Veganic Farming and Gardening – Helen Atthowe

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Helen Atthowe did this popular presentation at VegFest 2011, although Northwest VEG recorded it, the audio had too much interference. Lucky for us, Helen generously agreed to re-record her talk and sent it to us!

Helen Atthowe is an Organic and Veganic Farming Consultant. She’s presently consulting for a 2,000 acre organic farm with a 5,000 member CSA in Colorado.
Helen owned and operated a 30 acre organic farm and native plant nursery for 20 years. She worked as a Horticulture Extension Agent in Montana for 15 years. Helen also taught Master Gardeners for 15 years and published an Organic Master Gardener Manual. She researched living mulches, green manures, and plant-based soil fertility management for 20 years. Helen contributed to several Rodale publications on organic gardening

14 thoughts on “Veganic Farming and Gardening – Helen Atthowe”

  1. I love Ms Helen Atthowe and the way she presents scientific facts to back up the importance of respecting all organisms because they have a purpose. I always try to eat as healthily as possible and though plenty of food is presented as organic, I know for sure that it does not respect the environment and other creatures. I wish one day to have my own vegetable garden so I can grow my veggies veganic. Thank you for enlightening me, this kind of information should be translated in all languages of the world!

  2. If you are pile gardening, and have woodchips on top of your soil, when you chop and drop green plant matter, you will actually be direct composting, and you don't even have to think about it. The worms and fungi will do the rest…. And if you make a point of growing comfrey, nettle and yarrow somewhere on the margins of the garden, you will speed up the process… And you can just put your food scraps in a hole in a hugelkultur bed or in a lasagna bed. This way, no need for a big ugly box taking up space in your beautiful food forest.

  3. I use chipped tree limb on top of my garden, it does really well. I get good crops and basically no weeds. No need to till ever. After 3 to 4 yrs I add more chipped tree limbs on top. I love it, no fuss gardening. Its so easy to do.

  4. I am a vegan gardener. I use tree bark mulch and leaf / grass clipping in my garden. I even do the fruit eating bat guano fertilizing thing.  I need more supplemental fertilizers for my tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants etc. Such as chemical or liquid organic. Some plants like Mustard, grow without anything in my soil.  Mainly, I think we should educate ourselves on required nutrients and minerals that are necessary for the human body when we consume food grown in our gardens. Whatever necessary vitamins and minerals humans need to thrive…you should make sure your garden veggies have that in their soil too.

  5. It does seem like it requires lots of effort to maintain soil fertility. In the good old days, when there were fewer humans, people just let the land be idle for a few years for the land to recover.

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