for Christmas shopping and where they could buy some gifts. The Baubles & Bows is the gift shop in the Enchanted Christmas Garden that offers some beautiful things you should check if you are there.

Every country will have its special lights, gardens, and markets to celebrate Christmas and here in Northern Ireland, we did not only enjoy those beautiful decorations and lights in the Antrim Castle Gardens where the Enchanted Winter Garden is located, but we have also been to Belfast Christmas Market where we enjoyed the new 20 stalls which are added this year and also loved walking through the lights, seeing what the people have to offer there, and at the same time enjoying the hot drinks along with some treats and goodies which are offered in those markets as well. Since we were in Belfast, it was also good to go to Victoria Square in the centre of Belfast where we believe that it is considered the best place for Christmas shopping for all the shops it has and at the same time for being the place where one could find all the things that he/she is searching for ( you could also check our visit to Belfast Christmas Market last year and enjoy our experience there as well (

If you are near then you should go have some fun walking around the place and give your kids the cheer they want with riding all those things found out there – Merry Christmas 🎉

Some of the best locations around Ireland / Northern Ireland and further afield. A travel blog/vlog of the hidden treasures that are on our doorstep.

No-Transplant Winter Sowing – New Twist on Winter Sowing Mini Greenhouse Method

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No more indoor grow lights! Grow seedlings in snow or cold weather in free buckets with No-Transplant Direct Winter Sowing (Mini-Greenhouse) Method formerly named Direct Winter Sowing. Watch as I show you how to sow your vegetable seeds in containers while it’s still cold out and see how you can get almost free seedlings in spring. In this video I discuss sowing celery, basil, dill, parsley, upland cress, basil lime, Italian giant spinach, Danvers 1/2 long carrots, Evergreen Bunching onions and 3 lettuces, romaine lettuce, red flame lettuce, bibb lettuce.


Ray Browning’s praxxus55712 YouTube Channel

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Container Garden Ideas – How To Find FREE Containers For Your Vegetable Garden

Harvesting Carrots Grown In Containers – Grow Organic Carrots in 5 Gallon Buckets

(FUN VIDEO) You Won’t BELIEVE The Gardening Gift Package I Got in the Mail! Winter Sowing Present

DOMES FOUND HERE. Important to get DEEP ones, at least 4-6 inches deep so the plant has headroom to grow:

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Bosmere Protective Plant Bell
Greenhouse Buckets
Gardener’s Blue Ribbon Bulk Deep Liners


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No-Transplant Direct Winter Sowing – New Twist on Winter Sowing Mini Greenhouse Method


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No-Transplant Direct Winter Sowing – New Twist on Winter Sowing Mini Greenhouse Method


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Hot Compost in Cold Winter

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One trick to keeping your compost from freezing in the winter is in how you utilize your cover material. Whenever you add fresh organic material to your pile, rake the thick top cover material layer aside in all four directions. Dig a hole in the exposed compost and add your fresh material into the hole. Pull the compost over the fresh material, then rake most of the cover material back over the disturbed area. Add fresh cover material to keep a clean layer of cover material over the bin contents at all times. In effect, you will create a “cover material cushion” around the sides of your bin. This helps insulate the compost in the winter months. Read more at or look at the condensed humanure manual at

GARDEN VLOG #13 Preparing for rain, sowing winter veg & planting onions!

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Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel !

Hope you enjoy this garden vlog where I share various chores I get done around the gardens..

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Feral Cat winter Totes insulated

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Using totes and coolers for outdoor feral cats.
Below are links to similar products you can use to create these totes.

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How to water winter plants? & distance between two pots? Witer garden part 8

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How to make liquid mustard cake fertilizer?

Winter garden part 1,how to keep seedlings before final potting?

Winter garden part 2, Potting mix for Impatiens and Marigold

Winter garden part 3, potting mix pansy,potting mix allysum

Winter Garden Part 4,pottinx mix for Geranium,Begunia,Stock

Winter Garden part 5,potting mix Petunia, Dalhia

Winter Garden Part 6,Update

How to use liquid mustard cake fertilizer?Winter garden part 7

How to water plants? & distance between two plants?Winter garden Part 8

Neem Cake Powder – 5 Kg


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How To Change Out Window Boxes By Seasons – Summer, Winter, Spring

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How To Choose Right Furniture For Hotel Industry To Challenge The Competitors- Size, Color

Planting Winter Oats — Fail!

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This shows what can go wrong when, like us, you don’t have enough experience planting winter oats. Of course we should have checked the drill often and maybe we would have spotted the problem earlier. Oh well, no real harm done and we did learn another lesson (#4,562,308!). It’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, comes up..

Planting date — December 1st. (Our latest ever attempt.)

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Trench Composting and Preparing Garden Beds for Winter Alberta Urban Garden

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In this episode I use compost to continue to build my garden soil! I layer the soil so that not only do I get some great compost but I don’t have to wait for it to finish composting. one of the added benefits is this method brings in tons of worms that are super beneficial for your garden! Check out the episode and let me know what you think!

SO what I do here is broken down into a few easy steps
I took kitchen scraps like vegetables, coffee grounds, fruit scraps, yard clippings, grass, leafs and the like and put them in my compost tower. Make sure to avoid meat and dairy products as they will attract scavengers and you wont get the end product you want.

if you get a smell while the compost is going make sure to cover it in grass or leafs. that will act as a bio filter and will keep it smelling nice.

add some active compost or garden soil from time to time. That will inoculate the compost with the microbes that are required for digestion.

when your garden is ready (no matter how completed the compost is) place it on the bottom layer and place some soil in the mix. cover in paper products and on top us garden soil or potting soil. Make sure the following year to plant surface crops and after 12-18 months turn the bed and mix everything in. you should have a nice healthy vermiculture and worm population.

I hope you enjoy